Jin Kat

Name: Master Jin Kat
Nickname: Grasshopper, Kit-Kat
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 40
Birth-date: April 26, 2348
Birthplace: Beijing, China
Height: 5ft 6 ¼
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Languages: Federation Standard
Hobbies: Kick Boxing, Bocce, Chess, Swords (Collecting and using
them), Collecting Ancient artifacts, Playing the violin, and reading.

2367-2370, Star fleet Academy

Service Record:
2370-2372, Ensign, Security Officer , USS Enterprise – E,
2372-2373 , Lt., Security Officer , USS Enterprise - E,
2374-2375 , Lt. JG, Assistant Security Officer, USS Australia,
2376-2377, Lt. JG , Assistant Security Officer,USS James Town,
2378- 2379, Lt. Commander , Chief Of Security , USS October
2380-2381, Commander , Chief Of Security, USS Titan
Present Time: 2381, Commander, Chief Of Security , USS Pioneer


Jin Kat is as mysterious as they come; he doesn't have any family, his background unknown. He was raised at Shaolin Monastery, located in Song Shan, China. Apparently his parents had not wanted him, in fact he was grateful for it, for here in the temple he learned lot.

One could say he was the perfect student.

With his years of training in the Monastery, Jin made the perfect star fleet officer. He got recruited by a Commander , who'd seen him in a competition. Thinking he'd make a good security officer.

Jin Kat became one of the most renowned Chinese martial arts fighters. He learned several different styles such as, Fujian White Crane, Win Chun Kung Fu, T'ai chi ch'uan (One of the more popular forms of fighting), and Southern Praying Mantis. He made them unique in how he blended them and mixed the different styles up.

Jin moved up in ranks in the Monastery becoming one of the youngest Shaolin Masters ever in a monastery. He trained others in the various forms of Chinese martial arts and sword fighting. How ever his life would soon change, when he meet a beautiful but wild young women named Baxala Sodi. She told how good star fleet life was and all you got to see and do.

So he joined; with his extreme skill and well behaved manners; he got noticed by many. Some friends, some not friends. He never broke any rules or got into any trouble. By the time he got out of Star fleet he was noticed by Captain Picard, and was offered a position on the USS Enterprise-E as Security officer, and of course he accepted. While on the Enterprise- E, he impressed Commander Riker so much that later Riker would ask him to be his Chief of Security, on his ship the Titan.

While on the USS October he meet a man named Fox Stone though the two where not much different in style and attitude and how they did their job, they worked well together. When Ruth Basquat need a new Chief of Security Fox remembered his friend and told her about Jin Kat. He was transferred from the Titan to the Pioneer and took over for Fox. Fox knew the ship would be safe with the strict Shaolin Master.

While on a routine science mission.. Where he found a signal emanating from the planet, so faint anyone else would have missed it. But Jin had been doing a thorough sweep and had caught it just before it faded.

The first human that Hero Ryker had seen in years, was Jin. In a short time the two bonded, becoming brother/sister type friendship. No matter where they where, Jin always contacted Hero.


Out of respect people call Jin, Master Jin, while off duty.

His quiet manner, easy going gentle attitude earned him a reputation that he was good at what he did, always prepared, and kind. He never seemed to get angry at those below or above him. He was after all a Shaolin priest.

When he became a master he received the highest honor; when he passed his tests one of the finale ones was getting the tattoo's a dragon on arm and a tiger on another (With out passing out).


Hero Ryker is one of his closest friends, she's the only allowed to call him Kit-kat. He's also her mentor and trainer. He's very proud of his adopted family.

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