Lesha Aldrian

NAME: Lesha Aldrian
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: October 29, 2353
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 153#
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Greenish brown
LANGUAGES: Zaldan, Federation Standard, Klingon, a few functional phrases in Bajoran & Vulcan.
HOBBIES: Terran entertainment and popular culture. Klingon weapons. Martial Arts. Ancient watercraft. Sports (very athletic ).

Father: Zalek (Mercenary and professional soldier)
Mother: Tridian (Civilian teacher and scientist, often works with Starfleet)
Siblings: 2 brothers and an older sister

2359-2370: Homeschooled by her mother
2363-2370: Professional level athletic training
2371-2375: Federation Starfleet Academy, San Francisco [Earth]

2375-2375: Starbase Sigma-1, Engineer [Ensign]
2375-2376: Starbase Sigma-1, Engineer [Lieutenant, jg]
2376-2379: USS Enterprise-E, Engineer [Lieutenant, jg]
2379-2381: USS Enterprise-E, Engineer [Lieutenant]
2381-2383: USS Challenger, Operations Officer [Lieutenant]
2383-2384: USS Challenger, Operations Manager [Lieutenant]
2384-2384: USS Alliance, Assistant Chief of Engineering [Lieutenant]
2384-2386: USS Alliance, Chief Engineering Officer [Lieutenant]
2386-2386: USS Cavalier-C, Chief Engineering Officer [Lieutenant]
2386-pres.: USS Cavalier-C, Chief Engineering Officer [Lieutenant Commander]

2377 - Grankite Order of Merit
2380 - Purple Heart
2384 - Federation Starcross

3 minor citations in her record for fighting. No rank reduction, or brig-time enforced. But, a formal reprimand was placed on her service record for each incident.


Born on Zald, the homeworld of the Zaldans. Lesha was originally given the name Aldrian. In the Zaldan culture everyone has two names, but no one has a surname. When a Zaldan is born they are given a name, by their parents. When they come of age they choose their own adult name. And as a child, Lesha was known as Aldrian.

Aldrian had a reasonably normal upbringing for a Zaldan. Her childhood was rough at times; as rough and rugged as the Zaldan landscape. But early on she discovered she had an aptitude for sports, and for athletic pursuits. The earliest sports she practiced were simple - long distance running, and rick climbing. Things she could do on her own. And she was not bothered by rules, or by direct competition.

By the time she was 13 she was competing in organized sports, and before she was 15 she was a champion Parrises Squares player. One of the few Parrises Squares champions to achive her level of success before age 20. Something no human player had ever done.

But, Aldrian was big, and strong. All Zaldans tend be strong and sturdy, and they usually grow to be larger than an average human. But, Aldrian exercised, worked with weight training, and practiced the martial arts to hone her physique and physical skills.

At the same time, she was taught, at home, by her mother, who was a noted civilian scientist who often worked on temporary assignments for Starfleet.

While Aldrian was becoming a champion Zaldan athlete, she was also developing a fascination with science and with the idea of travel among the stars.

In 2370, Aldrian participated in the summer Olymic games, winning medals in three events. But, after her Olympic performance her athletic career was over. In 2371, she turned 18 year sof age, and was old enough to submit her application to Starlfeet Academy without having to apply for any special considerations. It was also time for her to choose her adult name.

Aldrian chose the name, Lesha; a shortened, and more easily pronounced version of the name Liesha, which had been her grandmother's name.

And as Lesha, she submitted her Academy application.


It didn't take her long to find her niche. Expecting to concentrate on science, or perhaps security as her specialty, Lesha discovered she had an unusual aptitude for engineering, and applied mechanics after her first month at the Academy. And she concentrated her studies in these fields as well as physical science, and basic command and bridge officer training.

Despite having already chosen her adult name, the name Aldrian stuck with her, and by the end of her first year at the Academy, it was being used erroneously as Lesha's surname. Lesha allowed this to pass, considering it one of those things a Zaldan must acquiesce to as part of the human-dominated culture of the Federation, and Starfleet. A protocol that was necessary for her to function in the Starfleet heirarchy.

Lesha, also known as Lesha Aldrian, graduated from the Academy with an Ensign's commission. And she was posted as an engineering officer to Starbase Sigma-1 almost immediately. Her tour of duty at the starbase would last little over a year, before she recieved her first shipboard assignment. And it was a plum posting, aboard no less a ship than the Enterprise-E.

Lesha served aboard the venerable Sovereign class ship for 5 years, earning her engineering certificate as well as a promotion to full Lieutenant. But, most importantly, she earned the respect and friendship of her crewmates including Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Lesha knew that to earn a high level of respect from Picard one had to do their best, and be the best at what they did.

Her tenure aboard the Enterprise came to an end in the summer of 2381. Lesha was transferred to the USS Challenger to fill a position in the Operations department. She served well enough in the position, but was not as happy as an operations officer as she had been as an engineer aboard the Enterprise. Nevertheless, she served three years aboard the Challenger, including a nine-month stint as Operations Manager.

This was her first brush with the experience of being a department head.

Her next assignment was something of a step down, but it was a return to duty as an engineer. And that had become Lesha's first love a decade before, while she was at the Academy. In 2384, Lesha accepted a transfer to the USS Alliance to serve as assistant chief of engineering. During her tenure in that position, Lesha developed a reputation for clever improvisations and a knack for manipulating the technology at her fingertips to make it do things it might not have been intended to do, but that usually saved her ship, crew, and captain from some impending disaster or another.

Lesha received the Federation Starcross for her service aboard the Alliance, and after two years was promoted to the position of Chief Engineer aboard the Avalon class ship. Another two years in that position, and the former athlete had become one of the best known and most respected engineers in Starfleet, considered on a par with her former CO, Geordi LaForge.

This reputation earned Lesha her next position. A transfer to the USS Cavalier, to assume the position of Chief Engineer after her predecessor was transfered to Utopia Planetia for Research and Development work. The request came personally from Captain Redfearn. And despite her position aboard the Alliance it was impossible to refuse Redfearn.

Lesha assumed her duties as the new chief engineer aboard the Kelvin class Cavalier on Stardate 63149.8, and received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander form Captain Redfearn on Stardate 63831.5.


Despite accepting some of the behavior considered normal, and indeed polite and apropriate in the Federation, Lesha is still a Zaldan at heart. And the Zaldan people are honest, almost to a fault, disliking even the slightest pleasentry and preferring people speak openly, and frankly to them. And they are more than willing to return the favor and speak just as candidly to others.

This can be somewhat unsetlling to some people. But those who are familiar with Zaldans know that it is better to reply with an insult then a false niceness.

Lesha is very blunt and straightforward. But because Zaldan culture stresses honesty, rather than the act of speaking bluntly just for its own sake, Lesha is usually spot-on with her comments. And sometimes her bluntness can lead to humorous situations. Especially when the engineer is dealing with a scheming Ferengi, or a snarky Yridiian.

Lesha gets to the point, and isn't afraid of her own opinions, or how people might react to them.

She is also a bit rough, physically. She still enjoys being athletic, and participating in sports. And her favorites are Parrises Squares and Bajoran Springball. Lesha also enjoys practicing martial arts, especially Klingon Mok'bara, and she knows how to box.

Lesha has quite the fetish for Klingon culture, and even keeps a Bat'leth on her wall in her quarters. It was a gift from a Klingon commander whom she met and befriended during her tour of duty aboard the Alliance. And with the Bat'leth came a pledge that if ever Lesha needed help, she call on this particular commander or his house, and they would come to her aide.


But, for hand-to-hand combat, Lesha's weapon of choice is the Mek'leth.

A tireless worker, Lesha will often pull double-duty, even when she doesn't have to. And she enjoys inspecting the engines herself. She is never harsh, or demanding on those working under her. Despite her blunt demeanor she is a very charismatic department chief, and the other engineers serving under her command usually grow to like her and enjoy working with her in short order.


Lesha is a very attractive Zaldan woman. Tall, muscular, and shapely. With brown hair she either keeps cut above her soulders or allows to grow long. In the latter case she seldom pins it up or pulls it back, even when on duty.

Her eyes are a greenish brown, and her skin-tone is usually tanned.

Like all Zaldan she has a thin, tough, and very elastic webbing that stretches between her thumb and forefinger on either hand. This webbing, an evolutionary holdover from early Zaldans living on a plant with a very high water-to-land ratio, gives Zaldans a somewhat enhanced manual dexterity. The web makes it easier for Zaldans to grip and hold some objects. And Lesha finds this very usuful when she is trying to make repairs, switching from one tool to another. The web aides her in doing this without dropping a tool.

Lesha as a pleasent enough speaking voice. Not too deep, but strong, and capable of being raised, easily, above the din of a busy engineroom. She does sing, but ony well enough for the shower. Music talent is something has always alluded her.

Devoted to her Starfleet career, Lesha has never married, or even given much thought to having a family of her own. She is still close with her parents. Her father, despite advancing age, still works as a soldier for hire and often comes close to crossing the line of the law. But her mother lives an almost docile life, for a Zaldan, on their homeworld where she still works as a teacher, as well as a scientific consultant to Starfleet.

Lesha is almost as fond of Earth's entertainment culture as she is of martial arts and Klingon weapons. She loves "movies" - the popular art-frm of the 20th and 21st centuries. And she is fond of what was known, in the same period, as "rock-n-roll". Her tastes tend to run to a particularly loud strain of rock-n-roll called Metal, or Heavy Metal. Some of the music she likes actually sounds more like the style favored by Talarian youths than any form of Terran rock music.

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