Kel'taS M'Benga

SPECIES: Klingon/Betazoid/Human
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: April 18, 2361
BIRTHPLACE: Usumbura, United States of Africa, Earth
HEIGHT: 5' 2"
WEIGHT: 127#
HAIR: Black
EYES: Green
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard. Klingon. Bantu. Swahili. Betazoid
HOBBIES: Klingon culture, rituals, and martial arts styles. Terran popular music. Swimming. Water sports. Hockey.

Father; Dr. Paul M'Benga- Director of Medicine, Usumbura Public Hospital, Earth.
Mother; Lyssana Gron-M'Benga- Deceased (Killed by Cardassians during the occupation of Betazed).
14 brothers and sisters; including Commander Khalfani M'Benga (Executive Officer, USS Ulysses), Khryshaan M'Benga-Carter (civilian mechanic now living in the Chicago area on Earth), Commander Be'Tran M'Benga (Klingon Liaison officer, Starbase Magellan) and two sets of twins.
Sister-in-Law; Dr. Cam Laabros-M'Benga (Khalfani's wife, and Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Ulysses).
Nieces; Ciati and Femi M'Benga (Khalfani's twin daughters).

2378-2380: University of Sydney (Australia), studying astrophysics and quantum physics
2380-2384: Federation Starfleet Academy (San Francisco/Earth), studying engineering, tactical and flight control

2384-2384: Engineering officer - USS Foxbat (Ensign)
2384-pres.: Engineering officer - USS Cavalier (Ensign)


Three citations on her Academy record for incidents involving physical conflict with other cadets.

The youngest child and fourth daughter of Dr. Paul M'Benga and his Betazoid/Klingon wife, Lyssan Gron, Kel'taS M'Benga has always had some rather big footsteps to follow in. Her mother became a hero of the Dominion War when she was killed on Betazed during the Cardassian Occupation. Her oldest brother, Khalfani, has served as executive officer aboard the USS Ulysses for over a decade. And one of her three sisters, Be'Tran, has been a Starfleet officer for almost as long.

Now carrying dual status in both Starfleet and the Klingon IDF, Be'Tran, a former engineering officer, serves as the Klingon Liaison aboard Starbase Magellan.

And Be'Tran has always been the role model that Kel'taS has chosen to follow, ever since she was 10 years old, and she heard her sister had completed her taining at Starfleet Academy, and was posted aboard one of the most prestigious ships in Starfleet- the USS Galaxy.

There seems to be a natural knack for engineering, and mechanics among the M'Benga girls. Two of Kel'taS' sisters showed talent in the field at an early age, and Kel'taS' oldest sister was the one who encouraged Be'Tran to pursue a career as a Starfleet engineer.

Kel'taS set her self on following Be'Tran's example as soon as she heard her sister's stories of adventure aboard the Galaxy.

Kel'tas honed her mechanical skills working with her oldest sister from the time she was 14. She also developed her own fascination with the scientific applications within engineering, and with science and scientific study in general.


At the same time, she became the M'Benga child who followed the Klingon customs of her maternal grandfather closest. Since she learned of her mother's death on Betazed, near the end of the Dominion conflict, Kel'taS has been deeply devoted the Klingon art of war. She has developed her skills with a Bat'leth as well as more of a Klingon personality than her siblings.

When she was seventeen she managed to gain admittance to the University of Sydney; a respect institution in Australia, on Earth. She chose, as her primary courses, studies in astrophysics and quantum physics. She studied in Sydney for two years before submitting her application to Starfleet Academy.

With two years of study in Sydney under her belt, and two M'Benga's already in Starfleet, Kel'taS was easily accepted. She concentrated her studies on engineering and starship technology, but also underwent enough training in tactical procedures, and flight control to serve in either position if necessary. During her senior year at the Academy, she gained a reputation as a good shuttle pilot.

Kel'taS also experienced some difficulty at the Academy, as her Klingon side emerged more and more as she interacted with others. During her tenure as a cadet, Kel'taS received three reprimands for fighting with her fellow cadets. In each case she was able to justify her actions in that she was either taking up for another cadet who was being hazed or bullied, or defending herself against racially based insults.

This, along with her high marks in her studies, saved her from expulsion from the Academy.

But, the reprimands stood in her record, as she had caused physical injury to other cadets in each altercation, including breaking a human tactical cadet's arm and three ribs. Her scores were still good enough that she graduated reasonably high in her class, and her first posting was a coveted one. An engineering position aboard the USS Foxbat, a ship known for producing some of the most respected officers in Starfleet, and equally reknowned for taking on people that other commands felt might be a liability.

Kel'taS served with distinction aboard the Foxbat for six months. And although she did not earn any decorations, or advancement in rank, she did earn a reputation for being a quick thinking engineer who could handle her duty in a dangerous situation. She also put her hand-to-hand skills to the test on at least one occasion, during an away mission.

After six months of service aboard the Foxbat, Kel'taS was asked to transfer to the engineering department aboard the Kelvin class USS Cavalier-C. The request came in the form of a personal letter from the Cavalier's commanding officer. Captain Redfearn was familiar with Kel'taS' performance aboard the Foxbat, as well as her sister Be'Tran's service record aboard the Galaxy and the Miranda.

Redfearn wanted the latest M'Benga to put on a Starfleet uniform working aboard his vessel. And that's what he told Kel'taS.

Kel'taS accepted the transfer, and reported for duty as an engineering officer aboard the Cavalier, on stardate 61868.4.

Kel'taS is nearly a foot shorter than her older sister, and has a more muscular, almost stocky build.

Despite her short stature, she is actually built very much like a Klingon woman. She has the dark skin that her Terran African roots share with the Klingon people. And she also has the M'Benga family trait of very well defined forehead ridges. Even though Kel'taS is only one quarter Klingon, her cranial ridges give the appearance of someone who is half Klingon, or even full blooded.

She also has the same green eye coloring of the other M'Benga children; a genetic mutation resulting from the combination of Klingon DNA with both human and Betazoid patterns. Neither parent had green eyes, but all 15 of the M'Benga children have them.

Unlike most of her borthers and sisters, Kel'taS is as Klingon in her demeanor as she is in her looks. She has a quick temper, and lets it out often; even in situations that might not be appropriate. This got her into trouble at the Academy but so far hasn't effected her performance of her duty.

She still manages to make friends. Especially among her male crewmates, who seem to find her very sexually attractive. Kel'taS is no prude, and if she knows someone is interested in her, she will usually reciprocate. But, she is not interested in a long term relationship.

Kel'taS can easily be described as a "workaholic". And while this goes a long way towards impressing her superior officers, it also leaves her with little time for fun. When she does actually take some time off, she usually passes it practicing martial arts on the holodeck. She also spends a lot of her spare time either reading technical manuals, or studying Klingon history and customs.

She has a youthful sounding voice; soft and a bit high, almost like a teenager. And she speaks in a rapid pattern, speaking distinctly, but also hurriedly. Her voice can often become breathy and sometimes she will sound as if she is running an entire sentence into one long word spoken with no pause. This is especially true if she is trying to explain her solution to an engineering problem as her mind often works faster than she can verbalize.


Although Kel'taS' temper generally runs high, like a full blooded Klingon woman; she is most easily provoked by bullies, or overbearing people. She will not stand for prejudice, or racist behavior. And sexist behavior will be a good way to get into a fight with her. She likes to think of herself as a scientist, as well as an engineer. And she has little use for superstition, or blind faith in the supernatural without consideration for scientific evidence, or a lack thereof.

Kel'taS was 14 years old when her mother died on Betazed, and 16 when her family learned for certain that Lyssan Gron-M'Benga had died defyng the Cardassian occupation. The death of her mother has a lot to do with her tempermantal behavior as well as her devotion to Klingon customs and martial arts.

Kel'taS has a small collection of Klingon weapons, including a Dak'tagh she keeps under her pillow, a Bat'leth her oldest brother gave her as a gift when she graduated from the Academy, and a Ding Pakh.

She doesn't have a pet, but has always wanted either a Targ or a large Terran dog.

Her back is covered in an intricate pattern of tatoos that span across her shoulders and continue down to the small of her back. She began the tatooing when she was 17, and has had different designs added over the years. Mostly, the tatooing patterns depict images of Klingon warfare, intertwinded with a sort of Celtic design that is often thought to resemble "barbed wire".

Running through the center of this design is a long-bladed sword, the point of which is at the base of Kel'taS' spine, aiming downwards.

She wares her hair long, and usually has it flared out around her face in a curly, almost fuzzy style.

Her quarters are usualyl a mess, as Kel'taS is not a very good housekeeper.

Kel'taS was born with a slight curvature of her spinal column; something that commonly occurs in Klingon hybrid females, and can run in families. Her mother had it as well. Kel'taS' father corrected the curvature sugically when she was only a few weeks old, and she healed easily.

It is possible any daughters Kel'taS may have will be born with the same spinal deformity.

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