Leia Carson Ashford

Name: Leia Victoria Ashford (nee Carson)
Nickname: "Duchess" by her husband, "Kitty" by Edward Smith, "Lee" by Captain MacAllen
Species: Human
Age: 36
Birthdate: December 24th, 2352
Birthplace: Local Hospital, Risa
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125 IBS
Hair: Long Brown
Eyes: Brown
Languages: English, Vulcan, Cardassian, Romulan, Betaziod
Hobbies: Acting, playing Parrises Squares with friends but mostly her husband or Captain MacAllen, reading and writing stories, studing history of different worlds, swimming, enjoying time with family and friends, designing ships and shuttles

Mother: Admiral Sarah Elizabeth Carson (nee Kerr)-Head of the Science Departmetn, Starfleet Acdemy
Father: Admiral Alexander Carson-Head of Starfleet Medical, Starfleet Academy
Brother: Captain Marcus Carson, Commanding Officer, USS Michaels (5 years older than Leia)
Spouse: Lt. Commander Robert Wayne Ashford, Chief Tactical Officer, USS Japan
Daughter: Leia Elizabeth Ashford

2357-2370: Local Schools, England, Earth
2370-2371: Cadet, Year 1, Medical, Starfleet Academy
2371-2372: Cadet, Year 2, Medical, Starfleet Academy
2372-2373: Cadet, Year 3, Medical, Starfleet Academy
2373-2374: Cadet, Year 4, Medical, Starfleet Academy
2374-Mid 2375: Ensign, Medical Officer, USS Apollo
Mid 2375-Late 2375: Ensign, Medical Officer, POW, location unknown
Late 2375-Early 2376: Ensign, LOA, Roseangel Manor, outside London, England
2376-2378: Lt (jg), Advance Medical training under Dr. Julian Bashir, Deep Space 9
2378-2381: Lt. Asst. Chief Medical Officer, USS Enterprise-E
2381-2384: Lt. Commander, CMO, USS Japan
2384-present: Commander, First Officer, USS Japan

Outstanding Cadet Ribbon
Starfleet Medical Academy Top 15%
POW Ribbon/Medal
Purple Heart
Leonard McCoy Medicine Medal
Dominion Campaign Service Medal
Bridge Officer Certification
Command Officer Certification
10 year service Ribbon

2383: Under the command of Captain Marcus Spencer of the USS Japan, Lt. Commander Leia Carson refused to treat an injury Cardassian during a diplomatic mission, she was in the brig for 24 hours…later it was found out that the Cardassian was working for an unknown ememy (which later found out that was Edward Smith and his gang) as the Cardassian was trying to crip the USS Japan so his team can take over the ship. Captain Spencer put in Doctor Carson record what happen but the reprimand still stay on her record…quoting: "Even in a time of peace Doctor Carson needs to put her personal feelings aside..she was right this time but what about next time when a one-time ememy or any race that she dislike come onto this ship on a mission of peace and by the order of Starfleet..she need to keep her personal feelings aside for the sake of her, her job, and for Starfleet." -Captain Marcus Spencer, USS Japan.

Born to Sarah and Alexander Carson, the Carson family have a long line of heroes and officers. The Carson's names go back away to Archer's time and the start of Starfleet, even the name Leia came from one of her ancestors who was the first captain of her own ship after Archer's ship, the Enterprise, have end their mission.


Leia was born on the planet Risa on Christmas Eve, the story go that when Sarah saw the planet Risa in full view of the view screen she when into labor.

After Leia's birth, the Carson's along with little Leia and big brother Marcus set up house at Roseangel Manor, which was located outside London, England which the family still keep to this day.

Leia grew up a very outgoing, outspoken, beautiful, passionate child as she started her education at local school in London while her brother, who is five years older than Leia kept a close and loving eye on his baby sister though out the years.

In 2370, the eighteen years old Leia fell in love with an young Ensign on her father's ship, USS Maine, a twenty-three years old by the name of Robert Wayne Ashford who was part of the Tactical Department was well as the Intell department which only her father knew about.

It was a passionate love that would never die.

In 2370, Leia went to Starfleet Academy where she major in Medical and minor Tactical/Intell

By the time Leia gradated from the Academy in 2374 she got the outstanding cadet ribbon/medal and gradated in the top 15% of her class…her parents and big brother Marcus, who was an Tactical officer of the Flag-ship of Starfleet which is the USS Enterprise-E was their cheering her on.

In 2374, still in the middle of the Dominion War the young woman was on the USS Apollo as an Medical officer.

It was there where she fell in love with an older man by the name of Edward Smith who was an Intell officer, they was engaged to be married but it all ended when he betrayed her and the crew of the USS Apollo to the Dominon which leading towards they being in a POW camp.

They findly escaped the camp a few months later thanks to some unknown sources that Leia..she don't even talk about her time in the POW camp.

That time in her life only a few people know about which included some of the crew from the USS Apollo, Captain MacAllen and her beloved husband Robert.

After a leave of absent at Roseangel Manor for some healing time Starfleet though it was time for her to get back into the game and tranfer her to Deep Space 9 so she can have some advance medical training under a family friend by the name of Doctor Julian Bashir in 2376.

She became very close friends with him and the rest of the crew of that station and whom she kept in touch with.

In 2378, Starfleet though with all her training she done on Deep Space 9 it was time to put it to the test on the Flag Ship of Starfleet…so that means the young Lt (jg) who is now Lt. is being transfer to the USS Enterprise-E under the command of Captain Picard.

The young woman was there for a lot of events of the Enterprise-E, from the news of USS Voyager returning from the Delta Quadrant to the events of the marriage of her two good friends William Riker and Deanna Troi to the events of Shinzon and the "death" of Lt. Commander Data.

In 2381, Leia now an Lt. Commander is transfer to the Intrepid class ship, the USS Japan under the command of Captain Marcus Spencer as their Chief Medical Officer.

But love came calling again around that time when her first love, Robert Ashford, was on the Japan as the new Chief of Tactical Officer and their love affair started back up.

She was tested once more in 2383, where she refused to Cardassian during a mission that she got reprimand for. (For more information read her file under reprimand).

In 2384, after Captain Spencer was made Admiral and her friend, the Betaziod Rose Isis MacAllen who was first officer at the time was made Captain, Leia Carson was bumped up to the first officer post which she still remains today.

In 2386, Robert and Leia got engaged to be married, it was during that time the young commander found out that she was going to have a baby and it was going to be a little girl.

Before Leia's wedding a few months after the engagment which was going to take place on Risa, she was kidnapped by Edward Smith, her former husband to be and the man who betrayed her and the crew of the Apollo years before during the war.


It didn't take long to put two and two together and Leia was recused thanks to Rose, the crew of the Japan, and her uncle Robert Carson, (whom have his own ship for business).

A few days after that both Leia and Robert was married in the holodeck on the Japan in a beach program with friends and family their…Leia promise to never leave Robert and always love him just like she promise years ago before joining Starfleet at the age of 18..Robert vows the same thing.

Six months later, on Feb 14, 2386, Leia gave birthday to her and Robert's daughter, with her beloved husband advice and seeing how strong the little girl was, they named her Leia Elizabeth Carson.

Leia is strongwilled, outspoken in some points, smart, beautiful, passionate, a loyal friend to the crew of the Japan, and all the ships and spacestations, she served on over the years. The young commander still helps out in sickbay from time to time with the help of theJapan's new CMO, Dr. Andrew Kirkwood. She loves to have fun when she can with her family and friends including throwing parties or doing dinners for the crew and family so they can talk and get to know each other more and have fun doing it.

Edward Smith still write messages to Leia, all of them are unopened and are transfer to Captain MacAllen and people at Starfleet Security, which included Rose MacAllen's Bajoran husband, Lt. Jarad Briel, who is the Chief of Security…to Leia, Edward Smith will never haunt her again in her dreams or in real life…she moving on with her life and enjoy doing it.

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