Javiera Vaca

NAME Javiera Lucero Maria Santos y Vaca
BIRTHDATE September 18, 2353
BIRTHPLACE Sabana de la Mar, Dominican Republic
HEIGHT 5' 3"
WEIGHT 128 #
HAIR Blond (dyed/bleached)
EYES Dark brown
LANGUAGES Federation standard. Spanish. Portugese. Klingon. Ferengi
HOBBIES Dancing. Singing. Playing guitar. Surfing. Mountain climbing. Horseback riding. Hand-to-hand combat & Martial arts. Poker. Computer "hacking". Jigsaw puzzles

2372-2376: Federation Starfleet Academy, San Francisco [Earth] - Studying security & command

2376-2379: USS Lexington - Security Officer [Ensign]
2379-2383: USS Foxbat - Security Officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2383-2384: USS Zhukov - Assistant Chief of Security [Lieutenant]
2384-2386: Starbase Magellan - Chief of Security [Lieutenant]
2386-prs.: Starbase Magellan - Chief of Security [Lieutenant Commander]

2382 - Distinguished Service Medal

2374 - Cited for assaulting a fellow cadet

Javiera Vaca was born into a large, wealthy family. Originally from Mexico, her parents settled in the Dominican Republic due to their financial interests there. Javiera was their third child- and there would be four more after her. Her family was and still is very influential in shipping and in the transportation of goods across non-aligned borders. As a result her parents are very wealthy, and respected in both civilian and military circles within the Federation.

The Vaca family is also a deeply religious family, following the tennets of Roman Catholicism. As a result, Javiera was subjected to a very strict upbringing that served to bring the rebel in her out at several oppertunities.

Punished several times for her wild, rambunctious behaviour; Javiera tunred against the religion of her parents early in life. She vowed to herself she would make her own way in the world, and owe nothing to her family or their church.

To this end, Javiera ran away from home when she was thirteen. And she has never returned, nor had anything to do with her parents, or any of her brothers or sisters except for one- Gerardo. A younger brother who has, himself, decided to join Starfleet.

But, when Javiera first left home, she hadn't set her heart on any particular career. And almost immediately she fell in with a rough crowd; first on Earth, and then off world after the gang she was running with stowed away on board a Klingon freighter. By the time she was fourteen, Javiera was living in Ferengi territory and making a living any way she could.

Something that was not easy for a female in Ferengi space; even someone as young as Javiera was at the time.

Within a few months, she met an Andorian who happened to be the leader of a travelling jazz band. Javiera had a good singing voice, and could dance a little. The Andorian invited her to join his band and she returned to Federation space as a member of this ensemble.

Javiera stayed with this motley group of musicians for the next four years, and then some. And she became a serious musician, learning to play guitar and improving both her dancing and her singing voice. She even tried her hand at writing a few songs in the Terran blues style.

In early 2372, however, the band broke up. And Javiera was left without a career. It was then that she decided to join Starfleet. She didn't feel confident enough as a musician to try it on her own. But, during an extended booking on Agellius, Javiera had met several Starfleet officers. And she felt at that point that Starfleet was something she'd like to try, if her music didn't work out for her.

Due to her rugged lifestyle after leaving home, Javiera had gained a few hand-to-hand combat skills in addition to her musical talents. By the time the jazz band broke up she was close to attaining her black ebelt in Karate and had also studied Mokbarrah for three years.

With the help of a young Bajoran officer she had met on Argellius, Javiera submitted her Academy application, and on the strength of her oral exams she was admitted as a security cadet.


It took her some time to adjust to military life. But she was an excellent security cadet, although somewhat agressive in her dealings with others. In her third year at the Academty, she even received a reprimand for striking a fellow cadet. The incident occured after the other cadet had made some remark or other about Javiera's family; accusing her of using her father's influence to buy her way into Starfleet.

This was enough to earn the surly cadet a broken nose, and Javiera a formal reprimand.

But, her high scores in security and tacitical procedure, as well as command training kept the incident from being pursued any further. Javiera's instructors did not want to lose her. She was a natural for security assignments- espeically away missions.

Javiera graduated from the Academy as an ensign and a security officer, over a year after the end of the devastating Federation/Dominion War. But there was still plenty of action for a security officer to see. And Javiera was posted to one of the most famous front line ships, the USS Lexington, straight out of the Academy.

Three years of service as a junior officer with Michael Grant and his crew earned Javiera a transfer and promotion to the USS Foxbat in 2379. Here she was reunited with one of her closest friends from the Academy- a flight controller named Baxala Sodi. Sodi and Javiera had been good friends as cadets, and their friendship rekindled immediately aboard the Foxbat.

A year later, Baxala transfered to the USS Legacy.

Javiera remained aboard the Foxbat for another three years during which time she was awared the Distinguished Service Medal for her actions on a rescue mission. After her tour of duty aboard the Foxbat, Javiera was assigned to the post of Assistant Security Chief aboard the USS Zhukov.

The Zhukov, an Ambassador class ship, was old. But she was still spaceworthy and her officers and crew took great pride in serving aboard her.

Javiera was no exception.

And she served aboard the Zhukov with estinction for a little over a year. In her eight years of active duty in Starfleet, Javiera may not have mellowed, but she had become an experienced officer; she had earned the respect of her peers, as well as her superiors. And she was known as a reliable security officer, willing to take great personal risk to carry out her duties.

In late 2384, when Commodore Michael Grant, Javiera's former commanding officer aboard the Lexington, found himself looking for good officers for a frontier assignment; he immediately thought of Javiera. A quick search of Starfleet records told Grant she was not only on active duty, but had advanced to the rank of full lieutenant.

Grant sent Javiera a transfer request, personally. And she accepted without hesitation.

And by the time 2384 was coming to close, Javiera Vaca was serving as chief of security aboard the Federation's newest space station - Starbase Magellan.

Javiera Vaca is a small, energetic, and agressive woman. She has been told she has the temper of a Klingon woman. But she is also smart, and knows when to keep her temper in check. There are a few things that will set her off- especially bullying or brutish behaviour. But, Javiera can usualy difuse a situation by just letting other parties involved know she is about to lose her temper.

Her reputation often preceds her, and so people know not to make her angry.

When she does become angry, she can explode like the Klingon women she has been compared to. And sometimes her reactions to things can actually be more violent than one would see in a Klingon woman.

But, she uses this to her advantage, in dangerous situations. And despite her small stature, she finds it easy to intimidate larger, more agressive adversaries.

She has even managed to make a Nausicaan back out of a fight.

Physically, Javiera is an attractive woman, with long blond hair dyed from her natural dark brown. She often colors her hair in odd patterns, or braids or frizzes it to achieve a certain style; a wild, unkempt look that she enjoys.

She is muscularly built, and yet very feminine; with a shapely figure that she tends to flaunt by wearing her uniform tight, or wearing scanty clothing when she is off duty. Her skin is well tanned, her eyes dark, and her voice deeper, and huskier than one would expect from a small woman.

Javiera still enjoys singing, and she practices with her guitar when off duty. She has also become quite a proficient dancer, and has even danced for an audience on the holodeck aboard the Foxbat. Her dance was cut short when she decided to turn it into a strip tease, however.

When not on duty, Javiera is what is known as a "party animal". She loves having fun, and is very uninhibited and broadminded as to how one defines fun. She is known to get into trouble- fights in bars and that sort of thing. She is also unashamedly promiscuous. She likes to gamble. And she has developed some skill as a computer hacker; a hobby she shared with Baxala Sodi, both in the Academy and aboard the Foxbat.


On duty, Javiera is all business. Her favorite assignment is an away mission, because it gives her a chance to work hands on, as she puts it. She is one of the best security officers in Starfleet when it comes to protecting an away team. And she knows security procedures and regulations backwards and forwards. But, she doesn't throw regulations in anyone's face. And she never delegates a duty to a junior officer, or enlisted crewman she would not be willing to perform herself.

She hates all forms of prejudice. But she dislikes the domineering nature of masculinist societies even worse. She is a staunch feminist. And yet she can work well under a male command officer, as long as he respects her as an equal.

One of the best ways to get a taste of Javiera's temper is to end a sentence with the phrase "for a woman".

No stranger to phyical combat, despite begining her active duties after the Dominion War; Javiera has earned a few battle scars. Most notably one on her back, at her right shoulder blade where she was stabbed with a ceremonial knife in a brawl with an Orion pirate. She also has a scroll work tattoo encircling her right bicep.

During her tenure aboard the Foxbat, she earned the nickname Loba, which means "She Wolf" in Spanish, for her ferocity in combat.

Devoted to her career, Javiera has never shown any real interest in marriage or romance. And she lives alone, except for her little chihuahua dog, Rascal.

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