Kay MacFarland

Name: Kay Elizabeth MacFarland (Played by Nikki Cox)
Age: 33 (Born Dec. 25th, 2355)
Birthplace: Highlands of Scotland, Scotland, Earth
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 120 IBS
Langages: Betazoid, Standard, Bajoran, Rihannsu
Interest/Hobbies: Singing, Acting, Equestrianism,
Meditation, Dancing, Writing
Holonovels, Reading (Ancient Romances) History, Archaeology, her family and friends
2377: Academy Graduate
2380: Science Award in Archaeology
Service Record
2377-2378: Ensign, Science Officer, Archaeology, USS Galaxy
2378-2379: Ensign, Science Officer. Archaeology, USS Royal Ark
2379-2380: Lt (jg), Science Officer, Archoaeology, USS Galaxy-A
2380-2386: Lt, Asst Chief Science Officer/Archaeology Department, USS Miami
2386-present: Lt. Commander, Chief Science Officer, USS Indianpolis
Kay Elizabeth MacFarland was born in a hospital in the deep highlands in Scotland on December 25, 2355 along with her twin sister, Kelly Elizabeth to Lt. Frank MacFarland, Chief OPS officer a very strong and handsome man from Scotland and a Betazoid doctor named Diana McLennan who was CMO of the USS Crown.
After both Kay and Kelly was born the two officers was transfer to a little base in Scotland, there in the beautiful hills of Scotland, Kay grew up as the smart and wild twin.
Both girls when to Scottish private schools where most of the time Kay got into a lot of fights with other girls, but she was smart in the field of Science, mostly Archaeology. Her dreams came true when Kay along with her twin Kelly when into Starfleet Academy in 2373.
At the Academy, Kay majored in Science and minored at Counseling. She dated a lot and was one of the most popular girls there. She graduated in the top 20 in 2377.
Kay's first assignment was the USS Galaxy under the command of Captain Price, she was put in the Archaeology Department under the command of then Lt. Rose Isis MacAllen who was a fellow Betazoid and part of the royal family.
The two started a growing friendship as the year past by, she even had the honor of taking over the battle along with MacAllen and an few junior officers that even some of her closes friends who she still in touch with to this day.
After the Galaxy was decommissioned and Price was now an Admiral, Kay was transfer to the Archaeology Department of the USS Royal which was Excelsior Class ship, she kept in close touch with Rose and her new husband Robert Diaz, while they was on the USS Istanbul.
In 2379, she got a letter saying that Kay was being transferred to the USS Galaxy as part of the Archaeology Department, she was so glad to see Rose again and be part of the team again.
Around 2380 after Rose left to be first officer on the USS Japan it was time for Kay to leave as well..the Galaxy was no longer the Galaxy both her and Rose both knew so Kay got transfer to the USS Miami as both head of Archaeology and Asst. Chief Science Officer for six years.
In 2386 she was pick to be the new Chief Science Officer on the Galaxy-Class starship, USS Indianapolis which she was proud to take.
Kay is one wild girl but also a proud woman, she had dark red hair and an temper to match it. She was one of the maids of honor and Rose MacAllen's Royal Wedding to her first husband Robert Diaz. She is a faithful friend and officer to anybody just better not tick her off our you have hell to pay. The young woman hopes to have more friends and to have a great career for Starfleet in the future, she also would like to meet a man and have a family someday but her duties to the Indianapolis and Starfleet comes first.

She been married before but her husband, whom she won't say who he is, is listed MIA after a mission from Galaxy-A

Father: Admiral Frank MacFarland, USS Goodfellows
Mother: Captain Victoria McLennan, USS Connally (Medical Ship)
Siblings: Lt Kelly Elizabeth MacFarland (Twin Sister), Asst. Chief Science Officer, USS Vega

Husband: Unknown (MIA)

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