Jilia Zen

Name: Jilia Zen
Nickname: Jil
Species: Trill (Unjoined)
Gender: Female
Birthdate: March 26, 2359
Birthplace: Trill
Height: 5ft 7 in
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Languages: Trill, Federation Standard
Hobbies: Equestrianism, Cooking, Painting, Sculpturing

Father: Codress Zen (Art Teacher)
Mother: Tenial Zen (Musician)
Siblings: Delmar Zen Terol (Joined with the Terol Host), XO on the USS Britannia

2377-2379, Starfleet Academy San Francisco (Earth)

2379- 2380, Ensign, Engineering officer, USS Valkyrie
2381-2382 , Ensign, Engineering Officer, USS Opportune
2383- 2384, Lt. , Assistant Chief of Engineering, USS Firebrand

2380, Citation of Valour
2382, Starfleet Commendation




Jilia was born into a world of privilege on Trill. She has an older brother named Delmar. Her mother and father are both artists; Her father an art teacher and her mother a musician. She was given everything on a silver platter. She could paint, write music play just about any instrument. But she was not happy on Trill. She tried the to join the Trill program in which you play host to a symbiont; even with her high scores in school she was still denied to play host. She joined the Academy and excelled at it. She chose Engineering.


Jilia is close with her family on Trill they get together often. Her and Delmar often entered friendly competitions pushing each other to be better at what they did. Jilia is a friendly trill much like her cousin, Jadzia Dax. Jilia can play any musical instrument you place in her hands even ones she's never played before, show her once and she can play it.

She's a lovely trill with long dark hair, pale skin and of course her spots that line the sides of her body. Jilia looks more like her mother where Delmar took after his father.

While attending the academy she fell in love with earth horses and horse riding; she'll often paint them and sculpt them. People buy her sculptors and paintings all of the time.

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