Jessica Fogarty

NAME Jessica Marie Fogarty (nee Bishop)
BIRTHDATE June 4, 2337
BIRTHPLACE Gulfport, Mississippi [Earth]
HEIGHT 5' 7"
HAIR Brown
LANGUAGES Federation Standard (English), Klingon, Cardassian, British slang, Russian
HOBBIES Rock climbing. Terran cinema (1920s - 1940s). Classic blues and rock-n-roll music. Martial Arts. Criminology, and police procedures.

Milsaps College (Jackson, MS) - 2355-2357
Starfleet Academy (San Francisco, CA) - 2357-2361

2361 - 2364: USS Excalibur (Science Officer) - Ensign
2364 - 2367: USS Enterprise-D (Science Officer) - Ensign
2367 - 2368: USS Farragut (Science Officer) - Lieutenant, jg.
2368 - Transferred to Starfleet Intelligence Service
2368 - 2370: Starfleet Intelligence Field Training
2370 - 2374: Starfleet Intelligence (Field Operative) - Lieutenant
2374 - 2381: Starfleet Intelligence (Field Operative) - Lt. Commander
2381 - 2385: Starfleet Intelligence (Liaison Officer) - USS Sentinel - Lt. Commander
2385 - 2386: Starfleet Intelligence (Liaison Officer) - Starbase Magellan - Lt. Commander
2386 - pres.: Starfleet Intelligence (Liaison Officer) - Starbase Magellan - Commander

2368 - Starcross
2372 - Nebula Star
2375 - Citation of Valor
2380 - Federation Star
2384 - Federation Legion of Merit



Jessica Bishop was born to a career military officer, part of a large family based in Mississippi. Her father was a Marine, and a decorated officer of the Starfleet Marine Corps. Her mother was a scientist. A civilian who often worked with Starfleet and the Vulcan government.

Jessica grew up as the middle child of six in a large, close-knit family. And even from an early age she was very close with her mother. She always followed in her footsteps. And so it was no surprised that Jessica became fascinated by science in her youth. By the time she was ten years old she was determined to make her way as a scientist.

Military, or civilian. It didn't matter.

She studied hard from her middle-school years on and always seemed to make good grades. In high school, she was always in the science lab doing experiments and studying data for extra credit. Despite being a reasonably attractive girl, she wasn't very popular among her schoolmates because of her constant devotion to her school work.

She never attended sporting events, proms, or dances. Always preferring to spend time in her mother's lab at home, or in the science department at her school.

But this dilligence paid off for her, after graduation. On her father's advice, Jessica submitted her application to Starfleet Academy, and she was accepted on her first try. She enrolled, of course, as a science-officer candidate.

This time, Jessica was a popular student. Starfleet Academy was a different place, from a civilian high school. Less emphasis was put on winning basketball games, and more on actually making good grades. And Jessica earned a sense of adventure from her time as a cadet, going on training missions. She even picked up an affinity for the study of Martial Arts that would rival her passions for mathematics, and astro-physics.

By the time she graduated, she was acomplished in Karate, as well as physical science; and she was engaged to be married.

Jessica's fiance was a Flight Control cadet a couple of years ahead of her. And after he graduated and was posted to the USS Potemkin, they kept in touch via sub-space. He proposed to her, Stardate 38218.4, at 11:59pm. And she accepted.

The man's name was Preston Fogarty. A dashing, handsome Irishman who had been raised in London, England. They were married aboard the USS Excalibur, with the ship's commanding officer officiating. And, as a wedding-present, Fogarty's CO aboard the Potemkin granted him a transfer to the Excalibur where he could serve alongside his bride.


Over the next six years, Jessica and Preston were quite happy. They had two children - a son, Samuel, and a daughter they named Michelle; after Preston's favorite song from The Beatles.

But, their happiness was to be short lived. Preston Fogarty died, on Stardate 45476.6, in what appeared to be a shuttle-pod explosion. Jessica was approached, soon after, by agents of Starfleet Intelligence. They told her they believed Preston was actually murdered, because of a case he had been working on in secret, for their organization. A secret he had even kept from his wife.

The agents told Jessica they believed he had been killed by agents of the Tal Shiar. The Romulan secret police. And that they might even come after her and her children. She was offered a way out; by helping Starfleet Intel to apprehend the people responsible for killing Preston. And she took it.

This was the step that lead Jessica Bishop Fogarty into a career as one of the top SI opperatives in Starfleet. She completed the assignment Preston had been working on, the results of which are still considered classified material. And then she transferred to Starfleet Intel full time. The result was a 2-year field agent's training course where she learned the ins and outs of the spy business, and also participated in a few field assignments as a junior agent. Her scientific expertise often came in handy and she found herself working forensic cases more often than any other kind of field deployment.

After passing her field agent's exam, Jessica was assigned as a mobile operative on a continuuing basis. She served Starfleet Intel in this capacity for eleven years. She completed an average of three missions per year, for a total of 37 successful assignments. The results of most of these missions being classified.

In 2381, Jessica was offered a position as a Liaison Officer representing Starfleet Intelligence aboard the USS Sentinel. Her war-time experience as a field agent would be instrumental in performing the complicated duties of an SI Liaison aboard a starship. And Jessica accepted the new assignment eagerly, as it afforded her more of a chance to spend time with her daughter, now a teenager. Her son had already submitted his application to Starfleet Academy, to study psychology, hoping to serve as a Ship's Counselor one day.

Jessica served as Liaison Officer aboard the Sentinel for four years. And she participated in several high-profile missions, co-ordinating the efforts of the Sentinel crew with her mandate from Starfleet Intelligence. It was during her time aboard the Sentinel that Jessica was instrumental in bringing down a rogue Starfleet Marine Corps Colonel, who was selling arms to smugglers to finance his own private plan to continue fighting the Dominion War by creating tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

To her surprise, it was her own father whom she was required to stop, and to bring back to Earth for court martial, and the possibility of a lengthy sentence at a penal colony. Her willingness to eprform her duty despite who the target of her mission was earned Jessica a reputation for being ruthless. And this would serve her well in her next assignment.

On the strength of her record aboard the Sentinel, Jessica was offered another Liaison officer's post. This time aboard a frontier starbase located at the confluence of the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan borders. In a region known as the Triangle. Jessica was posted to Starbase Magellan, in 2386, to replace her old friend, Michael Baldric, as Liaison Officer.

Baldric was returning to work as a field agent. And Magellan needed a good Intel officer to deal with some of the more nefarious elements of the untamed Triangle region. Jessica took the assignment eagerly, and she threw herself into her work in the dangerous region. She quickly developed a rapport with the station's commanding officer, Commodore Grant. And she was instrumental in reccomending Captain Caitlin Rice for the position of Grant's executive officer when Aran Tanis was transferred to command the USS Grendel.

Promoted to the rank of full Commander upon her assignment to Starbase Magellan. Jessica is one of Starfleet Intel's most respected command-rank officers. And she is on the short list of officers to replace Admiral Phelps as director of Starfleet Intelligence, should the Admiral ever decide to retire.


Jessica Fogarty is not as cold, harsh, or ruthless as her reputation would have one believe. Turning her own father in to Starfleet authorities served to paint an image of her as someone who will do anything, to anyone to get her job done.


And, to some extent this is a good description of Jessica's approach to her profession. Intelligence work is a dangerous business, and one never knows exactly who to trust. But Jessica is not as calculating, or ruthless as is often assumed. She is actually a very kind-hearted, and compassionate woman. Sometimes she does let her personal feelings cloud her judgement.

If you've got Jessica in your corner, she'll have your back.

After her husband was killed, and she turned to Intel work, her children were sent to live with their grandparents in England. But, Jessica made sure she stayed in touch with them, and that she was the ebst possible mother her choice of career would allow. As a mother, she tried to impart to her children that she did not want them following her life choices, or the choices that had lead to the death of their father.

Basically a non-violent person, she taught her children to respect others, and to try to find something good in everyone they met.

As a direct result, both of her children followed her into Starfleet. Her son as a Counselor, and her daughter as a flight-controller, like the father she never knew.

Despite, or perhaps because of her Intelligence work, Jessica has maintained her interest in science and fascination with physics. She is still a qualified experimental physicist, and has a doctorate rating in astrophysics.

Jessica has also maintained her study of Karate, as well as Tae Kwon Do. Both styles have come in handy in her work, but she only uses these potentially deadly fighting arts in self-defense. Jessica did not join Starfleet Intelligence to kill, and she has very little tolerance for the more violent aspects of her work.

She is still able to play the spy game with the best of them. And Jessica has a deserved reputation as someone you do not want to mess with, or double cross. She is not vindictive. But she does her job, and does it well. And she has little stomach for treachery or betrayal. She will do what it takes to get the job done, and hold to her principals at the same time.

Protective of her children, she is also very supportive of them. Even to the point of using her rank and position to further their careers. Her children both owe her several favors her job may force her to call in at some point.

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