SPECIES: Caitian
BIRTHDATE: February 15, 2349
BIRTHPLACE: Zz'mbarr, Cait
HEIGHT: 6' 9"
WEIGHT: 307#
HAIR: Golden fur with white, and light brown markings
EYES: Yellow
LANGUAGES: Caitian. Japanese. English. Some Vulcan and Bajoran phrases
HOBBIES: Caitian and Kzinti culture. Japanese Bushido and Samurai traditions. Terran and Klingon martial arts. Hiking. Mountain climbing.

Mother - Kz'tirra (Living on Earth, in Japan)
Father - Mrr'grrol (Deceased, assassinated while serving as governor of Caitian Trre'vla'geth Colony)
Brother - Ssr'ssrgh (Living, on Trre'vla'geth. Still fighting in clan wars)
Adopted "Uncle" - Toshiro Sakai (Federation Envoy to worlds in membership candidacy)
Adopted "Aunt" - Kiritsubo Sakai (Homemaker. Singer. Amature songwriter)
Adopted "Cousin" - Yuko Sakai (Engineering Officer, USS Leviathan - Lieutenant)

2367-2371: Federation Starfleet Academy [Earth]

2371-2374: USS Sovereign, Security Officer [Ensign]
2374-2376: USS Sovereign, Security Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2376-2377: USS Trafalgar, Security Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2377-2378: USS Trafalgar, Security Officer [Lieutenant]
2378-2380: USS Trafalgar, Assistant Security Chief [Lieutenant]
2380-2380: USS Legacy-A, Chief of Security [Lieutenant]
2380-pres.: USS Legacy-A, Chief of Security [Lieutenant Commander]

2373 - Decoration of Gallantry
2373 - Purple Heart
2374 - Merit of Valor
2374 - Purple Heart
2378 - Legion of Honor
2380 - Purple Heart
2380 - Starfleet Cross


Kha'Tarr, a pure-blooded Caitian from an old and aristocratic family, was born in the thriving metropolis of Zz'mbarr, on the felinoid race's homeworld of Cait. The oldest child of a politician called Mrr'grrol, and his wife, Kz'Tirra. Kha'Tarr and his younger brother lived in the lap of luxury by Caitan standards, as their father climbed the political ladder.

When Kha'Tarr was 8 years old, his father was elected to serve as governor of the Caitian colony, Trre'vla'geth, located on the fifth planet in the Caitian system. Although normally uninhabitable, a section of the fifth planet had been partially terraformed, and enclosed in a biodome, so that anyone who could handle the conditions could live and work on the planet, in the dilithium mines.

The colony was soon teaming with life, and it was built onto and expanded. But the Caitian government allowed conditions to deteriorate in the dilithium mines, and soon old clan feudes were reignited as different factions vied for control of the mining complex. When dilithium production began to fall off, the Caitian government decided to allow for the election of a governor that would regulate the conditions on the colony, and report directly to the capital on Cait.

Kha'Tarr's father was the eighth governor of Trre'vla'geth. And during his administration he put a stop to most of the clan feudes, and even quelled a violent strike by a group of Kzinti who had imigrated into the colony during the previous governor's administration.

When Kha'Tarr was 10 years old, two years into his father's term as governor, Mrr'grrol was assassinated. And though several suspects were arrested, there was never anyone tried, or convicted of the murder. It was believed that one of the clan leaders involved in the feudes Mrr'grrol had worked so hard to stop, or even one of the Kzinti could have been responsible. A Kzin was arrested, but he was murdered at a holding facility, by a member of a Caitian clan the Kzinti had been feuding with, before he could stand trial.

There was even a rumor that the Caitian government had somehow arranged Mrr'grrol's assassination. Conspiracy theorists rationalized that though dilithium production was up at the mines under Mrr'grrol, any illegal activity, such as smuggling dilithium to Cardassia that other governors had let go unnoticed would be stopped. If anyone in the government had been receiving a share of these illegal profits, or payment to cover up the activities, Mrr'grrol's administration was dangrous to their interests.

Whatever the circumstances behind Mrr'grrol's death, Kha'Tarr suddenly found himself without a father. There were also rumors that the assassins behind Mrr'grrol's death were planning attacks on other members of his administration, as well as his family. For their safety, Mrr'grrol's sons were taken to live in seperate locations. Kha'Tarr's brother, Ssr'sssrgh, was taken back to Cait to live with Mrr'grrol's parents; while Kha'Tarr and his mother moved to Earth.


Kha'Tarr's mother hand friends in Japan, on Earth, who worked for the Federation in a civilian capacity: Toshiro Sakai, and his family. They became a surrogate family for Kha'Tarr, and though his mother was always there for him, the young Caitian found he fit in well in Japan. He even had a sister of sorts in Sakai's daughter, Yuko.

Kha'Tarr spent the rest of his childhood living in Japan with the Sakai's. And when Yuko was old enough, and decided to submit her application to Starfleet Academy, Kha'Tarr opted to join her.

It was not difficult for him o gain his mother's blessing for his decision. The goal of removing Kha'Tarr from Cait was to keep him safe, and there was no other place Kz'tirra could imagine him being safer than aboard a Federation starship.

Both Kha'Tarr and Yuko did well in the Academy. She trained as an engineering cadet, and Kha'Tar trained in security and tactical procedures. He was especially good at hand-to-hand combat, not only because he was large, even for a Caitian male; but because he had learned some brawling and fighting skills from some of the Kzinti boys on Trre'vla'geth.

When Kha'Tarr graduated in 2371, he was posted aboard the newly comissioned USS Sovereign. The class ship of the Sovereign class. He had been hoping for a posting aboard the USS Voyager, with his friend and classmate, Harry Kim. But the Caitian was sent to the Sovereign instead. When Voyager turned up missing in the badlands not long after, Kha'Tarr felt the loss of Kim deeply. But he also felt, somehow, lucky to have missed the assignment.

Kha'Tarr missed a seven year adventure aboard the Voyager that has since become required reading at the Academy. But he did see his share of action, in the Federation's war with the Dominion and their allies. Kha'Tarr's five year tour of duty aboard the Sovereign took him into battle against the Dominion on several occasions, and the big Caitian quickly earned a reputation as a reliable and valiant officer. He also became known for his skills in unarmed combat. During at least three seperate altercations with Dominion forces in which Sovereign crewmembers were forced to fight hand-to-hand, Kha'Tarr responded with such ferocity that it earned him the nickname of The Beast.

It is a nickname he has not tried to live down, as it adds to the air of authority he must maintain as a senior officer.

During the War, Kha'Tarr was awarded two purple hearts for wounds received in combat, and he was also decorated with Starfleet's Merit of Valor and Decoration of Gallantry for his unswerving devotion to duty and courage under fire. He lead three raids during the retaking of Betazed, and was involved in liberating at least two of the prison camps the Cardassians had in place on the planet, as a member of the Sovereign's security team.

After the War, Kha'Tar was transferred aboard the USS Trafalgar, a Steamrunner class ship, to serve as a security officer assigned to away team duties. It became Kha'Tarr's job, on several occasions to oversee the safety of away missions that often included the Trafalgar's commanding officer. She was a bit reckless, and enjoyed leading away missions herself, and Kha'Tarr found he had his hands full protecting her.

In 2378, Kha'Tarr was made assistant chief of security aboard the Trafalgar, and later in the same year he was awarded the Federation Legion of Honor, for saving not only the life of the Trafalgar's captain, but a special Federation envoy who happened to be travelling aboard the ship: his adopted "uncle" and foster father, Toshiro Sakai.

Kha'Tarr also served for six months on board the Trafalgar with Yuko Sakai, when she was assigned to the ship's engineering staff. In early 2380, Yuko was reassigned to the USS Leviathan as an engineering officer. By now both Kha'Tarr and Yuko had reached the rank of full lieutenant. Kha'Tarr had a spotless record, with no reprimands. And, in 2378, he was reunited with Harry Kim, his friend from the Academy; when the latter returned to the Alpha quadrant with the rest of the crew of Voyager.

In early 2380, Kha'Tarr was asked to accept the position of chief of security aboard the USS Legacy-A, a new Expedition class ship soon to be comissioned under the command of Captain John T. Northcote. Aside from the standard duties of an explorer type starship, the Legacy was to be given standing orders to track down and take into custody a renegade Starfleet captain who had stolen a Steamrunner class ship from one of the Federation depots, and was using it to exact vigilante justice on people he believed had been involved against the Federation during the War, or posed a threat to the Federation in the aftermath.

Northcote wanted a security officer familiar with the Steamrunner class. And his first choice was Kha'Tarr.

Kha'Tarr reported for duty as Chief of Security abaord the Legacy in the early summer of 2380.

Two months later, Kha'Tarr was awarded a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, along with the Starfleet Cross for protecting Lt. Commander York, and the Williams children from a team of Breen commandos in the aftermath of a shuttlepod crash.

It would be easy to say that Kha'Tarr is an average Caitian, and judging from outward appearance, he is. Tall, and broad shouldered; with thick, soft golden fur covering his face and body, and a decidedly feline countenance. Kha'Tarr's lionlike face is surrounded by a heavy mane of fur, of the same golden hue. His eyes are deep yellowish color. And his voice is deep and strong. He doesn't need to raise it to be heard.

He has the animal like musculature of a Caitian, with the low percent of body fat, and stronger, more agile muscle structure that both Caitians and Kzinti share with large Terran felines. His ears sit high on his head, and his hearing is at least twice as good as a humans. He can see better than most other species in the dark. And he has a long tail, covered in fur, that weaves and flicks around behind him expressing a wide range of emotions.

But, Kha'Tarr's personality is very different from the average Caitian. Whereas most Caitians are gentle, and even somewhat docile; Kha'Tarr has the ferocity of a Klingon warrior. At least part of this comes from his exposure to the Kzinti boys on the Trre'vla'geth colony, and their influence on him. But, some of it may well be a form of agression that Kha'Tarr still carries inside him over the loss of his father.

What ever the case may be, Kha'Tarr can, and has been known to explode. Sometimes his temper manifests itself in a simple blow to a bulkhead, which usualy leaves a dent. But, in combat Kha'Tarr has been witnessed to be quite fierce, growling at opponents and never hesitating to use his big fists to flatten an enemy.

This agressive behavior earned him the nickname of The Beast when he was serving aboard the Sovereign.

But, Kha'Tarr is good at holding his temper in civil situations, and he has made several friends in Starfleet. This doesn't stop him from keeping to himself, however. He is something of a loner, prefering the solitude of his quarters or a private holodeck program when he is off duty. He loves practicing martial arts, or going hiking or mountain climbing.

Kha'Tarr is loyal to both his friends, and his duty. He is trustworthy, and honest. He loves his job and does it well. His department is tightly run, but Kha'Tarr does not stress reports, or any kind of "paperwork" over the actual performance of one's duty when it comes to evaluating officers, or reccomending promotions. He is not very good at filing reports himself.


He will work tirelssly to see to it that a task is completed, and prefers to lead all security detachments on away missions, and conduct all criminal investigations within his jurisdiction himself.

This doesn't leave much time for a social life, but that is something Kha'Tarr is comfortable with.

Big, and animal like in appearance, Kha'Tarr's deep, gently purring voice can sound very handsome and attractive.

He is very strong, at least as strong as a Klingon his size. He is also very fast, and agile; and an excellent shot on the phaser range.

Kha'Tarr has never married, or taken a mate. He is very much in love with Yuko Sakai, but has never told her. He presumes she only thinks of him as a cousin or a sort of "adopted brother", and does not believe she would accept him, or take him seriously if he were to express his true feelings.

Since joining Starfleet Kha'Tarr has had three reunions with his brother, Ssr'ssrgh (pronounced sur-surg). Ssr'ssrgh has returned to Trre'vla'geth, and is investigating their father's murder. He has become involved in the clan wars that are raging, again, on the colony.

Kha'Tarr has no desire to return to Cait, or re-enter Caitian society. Nor does he have any ambition to follow his father into politics. He is content with his life in Starfleet.

He keeps a large aquarium in his quarters filled with a wide variety of tropical-type fish Kha'Tarr has collected from several different worlds in the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

Growing up with the Sakai family in Japan, Kha'Tarr learned to speak Japanese. He also learned many Japanese customs, and aquired a taste for Japanese food. He has been fascinated by the ancient culture of the Samurai since he was in his teens. He keeps a pair of Samurai swords- a katana and a matching dagger -on a display rack in his quarters.

He will also wear a Japanese kimono when off duty. With a hole for his tail, of course. Recently, he has taken to wearing a ceremonial warrior's baldric of Kzinti design over his uniform. This is within regulation for the uniform code, and Captain Northcote has allowed it.

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