Judee Gregson

NAME Judith Lee Gregson
BIRTHDATE January 18, 2350
BIRTHPLACE Charleston, South Carolina [Earth]
HEIGHT 5' 5"
WEIGHT 132 #
HAIR Black
EYES Brown
LANGUAGES Federation Standard (English), Klingon, Bajoran, French
HOBBIES Rock climbing. Hiking. Camping. Klingon martial arts. Stunt flying. Old Earth movies (c. 1935-1950)

2368-2370: Vassar College- premedical studies
2370-2374: Federation Starfleet Academy [Earth] - Helm, Navigation, & Flight Controll with secondary studies in emergency medical procedures

2372-2376: USS Sovereign- Shuttle/ Runabout pilot [Ensign]
2376-2379: USS Foxbat- Shuttle/ Runabout pilot [Lieutenant, jg.]
2379-2386: USS Hope- Shuttle pilot (Emergency/Evac) [Lieutenant, jg.]
2386-pres.: Starbase Magellan - Shuttle pilot (emergency/Evac)[Lieutenant, jg.]

2382- Commendation for courage under fire


Born in 2350, Judith Lee Gregson is the daughter of life-long diplomat Victor Gregson. Although a career-driven man when Judee was born, on a deep-space outpost where her parents met; Victor has always been there for her.

Victor turned out to be a good father for Judee; but he was often absent at important moments in her life. Nevertheless, Judee grew up very close to her father, and has always admired him greatly. It was inevitable that she would follow Victor into the service of the Federation in some capacity; but as a teenager Judee had aspirations to become a civilian physician.

After a relatively normal childhood considering the circumstances; Judee entered Vassar College on a pre-medical program. She stayed two years at Vassar, and was considered a good student. Her professors thought she showed a lot of promise as a medical student, and most of them thought she would make an excellent physician. She was a bit reckless, and playful, and did not attend to her studies as well as most of her teachers would have liked, but still she did have potential in the medical field.

When she was not attending her classes at Vassar she would visit her father, then serving aboard a Federation starship. Judee fell in love with the idea of flying a warp-capable starship during these visits. And over the summer break after her second year at Vassar she decided to drop her medical studies and submit an application to Starfleet Academy.

Whether because of her father's reputation, or due to her own merits, Judee will never know for sure- but her application was accepted. Despite her medical credentials from the Vassar pre-med program, Judee elected to major in navigation and flight control at the Academy; although she did take several emergency medical procedure and triage training programs as a minor.


During her time at the Academy, Judee made several friends, most of whom she still remains in touch with over a decade later. Among these was an engineering cadet who shared Judee's love of piloting. They both shared a taste for flying shuttles and smaller craft. They also shared a love of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat styles; and as Judee's friend was part Klingon, she was able to teach Judee a lot of moves and tricks that would make her very dangerous in a combat situation.

Judee graduated from the Academy in 2374, and was posted to the USS Sovereign as a shuttle and runabout pilot. The Sovereign would be Judee's home for the next four years, and she would see plenty of action as the Dominion War wound to it's close during the first two and a half years of Judee's assignment aboard the vessel. Judee was briefly married, during her time on the Sovereign. Soon after her assignment there, she met a handsome young security officer named Steve Tobias. They were married a year later, but Steve soon became jealous and controlling; and six months before Judee was transferred from her post aboard the Sovereign she filed for divorce.

The divorce proceedings were not very friendly, to say the least, and the litigation took up most of the next year- Judee's first as a shuttle pilot abaord the USS Foxbat. Upon her transfer to the Foxbat, Judee was promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade. And it was during this three-year stint that she met one of her closest friends, Baxala Sodi. A fellow pilot, Baxala became Judee's best friend while they served together on the Foxbat. Baxala was wild and just as reckless as Judee, enjoying stunt flying and a very hedonistic lifestyle. Judee adopted this lifestyle openly.

And by the time of Judee's next transfer- to the USS Hope as a rescue pilot- she was a very different woman than she had been when she entered the Academy. A bit jaded by her divorce, Judee had become something of a cynic, and was just as quick with her fists as she was with a smile. But, she was also one of the best shuttle pilots in Starfleet. In 2382, she proved this while serving aboard the medical frigate; when she took a shuttle into an asteroid field near the Qualor system to rescue the occupants of a downed touring vessel out from Andor.

The asteroids were "armed" with automatic disruptor cannons equipped with a proximity motion detection system.

Judee's shuttle was severely damaged during the rescue, but she got all of the survivors out of the reckage and brought them, safely, back to the Hope.

She was awarded a commendation for courage under fire for her actions.

And after well over two years of service aboard the medical frigate, Judee felt she had finally found a home not only within Starfleet, but in the universe at large. And both her father, and her close friend, Baxala Sodi, are proud of her. Her father was so proud of her, in fact, that he convinced Commodore Grant, of Starbase Magellan to give her a permanent posting there.

In early 2386, Judee was transferred to serve as the station's emergency evac pilot. The transfer came with an oppertunity to serve with her father; as well as serving on what was likely to be the front lines, if the Romulan/Reman civil war spilled over into Federation space. She jumped on the chance and reported for duty the day after the transfer orders arrived.

Judee is brash, and outspoken. She says what she feels, often regardless of the consequences. She can be cynical at times, and is often something of a smartalec. She is also prone to solving personal conflicts with her fists. But, she is contrastedly even tempered. It takes a lot to set her off, and she proceedes about her daily business with a sort of easygoing devil-may-care attitude. This seems to be a common personality type among some of the best pilots in Starfleet, and Judee is no exception.

Her approach to her duties is a simple one- she does what it takes to get the job done. Sometimes she skirts the rules, or finds ways around them if it helps her see a mission through; but she usualy comes out of it without getting into too much trouble as she makes the ends justify the means. She is respectful to her fellow officers, but still doesn't take crap off of people. Some people find her attitude a bit disconcerting, but those who get to know her enjoy her freespirited ways and her unswervingly loyal friendship.

That is one of her more endearing qualities- when Judee makes a friend, they stay a friend for life.

Not much of a romantic, Judee is still cynical towards the concept after her divorce. And even though she has been involved in a few relationships since she left Steven Tobias, all one needs to do is mention the word marriage and they'll be looking for someone else to go out with. And when it comes to relationships, Judee doesn't take anything slow; she enjoys living on the edge, whether it be in a romantic entanglement or the pilot's seat of a runabout.

Her piloting style is well known in Starfleet- and her reputation for being reckless, and something of a "hot dog" is well founded. But, her stunt-style flying is also the best way, quite often, to get into a dangerous area and get people out. Thus, Judee's skill as a rescue pilot.

A playful and gregarious person, Judee's vices include gambling - she'll never turn down a game of Texas Hold 'Em - and rugged, outdoorsy sports like hiking, rock climbing and white water rafting. She loves animals- especially big dogs, horses, and Klingon targs. And she cannot stand for the abuse of an animal, or a child. Witnessing abusive behavior is one of the few things that will bring her temper to the surface.

To keep herself in shape Judee exercises regularly, and practices Muay Tai kicboxing and Klingon Mokbarrah. She's also no slouch on the phaser range.

But nothing pleases Judee more than to take a long sub-light trip in a runabout, watching the stars go by.


Judee Gregson could be considered a beautiful woman. Just above average height, she has dark hair that she wears on her shoulders and a pretty, girlish face with a charming smile. Her voice is soft, and yet she doesn't need to raise it to make herself heard. She has dark skin, and bares more of a physical resemblance to her mother than her father.

She has a muscular yet shapely build. She has a tatoo at the base of her spine; a representative of the mytholigical phoenix in red and black ink. Another resembling an intertwinded, thorny vine encircles her left bicep.

Her quarters are usualy sparsely furnished, although she will have an advanced soundsystem set up to play music through the communications system. She has a collection of replication programs that she will insert into the replication database as soon as she arrives on a new assignment; these include replication code for her favorite dishes, including Mexican food, some Klingon dishes, and Italian quisine prepared the way Judee likes them. She also has several replication codes for exotic fruit and spicy vegetable drinks that she enjoys.

Still very close to her father, Judee has also rekindled her relationship with her mother; a civilian scientist.

Now working as a liaison with the Klingon government, Victor Gregson is both a highly respected diplomat; and a cunning, and dangerous enemy. He is also very protective of his daughter and will come to her rescue if she gets herself in trouble. Her mother is a respected scientist; Dr. Marcia Delafield.

Called "Judy" all of her life, she changed the spelling to "Judee" after an Argellian fortune teller on Risa told her that the spelling was more "in harmony" with her destiny, and changing her name would bring her good fortune. Not normally a superstituous person, Judee figured "why not", and gave it a shot. Three months later Judee was facing court martial, so the fortune teller may have been wrong, but Judee likes the new spelling and has decided to stick with it.

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