CNA Lisa Vaughan

Species: Human (Organian)
Height: 5' 9" - Weight: 129#
Birthdate: June 12, 2360
Birthplace: Rome, New York (Earth)

The body of Lisa Vaughan is now host to an Organian entity known as Angelsea. This being, who identifies herself as female, is a creature of pure energy; over 1.000 years old.

Zoey Lisa Vaughan was born in Rome, New York, on Earth; Stardate 38510.2, to Starfleet Commander Louis Vaughan, and his wife, Joanna; a Starfleet nurse. Zoey started going by her middle name when she was seven years old. And this has stuck ever since.

Growing up on Earth, under her father's guidance, Lisa learned the ins and outs of life in Starfleet from an early age. Her father was an instructor at Starfleet Academy. But Lisa was not interested in a military life. From an early age, she wanted to be outside. She wanted to commune with nature. She wanted to take care of animals. She loved animals.

Her original plan, as a child was to become a veterinarian.

But, her plans changed. And this would not be the most monumental change to take place in her life, by far. On Stardate 53798.07, her father died of a massive heart attack. And her mother, then on assignment aboard the USS Venture, requested a transfer to Earth to take care of her girls, full time. Joanna took a position at the Starfleet hopsital in Chicago, commuting via transporter to Rome every night.

The girls were happy to have their mother home again. And Joanna tried to alleviate their grief over the loss of their beloved father by telling them stories of her adventures aboard a Galaxy class starship.

Serving aboard the Venture, she worked under Doctor Holder. She met Admiral Price, Captain Picard, and even Montgomery Scott. She helped deliver an El-Aurian baby during a ship-to-ship battle. And she participated in the rescue efforts of a crashed Romulan D'deridex class ship.

After her parents died, Lisa's cousin, Sienna Ray, came to live with the Vaughans in New York. And Lisa, her younger sister Dinah, and Sienna were all enthralled by Joanna's stories from her days on the ship. To follow in Joanna's footsteps, all three girls joined the Starfleet Nursing Corps, without an active officer's commission.

Lisa spent some time serving as a nurse on an orbital station, and then a year aboard the planetary station, Quadra, before being transferred aboard the USS Pioneer as a nurse's aide to the civilian nurse station aboard the ship. While living on Quadra Station, Lisa married a man called Jason deBalzac. He was a very handsome, athletic young man with a vibrant manner. Very friendly and talkative. And he seemed to know at least a little bit about almost anything.

At first they had a lot of fun together. And Lisa was very happy. Then Jason suddenly became very possessive, and jealous minded. He became very abusive, emotionally; trying to control Lisa with guilt. Trying to make her feel as if almost anything she said was wrong, or misguided. He often complained that he had to repair things she had damaged because "women don't understand machinery". This, of course, made no since, because Jason worked as a civilian cargo bus pilot while Lisa worked in the medbay. Their paths never crossed during their work-shifts.

To defend herself, Lisa asked her cousin, Sienna to take a look at the cargo bus Jason commonly used. Sienna was a bit of an expert at mechanical things. And she surmised Jason had been using the cargo bus to go joy-riding in the system. She also found evidence of several communications sent just outside the system to well-known Section 31 facilities on Qo'noS and Cardassia.

When Sienna confronted Jason with this, he attacked her. This did not work to his advantage because Sienna had studied Judo for years. She delivered a Taka-geri move to Jason's lumbosacral region. He was laid up for weeks. During this time, Lisa filed for divorce.

While Dinah was serving aboard the USS Cavalier, she, and Lisa retreated to New York, on leave. Lisa wanted to finalize her divorce with her husband. And because he was a civilian, not bound by any Starfleet protocols; and they were married on Earth, Lisa wanted the papers filed in New York. Jason caught up with them at the old Vaughan family home in Rome. He was intending to kill Lisa. He locked Dinah in a closet, and attacked Lisa.

By the time Dinah got the closet door opened, she rushed in to find her sister standing over the badly disfigured form of her husband. Her voice was different. She seemed to speak with a indiscernible accent Dinah had never heard before. The energy form of a female Organian had taken over Lisa's body. Jason was trying to strangle her. The Organian, who had been following the Vaughan women intent upon helping them, to repay the kindness Joanna had shown to a Romulan man aboard the Venture; inhabited Lisa's body after the man had all but killed her. The Organian, called Angelsea, did not kill him, of course. But the burns she inflicted on him to force him back from Lisa's body ruined his handsome face and athletic body.

The man was taken to a civilian hospital by law enforcement authorities. He required extensive therapy. After which he was placed into a Mental Hospital.

Angelsea told Dinah that she would have to remain in Lisa's body, or she would die completely. Lisa's consciousness had survived but barely. Angelsea begged Dinah to let her stay. She wanted to continue Lisa's life as best she could. She wanted to use her considerable abilities to aid others when and where it was needed. Just like human nurses did.

Dinah agreed.

And Angelsea made good on her promise. She performed a type of fusing with Lisa's body and consciousness. Lisa became, for all intents and purposes, an Organian. But, in a human form. The physical form of Lisa Vaughan. The new voice was Angelsea's. But the knowledge belonged to both. Lisa's medical skills were maintained. And this new person was even more concerned with helping others than Lisa had been, if that was possible.

Dinah only told Sienna about Angelsea. And Angelsea kept herself hidden as best she could. As an Organian, Angelsea had a seemingly enexaustable array of powers. Yet she used only the most benign of these powers. Angelsea wanted Lisa to continue to be Lisa, as much as she could be. And when Angelsea became dominant, there was a brief flash of light behind the eyes.

This was how Dinah and Sienna knew Lisa was quiet, and Angelsea was in control.

But, Angelsea never used her powers to inflict harm. She used her abilities for knowledge and defense. Never for attack.

In Lisa's duties as a nurse, Angelsea used her powers to calm patients; or, a time or two, to heal them if there was no other recourse. Angelsea did not want Lisa to become known as a miracle worker. She wanted Lisa's life to go on as it had been. But, Angelsea often cannot resist using her powers to help others.

When Dinah was transferred to the Castle Extended Care Facility on Starbase Magellan; she requested that her sister and her cousin were transferred there as well. Here they began working as a team during the night-shift at the Facility. They worked so well together, complimenting each other's skills expertly; that they became known as The Trio.

As part of Castle's Trio, Lisa/Angelsea did their part to help the residents there. With her powers, Angelsea could even drive away the darkest of war-time memories. She could repair things even Sienna could not fix. And, when she felt there was no other way, she would heal injuries. The doctors at Castle often found themselves baffled by a sudden return to a vigrous life, after a resident found himself, or herself alone for an hour with Lisa.

But this was one thing Angelsea could not do often. Apparently there were some restrictions placed upon her regarding the use of her abilities after she merged with Lisa to keep her physical human body alive. Even Angelsea herself did not know exactly what she was and was not capable of in this very rare type of hybrid.

Human, and not human. Organian, and yet not Organian.

Lisa was, and always would be a nurse. And Angelsea will always be a caring pacifistic being. And that is in essence what a nurse is.

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