Col. Lee Austin

NAME: LeRoy Gordon Austin
BIRTHDATE: May 19, 2333
BIRTHPLACE: Poughkeepsie, New York
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
WEIGHT: 175#
HAIR: Grey-blonde
EYES: Blue
LANGUAGES: English, Klingon, Andorian. Functional phrases in Spanish, some Latin, and Native American "bits & pieces".
HOBBIES: Fishing, Reading, Hiking, Biking, and Mountain Climbing.

Father - Emmit Austin [Renowned Archaeologist- Deceased]
Mother - Angela Danforth Austin [History and Language teacher - Deceased]
ex-Wife - Sandra Coberley [Starfleet Lt. Commander, and Science Officer]
Son - Ryan Austin [born November 21, 2365; aboard the USS Galaxy]

2351-2353 University of Buffalo [Archaeology. History]
2353-2357 Starfleet Marine Training Center [Andor]

2357 - 2358 2nd Lieutenant, Ordnance Officer - USS Exeter
2358 - 2360 2nd Lieutenant, Field Unit Officer - USS Champion
2360 - 2361 1st Lieutenant, Demolitons Officer - USS Champion
2361 - 2363 1st Lieutenant, Demolitions Officer - USS Ticonderoga
2363 - 2365 Major, Demolitions Officer - USS Grissom
2365 - 2367 Major, Field Unit Commander - USS Grissom
2367 - 2369 Lt. Colonel, Emergency Response Team CO - USS Grissom
2369 - 2374 Lt. Colonel, Marine Unit XO - USS Alabama
2374 - 2380 Colonel, Marine Unit CO - USS Alabama
2380 - 2386 Colonel, Marine Unit CO - USS Phoenix
2386 - 2388 Colonel, Marine Unit CO - USS Yorktown
2389 - pres. Colonel, Marine Unit CO - USS Legacy-A

2363 Starfleet Commendation
2365 Starfleet Cross
2367 Dedicated Service Medal (10 years)
2371 Purple Heart
2375 Betazed Liberation Campaign
2377 Dedicated Service Medal (20 years)
2380 Federation Star
2387 Dedicated Service Medal (30 years)
2388 Federation Legion of Merit

2381 Refusal to Follow a Direct Order [Filed by a Hurdnok ambassador. No rank reduction enforced due to extenuating circumstances. Permanent citation listed in record]

LeRoy Austin was born in Poughkeepsie; on Earth. When he was twelve years old, his family moved to Buffalo, New York. Lee, as he was known, grew up here. And Buffalo was the traditional "melting pot" most eastern cities in the United States were famous for; especially by the late 24th century.

Throughout his teenage years, Lee longed to move on, and see more of the world, and even venture off-world. This was the genesis of his joining Starfleet.

Lee grew up with a love of the outdoors. But his mother also made certain he had a firm grasp of science, physics, and mathematics. This lead to a scholarship to the University at Buffalo, where Lee took up the study of his father's passion, Archaeology. At the University he became close friends with a classmate who's father was a Starfleet Marine Corps commander. After two years, Lee left the University to join the Marines himself.


When Lee was attending the Marine Corps Training Center on Andor his father was killed in an accident on a dig. The dig had taken place in an undisclosed location, but Lee was able to find out his father had been at or near Galorndon Core just before the "accident". This lead Lee to believe the Romulans were somehow involved in his father's death.

A popular cadet with both his squad-mates and his instructors, Lee graduated in the top 35% of his group and was chosen by Captain Ed Rucio to serve aboard the Ambassador class USS Exeter.

Lee served as a ordnance officer during his tenure aboard the Exeter. Afterward, he was transfered to the USS Champion, as a field unit officer. In 2361, he moved to demolitions officer, after being transferred to the USS Ticonderoga.

Lee realized he had a talent for military strategy. He also wanted to pursue a carer in Marine Command, and working with his strengths as an officer was a good way to get there.

For the remainder of his career in various positions within the Corps, Lee served with some of the best-known commanding officers in Starfleet. Captain Silvak aboard the USS Grissom. And later, Captain Jason Mandrakis aboard the USS Alabama. He earned a good reputation serving under both men. And he earned a reputation for dilligence that lead to his eventual command of the Marine unit aboard the USS Alabama.

Lee commanded this unit for six years, and through some of the final battles of the Federation/Dominion War. In 2380 the Alabama was drydocked for a proposed refit. But it never saw that refit and most of the crew were reassigned. Lee was given command of the Marine unit aboard the USS Phoenix. A command he would hold for another six years

It was during his command of the Phoenix unit , that Lee earned his first, and so far only reprimand. While transporting a delgation representing the Hurdnok people, Lee was asked, by the Hurdnok ambassador, to use the Phoenix's weapons to "clean out" a debris field in an asteroid belt that had become home to a group of Bajoran refugees cut off from their homeworld. Lee refused to kill the Bajorans and the Hurdnok ambassador filed a formal protest with Starfleet Command.

This lead to a permanent citation in Colonel Austin's record. But no other disciplinary action was taken. The admiralty made it very clear to Lee that the citation in his record was to placate the Hurdnok. And that off the record Lee was considered to have acted appropriately by not taking the lives of those Bajoran refugees.

In 2386, Lee was transfered to a command a new unit. He was given command of the Marines aboard the Sovereign class USS Yorktown. Still a state-of-the-art vessel after 9 years in service, the Yorktown benefitted from an experienced marine commander after the previous CO had been killed in the line of duty, dealing with the Laas - an agressive race who viewed any intrusion into their space as a reason to attack, and even to kill.

Lee's command of the Yorktown unit lasted for only two years.

In early 2388, the Yorktown found it's self in combat with a Laas freighter suspected of carrying a cargo of prisoners abducted from a Federation passenger liner that had wandered into Laas space. Again determined not to allow Federation citizens to beforced to work in the Laas mines, or suffer other indignities at the hands of the Laas, Lee fired on the freighter. The Laas ship was disabled, and Lee was able to have Marines go aboard her, and determine Federation citizens were being held captive in the ship's cargo hold.

Lee's rescue of these people lead to his being decorated for the ninth time. But it also lead to a formal protest filed by the Laas government. As a result Lee was relieved of his command, despite no citation being placed in his record. He was sent on extended leave. He returned home to New York. And with his son for company began travelling the countryside on a hovercycle, reaching Alaska before he was contacted by Marine command.

They needed an experienced commander to take over the unit onboard the flagship; the USS Legacy.

At first, Lee was hesitant to take the position. And he only accepted the command when John Northcote, an old friend and the Legacy's CO assured him he was free to act on his own judgement, and experience as a commander.



Colonel Lee Austin has a reasonably relaxed command style. But he can have an exacting demeanor as a commander. And he can be strict; especially during a tense or life-threatening situation.

Lee is a very good commander; earning the respect and friendship of those he serves with through his reliable skill, and experience. He is also unswervingly loyal to his crewmates, and will not sacrifice a fellow officer, preferring to take such risks himself, or at least share in the risk with those who serve under him.

He always insists upon commanding his unit in the field.

Off duty, Lee is friendly with the crew. He still enjoys sports, and the outdoors. And he will often recreate the Adirondack mountains, and the adjacent countryside and go fishing on the holodeck when he needs to relax.

Although years of service as a military man, and commander may have dulled some of Lee's scientific instincts he is still fascinated by his father's chosen field, of Archaeology. He also fancies himself something of a mechanic, and enjoys tinkering with all sorts of items, usually in a holodeck setting.

He enjoys any chance to work on scientific projects. He also has a strong grasp of basic applied physics, and space-sciences.

He prefers to be called Lee, and not LeRoy. And he has earned several nicknames during his tenure in The Corps, spanning over 30 years, including respectful, and sometimes cheeky references to his rank and position such as The Old Badger. But Lee is the name he prefers.

He says the name "fits a commander" - a reference to Robert Edward Lee Price; now an admiral, and former Commanding Officer of the USS Galaxy. Price was also always known as Lee during his long, and distinguished command of the Galaxy-class ship.

Despite a spate of disciplinary situations in recent years, Lee Austin has a strong reputation as a good officer, and excellent field commander. And even the disciplinary actions taken against him are for infractions of the rules that Lee felt forced to make for the good of innocent civilians. His aggressive style, and tendency to take matters into his own hands are often compared to another respected commander- Captain James T. Kirk.

Although a career-oriented marine, Austin did marry, while stationed aboard the USS Champion. But, the marriage ended in divorce. During Lee's tour of duty aboard the Champion, Starfleet had not yet provided living quarters for families aboard starships. When Lee's son, Ryan, was born this lead to a breakdown of the marriage as Lee's wife was reassigned to starbase duty.

Since his divorce, Lee has avoided dating, and romance, preferring to stick to his work. But, he has managed to have two major relationships. One, with a Vulcan scientist who was killed on Betazed, fighting with the resistance during the Dominion War. And the other with a Marine medic Lee met during a joint-mission involving both the Phoenix and the USS Legacy.

This relationship ended amicably, but Lee has not dated since.

He is a military man, first and foremost. And despite the opinion some in the admiralty, and some Federation politicians have of LeRoy Austin; he is one of the best commanders in Starfleet.

Lee Austin is still a good looking man in his middle years. He has a raspy voice, that becomes even more gruff when he raises it, and is flavored with the sound of his New York heritage. His hair, once sandy blonde, and worn long during his early years in Starfleet, has turned partly grey and Lee prefers to wear it shorter now.


His quarters are furnished in a style similar to most Earth apartments, or "bachelor pads" in the 1970s and 1980s. Lee even owns a beanbag chair and a pair of inversion boots; both of which he seldom uses. The rooms are decorated to reveal the Colonel's eclectic tastes, including a LeRoy Neiman painting, hanging over the bed.

The painting was a gift from his mother, and Austin was named for the artist.

Lee's mother died in 2377; while he was abord the USS Yorktown. Ever since the death of his father, Lee has had difficulty attending funerals. He did not attend his mother's funeral, citing his duties aboard the Yorktown as the reason.

Lee's son, now in his early 20s, has decied to eschew a military career. Instead, Ryan chose a career as an artist - specifically a musician specializing in Country and Western music. A style of music popular in the mid to late 20th century, consisting of rural lyrical themes and instrumentation utilizing such instruments as guitar, violin (referred to as a "fiddle"), accordion, and the slide or pedal-steele guitar.

Lee has a strong love of music himself, and he is very proud of the direction Ryan has taken in life. Lee has a good relationship with his son, that was cemented during their trip across Canada after Lee was relieved of his command on the USS Yorktown. As a result of his father's brushes with Starfleet authority, Ryan Austin has little trust for the "top brass".

Colonel Austin has thoughtful, contemplative demeanor befitting a scientist or a tactician. However, he is still grieving inside over the loss of his mother, to whom he was very close.

One of the Colonel's adventures that he is most fond of recounting nearly cost him his life. The situation was the result of a brawl he managed to get himself into with a Klingon while Lee was serving aboard the USS Ticonderoga. And the Klingon was wielding a Bat'leth. Lee managed to get the better of his opponent; earning himself the Klingon's lasting friendship.

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