Dr. Janet Butler

NAME: Janet Kayla Butler
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: July 3, 2339
BIRTHPLACE: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
WEIGHT: 138 #
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
LANGUAGES: Federation standard. French. Native American dialects. Vulcan. Bajoran. Xindi dialects
HOBBIES: Playing piano. Dancing. Terran jazz music (esp. Dixieland style). Boating and fishing. Bicycling.

Father - Jameson Butler (President and CEO Of Butler Manufacturing)
Mother - Martha Butler (Elementary School teacher)
Brother - Jonathan "Jack" Butler (Captain of the SS Montreal)
Domestic Partner - Donna Tricolli (Civilian criminologist. Maintains a residence aoard the Cavalier with Dr. Butler when she is not on a case)
Daughter [Adopted] - Christina "Chrissy" Butler (Student, lives with Janet aboard the Cavalier)

2357-2361: Harvard Medical School
2361-2365: Starfleet Academy Medical School

2365-2369: USS Enterprise-D - Medical Officer [Ensign]
2370-2372: USS Bristol - Medical Officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2372-2376: USS Bristol - Assistant Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant]
2376-2380: USS Davenport - Chief Surgeon [Lieutenant]
2380-2382: USS Cavalier-C - Chief Surgeon [Lieutenant Commander]
2382-2384: USS Cavalier-C - Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]
2384-pres.: USS Cavalier-C - Chief Medical Officer [Commander]

2373 - Combat Readiness Award
2373 - Purple Heart
2375 - Dedicated Service Medal (10 years)
2377 - Federation Star with Clusters
2381 - McCoy Award for Outstanding Triage Surgery Performance
2384 - Federation Starburst



Despite her father being one of the most prominent industrial leaders in Quebec, Janet Butler grew up in a very average home like any other girl her age. Her parents were wealthy, and could afford all sorts of privelidge, but they decided early on that no matter how much latinum came their way the Butler family would always keep their lives simple. Money had a way of complicating things.

Janet always wanted to be a doctor. When she was six years old her grandmother gave her a toy medical kit. And that was what first interested her in medicine. It was a dream that would follow her all through school, and by the time Janet was in Middle School she was already studying in earnest to get accepted to a good medical school. She had considered Starfleet Academy, knowing they had a wonderful medical program, but her parents were against it. They didn't want their daughter dying in battle with some viscious alien race, thousands of light years from home.


High school came along, and Janet was at the top of her class. She learned in her first year of high school that she had an exceptionally high IQ, and a nearly "photographic" memory. And she excelled in her studies, winning local and regional awards for science projects in the fields of biology and biochemistry.

It was during her high school years that Janet also had her first taste of romance- with a student who was a year behind her, but who was also a star on the ice rink with the school's hockey team. He and Janet dated for a year but somehow it never felt right; and Janet broke the relationship off after her junior year.

After high school, Janet enrolled in medical studies at none other than Harvard University.

During her studies at Harvard, Janet met a young woman who was enrolled in an archaeology course there, doing off-campus studies for Starfleet Academy. And through her association with this young woman Janet realized two things about herself. One was that she wanted to become a part of Starfleet herself, and the other was that she was a lesbian. And this is why her high school romance had not worked out.

Janet's parents had no problem with their daughter's homosexuality. But, they were still against her joining Starfleet. Janet's father was finally able to be convinced that Starfleet was the place for his daughter, after talking to a Starfleet officer who was assigned to negotiate a manufacturing agreement with Jameson Butler's company for parts and equipment for the Avalon class developement project.

That officer was the venerable Vulcan captain, Solak.

Solak convinced Jameson Butler that Starfleet was the logical choice for his daughter's medical career. And with the Vulcan's reccomendation, Janet's application to the Academy was easily accepted.

Having already completed most of the required medical studies at Harvard, Janet's Academy courses took the form of officer orientation, command training, and a few courses in alien medicine and xenobiology. She also studied triage and emergency medicine. Her relationship with the science cadet who had been studying archaeology at Harvard ended during Janet's second year at the Academy. But she graduated in the top 10% of her class, in 2365; ready for posting aboard a Federation Starship.

And that starship was the USS Enterprise, where Janet served under Doctor Crusher for the next four years. Her duties included away team assignments when Crusher was either on the bridge or taking care of patients in sickbay. And Janet honed her skills as an away team medic on several dangerous missions with the Enterprise crew.

In early 2370, after an extended shore leave on Argellius, Janet was transferred to the USS Bristol and given the duties of an away team medic and emergency medical officer. She also received a promotion to the rank of junior lieutenant.

Her tour of duty aboard the Bristol lasted six years. And she saw plenty of front line action during the Dominion War during that time. By the end of 2376, Janet had been promoted to full lieutenant and assigned the duties of Assistant Chief Medical Officer. She was also wounded during a boarding action, for which she received the purple heart; and she wa sawarded her Dedicated Service Medal for ten years of devoted service to Starlfeet.

Janet's next assignment was as Chief Surgeon aboard the USS Davenport, a deep space explorer in the Nebula class. Her tour aboard the Davenport was a four year stint during which time Janet was awared the Federation Star, with Clusters, for her actions on an away mission. She also performed cardioreplacement surgery on the Davenport's captain after she was severely injured in an attack by Tzenkethi privateers.

Her actions aboard the Davenport earned her a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, as well as a transfer. This time to the Kelvin class USS Cavalier-C, commanded by Captain Bill Redfearn. Janet had met Redfearn on several occasions during her career in Starfleet and she was glad to be transferred to his command.

Reporting for duty aboard the Cavalier in the summer of 2380, Janet has served aboard her ever since. After two years of service aboard the long range explorer, Janet was promoted to Chief Medical Officer. And two years later, in early 2384, she passed her bridge officer's exam and received a promotion to full commander.


Janet Butler has one of the best bedside manners in Starfleet medical. It has been said that if a Jem'Hadar held a disruptor to her head she could talk him into joining her for dinner. She is openly gregarious, friendly, and seemingly always in a good humor. Most people who are so outwardly kind and good natured will often have a dark side to them. Not Janet.

She is as you see her; a very affable person.

Her medical skills are on a par with the best in the fleet. And she is an excellent surgeon. Captain Redfearn relies on her to keep the health of his crew in check; and that includes the health of the Captain as well as his civilian family on board the Cavalier.

Most of Janet's hobbies take the form of something musical. She loves to dance or to listen to music; especially jazz or some softer rock-n-roll styles. But, she does not try and sing, saying that would be a dangerous mistake. All the same, she has sung a few songs in the privacy of her shower.

Janet is also an athletic woman, loving water sports. Especially boating, fishing, and water skiing.


When no water is available for Janet to play in, she keeps herself in shape by bicycling. And although she could swim or bicycle on a holodeck she prefers the real thing- riding a bike down a long mountain trail with a good scenic view to keep her company.


Janet is an average sized woman of roughly five and a half feet in height. She has blond hair which she keeps cut short, above the shoulder; and which is usually toussled in a mess. She doesn't take the time to stop and run a comb through it as she is moving from patient to patient on her sickbay rounds.

She has brilliantly blue eyes, lighter than some. And she has prominent features that could be described as aqualine. Her nose is long, and sharp, and slightly down-turned. She has high cheek bones, and a full mouth that is almost always curled into a smile.

Her voice is somewhat loud, but she always speaks in a cheerful tone. Her voice carries well, and she can easily shout orders to a team of medics over the din of a triage situation. Her tone is feminine enough, but still she makes it very clear that despite her love of music she has no talent as a singer and does not wish to torutre anyone by making the attempt.

Still close with her family, Janet visits them when her duties allow. But the two most important people in her life are her daughter, and her life partner.

Her partner is a woman named Donna Tricolli; a professional criminologist who works as a consulting detective for law enforcement agencies within the Federation. Donna has even worked on cases for the SCIS in the past, and she is well regarded as one of the best deductive investigators working.

Donna is a tall, blond woman with a shapely figure and a sultry voice. She shares Janet's quarters aboard the Cavalier when she is not off the ship working on a case.

Janet's daughter is the "other woman" in the doctor's busy life. A vibrant and active teenager, Christina Butler was orphaned when she was only a baby after the destruction of a civilian cruise liner her parents were travelling on. The liner went terribly off course and ended up in a region of space known as the Helcaraxe where it was destroyed by a sudden meteor bombardment. When no living relatives could be located for the child, Janet, who was part of the Starfleet rescue team who went in to find survivors from the disaster, adopted the girl.

The baby was found in an escape pod with two deceased crewmembers; one a ship's cook.

After Janet finalized the adoption she named the girl Christina, after her friend, who is also a nurse; the daughter of the Starfleet officer who helped Janet get the adoption authorized by Starfleet authorities. Christina prefers to be called "Chrissy".

Janet has many friends in Starfleet. And several are aboard the Cavalier, including her commanding officer, Captain Redfearn, and the chief flight controller, Jamion DeBarge; whom Janet has known since her tour of duty aboard the USS Bristol.

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