Len Kozak

NAME: Harland Leonard Kozak, III
NICKNAME: Len, Koz (pronounced "Koze")
BIRTHDATE: March 23, 2333
BIRTHPLACE: New Orleans, Louisiana, Earth
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
WEIGHT: 182 #
HAIR: Light brown (thining)
EYES: Blue
LANGUAGES: Federation standard. Spanish. Russian. Klingon. Functional phrases in Cardassian, Romulan, and Vulcan
HOBBIES: Pool & Billiards. Poker. Bowling. Motorcycles and motocross racing. Barbeque cooking and outdoor grilling.

Father - Harland Leonard Kozak, Jr. (Federation Ambassador to Qo'noS [Retired], former Comandant of the Starfleet Marine Corps)
Mother - Mariska Kozak (Homemaker. Deceased)
Brothers - Richard Kozak (Deceased. Starfleet Marine Captain, killed in action during the Dominion War), Dylan Kozak (Starfleet Marine Major, Marine Unit CO, Starbase 24)
Sister - Marlene Kozak (civilian psychologist)
Wife - Karen Kozak (Elementary level mathematics teacher, lives with her husband aboard the USS Cavalier)
Son - James T. Kozak (Starfleet Marine 1st Lieutenant stationed on Andoria)

2350-2354: Starfleet Marine Corp Officer's Training Center [Andoria]

2354-2360: Starbase Delta-9, Combat Specialist (2nd Lieutenant)
2360-2362: Starbase Delta-9, Combat Specialist (1st Lieutenant)
2362-2363: Starbase Delta-9, Field Commander (1st Lieutenant)
2363-2371: Space Station X-Zeta-1, Senior Field Commander (Marine Captain)
2371-2373: Space Station X-Zeta-1, Senior Field Commander (Major)
2373-2380: USS Excelsior-C, Marine Unit XO (Major)
2380-2382: USS Excelsior-C, Marine Unit CO (Major)
2382-2384: USS Cavalier-C, Marine Unit CO (Major)
2384-pres.: USS Cavalier-C, Marine Unit CO (Lt. Colonel)

Marine Citation of Valor - 2361
Bravery Commendation - 2366
Semper Fidelis Cross - 2372
Purple Heart - 2373
Marine Citation of Gallantry - 2375
Golden Starburst - 2375
Purple Heart - 2378
Courage Under Fire - 2380
Marine Exceptional Service Merit - 2382
Starfleet Cross - 2383

2368 - Citation placed in record after Lt. Kozak defied a direct order of a superior officer. Extenuating circumstances involving the life of a lost away team averted any further punishement.

2379 - Cited for insubordination by Ambassador Dresden of Barza after Kozak used a Klingon epithet to refer to the ambassador as a coward.

There was never any question that Len Kozak would someday become an officer in the Starfleet Marine Corp. Not with his father sitting in the Commandant's seat at Marine HQ in New Orleans when Len was born.

Born Harland Leonard Kozak, III, in 2333; he would be known as Len for most of his adult life, and it is the name he prefers to go by. It's what his wife calls him.


Being General Harland Kozak's son meant a Marine's life for Len. And it was a life he looked forward to taking on even before he was in high school. Most boys just played soldier, but Len, growing up got a first hand look at the life of a soldier. His older brother entered the Corp ahead of him, and by the time he was 17, Len was ready to join the Marines himself.

He submitted his application to the Officer's Training Corp; the Marine equivalent of Starfleet Academy, and was sent to Andor for training and orientation. Having shown strong aptitudes in engineering and mechanics, Len was originally trained with officer cadets slated for posting with engineering units within the corp.

But, half way through his officer's training, Len began to show such a strong talent for military command that his instructors moved him into a command training unit where he undertook field exercises to prepare him for duty as an infantry commander.

Len was graduated as a 2nd lieutenant, and posted to the Marine unit on Starbase Delta-9. The starbase was located near the Tellarite homeworld, and the commander of the Marine unit there was a Tellarite colonel. Len got along well with her and he served under her for nine years, advancing to the rank of 1st lieutenant and the position of field commander.

On the reccomendation of his commanding officer on D9, Len was transfered to Space Station X-Zeta-1 in the Delphic Expanse; a Federation/Xindi co-operative command with security suppliedby the Starlfeet Marines under the command of a Xindi reptillian. Len did not work as well with this Xindi commander as he had with the Tellarite woman back on D9, and it was under the Xinid officer's command that Len received the first official reprimand on his record.

Len was cited for refusing to follow a direct order, but no further punitive action was taken when the incident eas reviewd by a JAG officer who viewed Len's actions in accordance with his duty to protect the people serving under him. As a field commander it was Len's job to make sure the people in his team always came back alive. And he was forced to defy the orders of his superior officer to mount a rescue of several Marines stranded in a sesor distorting nebulae aboard a severely damaged runabout.

It wasn't long after this incident that the Xindi commander was removed from his post, and replaced by a Vulcan officer. Len was subsequently promoted to Senior Field Commander, at the rank of Major.

This was the rank Len would hold for the next 13 years.

Len spent the next two years serving in the Delphic Expanse.

But, when the Federation/Dominion conflict moved into full-blown War, several senior Marine commanders were called home to man positions on starships. And Len was no exception.

Posted aboard the USS Excelsior-C, Len served as XO of the ship's large compliment of Marines from 2373, until late 2382 when the Excelsior-C was removed from active duty for retrofitting after receiving extensive damage in a battle with a renegade Starfleet captain who had stolen a Steamrunner class ship and set himself up as a vigilante in a dangeorus region of space known as the Helcaraxe.

Len served out the Dominon War with distinction, and he also had a respectable career in the aftermath as the Excelsior spent a great deal of it's time dealing with the post war agression of the Breen and other Dominion allies still fighting pitched battles after the official cesation of hostilities in 2375.

In 2379, Len managed to get himself into trouble again when he referred to the visiting Barzan ambassador aboard the Excelsior as a "worm ridden pat'akh" when the ambassador refused the Excelsior captain's request to send the Marines in to liberate a civilian trading installation overrun by Breen insurgents.

Len's commanding officer refused to enforce any further disciplinary action, since the trading installation was subsequently destoryed, with all occupants killed. And has the ambassador allowed the crew of the Excelsior to act, over 3000 lives could have been saved.

This incident proved to be one of the turning points that forced full scale Federation involvement in the Romulan/Reman civil war as it was proof of a Reman alliance with the Dominion factions in the Alpha quadrant.

Three years later, the Excelsior was drydocked, and Len reported for duty as Marine Unit XO aboard the Kelvin class explorer, the USS Cavalier.

Twenty one months later, Len received a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel; and an elaborate celebration was held on the holodecks of the Cavalier. The crew of the explorer had already had occasion to say they owed their lives to Len Kozak and his marines several times over.

Len Kozak looks like a Marine. His face is lined and weather beaten beyond his years and his eyes show that look of battlefield experience only a soldier who has taken another's life in the course of their sworn duty will carry.

But, he is not the usual strict taskmaster one thinks of when they think of a Marine commander. Len is a very calm and civil man under most circumstances. Only when lives are at stake can the rugged side of him come out. And then he can be quick to action and quite fierce.

But he endears the loyalty of the people serving under him, because he genuinely cares about them. And not only as soldiers. If any of Len's marines have a problem they can always feel free to go to the Colonel with it. He will either offer advice, or try his best to actively deal with the problem first hand depending on the circumstances.

Len is a strong man emotionally; he has seen the horrors of the battlefield during two wars, as well as the kind of violence that can often be commonplace in life aboard a deep space station in alien territory. And it has not hardened him. He is genuinely kind hearted, and actually a lot more studious and intellectual than the usual military field officer.

Len is a married man. And his wife, a mathematics teacher named Karen, lives with him aboard the Cavalier. She teaches elementary math and social sciences to the small group of children living on board the Kelvin class ship. Len and Karen met when he was on leave on Risa in 2357. They married a year later, and Karen gave birth to a son in 2360.


Their son, named for the famous Starfleet captain James T. Kirk, is now a Marine officer stationed on Andor.

Len Kozak is of average height, reasonably handsome, and yet rugged in his outward appearance. He has sandy brown hair that is thining rapidly, and as if to compensate for this, Len wears it a bit longer in the back than most marine corp officers. He also wears short but bushy sideburns.

He has clear blue eyes, and a charming if crooked smile.

His face is heavily lined, and he doesn't often get as close a shave as might pass a dress inspection. He has several battlescars on his body, the most noticeable, a 4-inch scar on his left arm, from a deep knife wound he recieved during his tenure in the Delphic Expanse.

He also has a tatoo of a shark on his right bicep.

He speaks in a soft, gentle tone unless he is shouting orders on a battle field; then his voice can become rough and raspy.

Len is fascinated by Klingon culture; he spent some time on Qo'noS just before joining the Marine corp as his father was serving as the Federation ambassador in Kling at the time. He is also very athletic. And he loves riding bicycles. He keeps his body in shape by boxing and lifting weights, and he keeps his engineering technical skills honed by working on motorcycle reconstruction programs on the holodeck.

Len and Karen share their quarters aboard the Cavalier with Len's 8 year old German Shepherd dog, Quanto; a loyal and loving animal who has been trained as a rescue dog by the Marine corp. Quanto has participated in several search and rescue missions with Len's marines and even saved the life of an SCIS officer once.

Curiously enough, Quanto's original trainer was a Ferengi; and it was he who named the dog.

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