BIRTHDATE: March 28, 2358
HEIGHT: 6' 5"
WEIGHT: 210 #
HAIR: None
EYES: Dark
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard, Vulcan, Deltan, Klingon.
HOBBIES: Studying the Vulcan Kolinar Disciplines. Practicing ancient Vulcan martial arts techniques and hand-to-hand weapon skills. Playing the Vulcan lyrette. Studying both Federation engineering procedures and military tactics.

Arbak (Father); former Federation Ambassador to Vulcan. Liian (Mother). Both killed in a hovercar accident when Lopaka was 11. Raised by Vulcan Kolinar Master Tey'tac, on Vulcan. Has no brothers or sisters.

Federation Starfleet Academy: 2376-2380
Began the Vulcan Kolinar Disciplines at the age of 11. Continues this training at present time.

2380-2381: USS Barcelona, Security Officer (Ensign)
2381-2381: USS Griffith, Operations Officer (Ensign)
2381-2382: USS Legacy-A, Operations Officer (Ensign)
2382-2384: USS Legacy-A, Security Officer (Ensign)
2384-pres.: USS Legacy-A, Operations Officer (Ensign)

2382 - Starfleet Cross - Courage Under Fire
2389 - Purple Heart - Wounded in Action


Lopaka was born on Delta IV, the Deltan homeworld, in 2358. His father was, at the time, a Special Envoy for the Federation who had the task of helping new member worlds aquaint themselves with Federation law and with the ambassadorial bodies representing other worlds in the alliance.

This meant that in the very early years of his life, Lopaka and his family moved often and travelled extensively. And in the course of their traveling, Lopaka's parents made many friends among the Federation's most respected diplomats. This included the aging Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan.

In 2364, Sarek suggested Lopaka's father, Arbak, take his place as the Federation Ambassador representing Vulcan. It was an unprescendented move, but the Vulcan council could not refuse Sarek. And Arbak was made the Vulcan ambassador, even though he was a Deltan.

His tenure in this position was short-lived however. Both Arbak and his wife were killed in a hovercar accident on Risa when Lopaka was 11 years old.


During the family's first layover on Vulcan, Lopaka's father had befriended a Kolinar Master called Tey'tac. And they had become close friends. Tey'tac would often advise Arbak on matters of state, and it was widely considered that a great deal of Arbak's skill as a diplomat and a negotiator came from his friendship with the Vulcan Master.

When both Arbak and his wife were killed on Risa, Tey'tac stepped in, immediately, to see to the well being of Arbak's son, Lopaka.

He legally adopted Lopaka a year after his parents death. And during that year between the death of his parents and his adoption by Tey'tac, Lopaka lived with the Vulcan Master. Tey'tac began teaching Lopaka the disciplines of the Kolinar, and this helped the young Deltan to purge his emotions and overcome the grief of losing his parents.

Lopaka had a good childhood with his foster father; he was cared for, and trained as a Vulcan. He had few friends growing up, but that did not seem to matter to the young Deltan as he was content with following in the shadow of Tey'tac, and in many ways he became more Vulcan than many of the Vulcan boys his age.

When Lopaka was 15, he chose to travel with Tey'tac. Tey'tac had been offered a position as a Federation Envoy, very similar to the position held by Lopaka's father at the time Lopaka was born. Lopaka travelled with his foster father for three years, and became aquained with life aboard a Starship, and with the lifestyle lead by Starfleet Officers.

By the time he was 18 years old, Lopaka had made more friends in Starfleet than he could have ever counted on Vulcan. He was comfortable aboard a ship, and with Starfleet protocol. And with Tey'tac's blessing Lopaka made the decision to join Starfleet, himself.

He submitted his application to the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco; and on the strength of a strong reccomendation from Tey'tac, he was immediately accepted.

His training went well, and he excelled in his studies; studying engineering procedure, as well as security and tactical courses. Lopaka was a favorite among his instructors, but he had few friends among his classmates. His often cold, Vulcan like demeanor was hard for his fellow students to warm up to. But, he proved himself to be a good leader as well as a good student, and he graduated the Academy with honors.

Lopaka's first assignment was as a security officer aboard the USS Barcelona. He served briefly aboard the Intrepid class ship, and he proved his skills as a security officer.

In 2381, he was given an assignment as an operations officer aboard the Oberth class USS Griffith, as soon as he completed the necessary exams allowing him to change the department in which he served.

In late 2381 he was assigned to take a position as an operations officer aboard the newly comissioned Expedition class ship, the USS Legacy-A. A ship that was named the Federation's new flagship almost as soon as it was completed.

Lopaka took the assignment eagerly.

In early 2382, Lopaka was transfered to the security department aboard the USS Legacy-A at the request of Security Chief Kha'Tarr.

After serving two years as a security officer, Lopaka regretfully resigned his position and requested a transfer back to operations. He felt that, despite his love of ancient Vulcan martial culture his work as a security officer was interfering with his Kolinar disciplines.

Lopaka is something of an enigma to those who do not know him well. Outwardly he is a Deltan, and sports the smooth, bald head of his people. But, even though he does not have the arched eyebrows and pointed ears of a Vulcan, he would seem to be more Vulcan in his mannerisms than most full blooded Vulcan officers in Starfleet.

He is very faithful to the disciplines of the Kolinar and he still takes training to better master them. He speaks in the flat monotone of a Vulcan, and often quotes the rules of logic.

He is still very close with his foster father, Tey'tac, and it is Tey'tac who continues to train him in the Kolinar. He visits the old Master, on Vulcan, whenever shore leave allows. And Tey'tac has visited Lopaka aboard the Legacy on at least two occasions, in the course of his work as a Federation envoy.

Both his Deltan heritage and his Vulcan upbringing create a certain serenity in Lopaka.

Most of the time, Lopaka is a calm, gentle man who is attentive to his duties. He carries out his work with Vulcan thoroughness, and is often a voice of comfort and wisdom to his friends and crewmates, quoting axioms he picked up from Tey'tac.


Lopaka is a large, and very physicaly active man. Handsome, with pale skin and dark eyes. He keeps himself in excellent physical condition using Klingon exercise programs on the holodeck, and he has a noticeably muscular physique. He is easily stronger than your average Deltan, and is actually stronger than most humans of his size and build.

He lives in sparsely decorated quarters, and will, most likely be found in his quarters when off duty. He meditates often, burning either a Vulcan lamp, or scented candles from Earth.

Like most Deltans, Lopaka has a very cavalier attitude when it comes to sexual relationships and physical intimacy. He prefers the company of other men.

Tey'tac, the Vulcan Master, is not only a master of the Kolinar disciplines; but of ancient Vulcan fighting arts as well. He has studied them as a hobby for most of his life, and has also been teaching these old and often forgotten skills to Lopaka. As a result, Lopaka is a dangerous and cunning warrior and something of an expert with Vulcan hand-to-hand weapons such as the Lirpa and the Ahn-Voon.

Lopaka has one of each, that he keeps in sealed display cases in his quarters. He also has a modified Lirpa that he carries with him on away missions if there is a chance of danger.

Lopaka designed the modifications himself. In Lopaka's version, the heavy club-base of the Lirpa is replaced by a smaller, lighter club that is more oblong in shape.

The bladed end remains as in the standard design.

His warrior skills make him a reliable security officer, and even though he now served in the operations department, both Captain Northcote and Commander Kha'Tarr relied on him for security duties on a regular basis; leading to his transfer to the department in 2382.

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