CNA Lisa Vaughan

Species: Human
Height: 5' 9" - Weight: 129#
Birthdate: June 12, 2360
Birthplace: Rome, New York (Earth)

Zoey Lisa Vaughan was born in Rome, New York, on Earth; Stardate 38510.2, to Starfleet Commander Louis Vaughan, and his wife, Joanna; a Starfleet nurse. Zoey started going by her middle name when she was seven years old. And this has stuck ever since.

Growing up on Earth, under her father's guidance, Lisa learned the ins and outs of life in Starfleet from an early age. Her father was an instructor at Starfleet Academy. But Lisa was not interested in a military life. From an early age, she wanted to be outside. She wanted to commune with nature. She wanted to take care of animals. She loved animals.

Her original plan, as a child was to become a veterinarian.

But, her plans changed. On Stardate 53798.07, her father died of a massive heart attack. And her mother, then on assignment aboard the USS Venture, requested a transfer to Earth to take care of her girls, full time. Joanna took a position at the Starfleet hospital in Chicago, commuting via transporter to Rome every night.

The girls were happy to have their mother home again. And Joanna tried to alleviate their grief over the loss of their beloved father by telling them stories of her adventures aboard a Galaxy class starship.

Serving aboard the Venture, she worked under Doctor Holder. She met Admiral Price, Captain Picard, and even Montgomery Scott. She helped deliver an El-Aurian baby during a ship-to-ship battle. And she participated in the rescue efforts of a crashed Romulan D'deridex class ship.

After her parents died, Lisa's cousin, Sienna Ray, came to live with the Vaughans in New York. And Lisa, her younger sister Dinah, and Sienna were all enthralled by Joanna's stories from her days on the ship. To follow in Joanna's footsteps, all three girls joined the Starfleet Nursing Corps, without an active officer's commission.

Lisa spent some time serving as a nurse on an orbital station, and then a year aboard the planetary station, Quadra, before being transferred aboard the USS Pioneer as a nurse's aide to the civilian nurse station aboard the ship. While living on Quadra Station, Lisa married a man called Jason deBalzac. He was a very handsome, athletic young man with a vibrant manner. Very friendly and talkative. And he seemed to know at least a little bit about almost anything.

At first they had a lot of fun together. And Lisa was very happy. Then Jason suddenly became very possessive, and jealous minded. He became very abusive, emotionally; trying to control Lisa with guilt. Trying to make her feel as if almost anything she said was wrong, or misguided. He often complained that he had to repair things she had damaged because "women don't understand machinery". This, of course, made no since, because Jason worked as a civilian cargo bus pilot while Lisa worked in the medbay. Their paths never crossed during their work-shifts.

To defend herself, Lisa asked her cousin, Sienna to take a look at the cargo bus Jason commonly used. Sienna was a bit of an expert at mechanical things. And she surmised Jason had been using the cargo bus to go joy-riding in the system. She also found evidence of several communications sent just outside the system to well-known Section 31 facilities on Qo'noS and Cardassia.

When Sienna confronted Jason with this, he attacked her. This did not work to his advantage because Sienna had studied Judo for years. She delivered a Taka-geri move to Jason's lumbosacral region. He was laid up for weeks. During this time, Lisa filed for divorce.

While Dinah was serving aboard the USS Cavalier, she, and Lisa retreated to New York, on leave. Lisa wanted to finalize her divorce with her husband. And because he was a civilian, not bound by any Starfleet protocols; and they were married on Earth, Lisa wanted the papers filed in New York. Jason caught up with them at the old Vaughan family home in Rome. He was intending to kill Lisa. He locked Dinah in a closet, and attacked Lisa.

By the time Dinah, who was very strong, managed to force open the solid oak-wood door of the closet, Jason had beaten Lisa severely. He was in the process of strangling her when Dinah was able to get back in the room. She tackled the shorter man, easy forcing him away from her sister. Jason attacked Dinah, but she was both bigger and stronger. She actually overdid it a bit, in the course of defending her sister.

The man was taken to a civilian hospital by law enforcement authorities. He required some physical therapy, due to an injury to his back during the fight with Dinah. After which he was placed into a Mental Hospital. He was considered a danger to the Vaughan family. And toward women, in general, due to several comments he had made while in the hospital.

Dinah soon told Sienna about the attack. And, of course she was livid. Sienna wanted to "pay him back". But, so far nothing more has come if that threat.

After being attacked, by Jason, Lisa was consigned to physical therapy as well. She also took counselling aboard the USS Legacy; to deal with the aftermath of the assault, as well as Jason's history of abuse of her. But, she took something away from it. She began taking classes as an abuse counselor. And, with the help of Counselor Faison on the Legacy, Lisa found serenity. And a new joy in her work.

In Lisa's duties as a nurse, she began incorporating this knew skill into her work, and already very compassionate style of nursing and caring for others.

When Dinah was transferred to the Castle Extended Care Facility on Starbase Magellan; she requested that her sister and her cousin were transferred there as well. Here they began working as a team during the night-shift at the Facility. They worked so well together, complimenting each other's skills expertly; that they became known as The Trio.

As part of Castle's Trio, Lisa did her part to help the residents there. She was very good at physical therapy. The often helped both of the Castle therapists, Wilhelm Bader and Rashmika Bansal, with their work. She has also tried her hand and counseling some of the residents, including Dwight Fuller, and Ethan Davis.

Her style is try to help a person to their worth in the world around them, and to belief in themselves despite the myriad of obstacles anyone living in such a place must, often, overcome. And she has become very good at it. A bit overzealous at times, but she gets results. And for the better of the patient.

Lisa also still tries to keep abreast of the latest developments in veterinary medicine.

She knows her way around a computer. And more than once, she has helped Catrin Telra, an Orion Castle resident, to hack the Starbase Magellan database. So far, neither of them have been caught. Lisa has actually discovered some possibly important information in the case of the assault on Doctor Fuller, that made him a resident in the Castle facility in the first place. But, she want to wait until she had more cogent proof of her findings before she takes what she has found to Lt. Commander T'Prasin.

This information does involve her ex-husband, still living on the Tantalus colony, though he has tried to escape several times.

Lisa is possibly one of the best nurses in Starfleet. And she will always be nurse, first. She, most likely, will never achieve commissioned officer status. After her experience with Jason deBalzac, she has no interest in dating, or any romantic relationships. Now, you could say she is married to her work.

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