Jarvi of Troyius

BIRTHDATE May 24, 2326
BIRTHPLACE The Troyian Capital City, Troyius
HEIGHT 5' 7"
HAIR White
LANGUAGES Troyic, Federation Standard, Vulcan, Klingon, Ferengi
HOBBIES History & cultural philosophy. Terran classical & Baroque music. Painting. Canoeing. Cooking, and fine food.

2331 - 2352 Troyian education system, including early university studies.
2360 - 2364 Federation Starfleet Academy

2364 - 2365 Starbase 2112, Security Officer. (Ensign)
2365 - 2367 Starbase 2112, Security Officer. (Lieutenant, jg.)
2367 - 2368 USS Ticonderoga, Security Officer. (Lieutenant, jg.)
2368 - 2370 USS Ticonderoga, Security Officer. (Lieutenant)
2370 - 2373 USS St. Louis, Security Officer. (Lieutenant)
2373 - 2375 USS Cavalier, Security Officer. (Lieutenant)
2375 - 2376 USS Cavalier, Security Chief. (Lt. Commander)
2376 - 2379 USS Legacy, Security Chief.(Lt. Commander)
2379 - 2380 USS Legacy, Security Chief (Commander)
2381 - 2386 USS Victorious, Security Officer (Lieutenant)
2386 - 2390 USS Trenchant, Security Officer (Lieutenant)
2390 - 2390 USS Trenchant, Security Chief (Lieutenant)
2390 - 2391 USS Trenchant, Security Chief (Lt. Commander)
2391 - pres Quadra Station, Security Chief (Lt. Commander)

2366 - Federation Starcross, for conspicuous gallantry
2370 - The Bronze Nebula, for acting above and beyond the call
2373 - The Tiberius Medal, for saving the life of the Captain of the St. Louis
2374 - Purple Heart; wounded in action during the Dominion War
2374 - Grankite Medal of Honour, for courageous action during the Dominion War
2387 - Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, for actions aboard the USS Trenchant

2380 - Jarvi was severely reprimanded by Commander Truax, aboard the USS Legacy, for his verbal abuse of a young civilian boy. The boy was an Ambassador's son, and the ambassador insisted that Jarvi be reduced in rank to Lieutenant, and forced to undergo Counseling as a result of his actions. He was also forced to resign from his position aboard the flagship.

Born into one of the most wealthy and powerful families on Troyius, Jarvi never cared for the position that his family occupied in the class system that socially, and often politically dominated his planet. He was still raised in affluence. And this meant he was something of a spoiled child, pampered in his youth, and taught more of culture and the ways of the wealthy, than he was taught the meaningful lessons of life, or given an ambition for the future.


Jarvi's father was what old fashioned Earthlings might have called a "big wig". Wealthy, powerful, and willing to wield either one to achieve the other more completely. He was a Troyian politician, as well as a well-to-do business man. Jarvi was the third of three sons, and of four children. His younger sister, Jirana, was always the family member he was closest to.

When he was growing up, Jarvi's father groomed him to follow in his footsteps, as his older brothers were doing. He was sent to the finest schools, and given what would be best described as an expensive cosmopolitan education. He learned music, business, and the arts; and even studied off-world cultures for the sake of interacting with other species. Necessary, if he was ever to have a political career, or hold any office that itself held any importance to the people of Troyius.

But, Jarvi grew tired of all that he was required to learn, and he became aware of what he would be required to do. As a politician, he would have to make promises to the people, and then break them for constituents. He would have to be manipulative and dishonest. His family had done it as a way of making a living for themselves for years. But Jarvi simply did not feel it was right.

It was not how he intended to make his living; no matter how far down the Troyian social ladders he was forced to climb.

Jarvi resigned from his father's business, to the dismay of his father and brothers. And he tried to go into business for himself; booking offworld flights to such places as Vulcan and Qo'noS.

When she was old enough, Jirana went to work in Jarvi's travel- business. Though this was another blow to his father, Jarvi's mother was delighted. The fate of a Troyian female was often undecided in their society if it did not involve marriage (usually arranged), or service, in a clerical capacity to some high ranking politician or other. By working for her brother, Jirana's future was assured as long as Jarvi's business continued to flourish.

And flourish it did. Soon, Jarvi was in contact with all manner of offworlders, but those he spent the most time with were the citizens of the United Federation of Planets. He found himself making some friends among vacationing Starfleet officers who would use his service to travel, and visit outlying planets while they were on leave.

Troyius was popular enough as a tourist spot, but there weren't all that many agents that could book fairly priced passage from there to, say, Argelius II, or Qo'noS. Aside from Jarvi and Jirana, that is.

By the time he was 30 years old, Jarvi had heard more stories than his heart could stand of life in the Starfleet, and of life doing the travelling he was always arranging and booking for others. Turning his business over to Jirana, which was an excellent break for her; Jarvi decided to leave Troyius and go to seek his fortune elsewhere.

The move was also, most likely, provoked by the fact that Jarvi's business was just successful enough that he had been asked to run for office in his district. Not only did he want nothing to do with politics… but one of his older brothers would have been on the opposing ticket. Jarvi still believed in family, and refused to tear his apart in a political conflict.

A few years of wandering travels ended with Jarvi on Earth, looking up some of his old friends in Starfleet. It was at this time that he first set foot on the grounds of Starfleet Academy. By the time he'd caught up with his friends and spent some time with them, he was sure of what he wanted to do. Join Starfleet.

But, Jarvi's first application to the Academy was denied. His scores weren't high enough, and he was considered too old. If he wanted to join Starfleet, he was going to have to have a few references. So, he did the only thing he could do; he turned to his politician father on Troyius.

Surprisingly, he was more than willing to help. Either because it kept Jarvi, considered something of a black sheep in his family, at a safe distance, off world; or because it added some prestige to the family name to have a Starfleet officer in the house. There were very few Troyians in Starfleet.

Whatever the case, Jarvi, with the help of the influence of his father (who was in the running to be an ambassador to the Federation for Troyius); Jarvi's second application to the Academy was able to be pushed through. And that is the only time he ever asked his family for any kind of assistance.

He made his own way as a cadet, finding himself drawn to the security department. Not, in as much because of the hand-to-hand courses, or anything like that, as the legal aspects of it; the element of keeping law and order on board a Federation starship appealed strongly to the Troyian who had always been a strong believer in justice.

And so, Jarvi graduated Starfleet Academy as a Security Officer.

He served on several posts, including a three-year stint aboard the USS St. Louis, an Intrepid class ship. Aboard the St. Louis, he developed a close friendship with several of his crewmates, including his commanding officer, who's life he saved on three separate occasions.

He was even bestowed the Tiberius Award for one of these incidents, in 2373.

After his tenure aboard the St. Louis, Jarvi was reassigned to the Pandora class explorer, the USS Cavalier. His commanding officer was a Captain McCall, a former medical officer. At the end of the Dominion War, McCall was given command of a Hope class medical frigate, the USS Habitat; and Jarvi was transferred aboard the USS Legacy.

Jarvi was assigned at the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and given the position of Security Chief.


His career in Starfleet was definitely a success. He was a senior officer, well respected, and decorated; a far cry from being a Troyian travel agent.

In the late spring of 2379, Jarvi passed the Command Officer's exam- his second attempt in as many years. He received a promotion to full Commander, but continued to serve as head of the Legacy's security department, under Captain Northcote.

Close to a year later, Jarvi's career hit a nearly impassable roadblock. In early, 2380, while leading a security detail from the Legacy, Jarvi verbally abused an underaged civilian. The small Troyian actually frightened the boy. And he was reprimanded for his actions by Commander Truax. But, it didn't stop there. The boy's father was an ambassador-at-large. And very influential. He demanded Jarvi face stricter measures than Starfleet could provide. Over Captain Northcote's objections, Jarvi was temporarily relieved of duty. He was dropped, in rank, to a full Lieutenant. And he was ordered to be transferred from the Legacy, the flagship.

The ambassador also ordered Jarvi into counseling over the incident. Something Commander Truax had also recommended.

It was a long journey back to his former rank. And it also to regain his respect from his fellow officers.

After a year's mandatory leave, Jarvi was assigned aboard the USS Victorious, as a security officer. He served, with distinction, for five years.

In late 2386, Jarvi was transferred to the Nova-class USS Trenchant. He received a letter of recommendation from Commodore Michael Grant. After that development, Jarvi was promoted to Chief of Security aboard the Trenchant; and the Captain was glad of the fact. The original security chief had been transferred to a science station.

After four months, Jarvi was reinstated to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

In late 2391, around the time of the Terran Holiday Season, Jarvi was, again, transferred. This time to the Quadra Station. A planetary installation on the planet, Niveus Glacies Nex. The station - an out-of-the-way science base with a marine contingent; had a very high level of piratical activity. The Captain in charge of the station personally requested Jarvi to oversee security matters on Quadra, based on his reputation aboard the Trenchant.

On the surface, Jarvi, who lists himself as "Jarvi of Troyius" in his Starfleet records; can come off as stuffy, or even a bit prissy. His general demeanour is of quiet calm, and he still carries himself with the sophistication of his upbringing. His small, quiet voice and manner belie his average size, and serve to make him seem smaller than he is, and definitely unintimidating.

Jarvi is not what you would expect in a security officer. When most people think of security officers they think of big muscular, imposing beings; Klingons, and karate-wielding humans. Jarvi seems more like a store clerk. But he is very efficient at his job. One of his fellow officers, who also had the occasion to serve aboard Terok Nor, when it was known as "Deep Space 9", compared Jarvi's style of keeping security to that of DS9's Security Chief, Constable Odo.

But, whereas Odo could be loud and bullying at times, Jarvi is always quiet and seemingly gentle. To a prisoner awaiting questioning, or facing a serious charge, his soft drawl delivered with a smile could even seem sinister.

Jarvi is talkative, and his words come out in a slow-fast-slow-fast staccato delivery; his Troyic accent sounding somewhat like a tightly clipped British brogue.

Pristine, and well groomed, both his quarters and his uniform are kept in immaculate order. As is his office, where he maintains the safety of the crew of the USS Legacy.

A lover of music and the arts, Jarvi will often be found listening to some symphonic piece in his office, or even staging an opera on the holodeck.

He also has a strong fondness for gourmet cooking; especially of the Terran variety. Though he does not show any cooking skill himself, he revels in a well-cooked meal. He dislikes replicated food, and says it tastes like "eating the shirt off of one's back.".

In his approach to his duties Jarvi is strict, and always goes by the book. A stickler for details, and one to always make sure his paper work is done, he is also quick to act if he feels the safety of the crew or the vessel are in danger. On one or two occasions he has even gone over the Captain's head to make sure his security duties were carried out and is not afraid to challenge a higher authority on his interpretation of his duty.

Roughly average size, by Human standards, at 5 feet and 7 inches; Jarvi's demeanour and body language tend to make him seem smaller. He is slightly stocky in his build, but still in good shape for his age and his position. He is stronger than he looks, as Troyians tend to be stronger than Humans, though not as much so as Klingons or Vulcans.

Jarvi has the lime-greenish complexion of his people, more brightly pigmented, but close to the same colouring as an Andorian. His eyes are a dark lavender; large, yet often opened narrowly. His head is framed in a high-piled mane of cottony white hair, flecked, almost unnoticeable, with bits of pink and dull lavender colouring, which is naturally occurring.

He does not have any scars, or tattoos; but does have a small birthmark, almost the colour of turquoise, on his right shoulder blade. It is shaped something like the "spade" symbol on a Terran deck of playing cards, and is rumoured to be a "family mark", insinuating it may have been tattooed on at birth rather than be naturally occurring. Jarvi insists it is a birthmark, however.

In addition to his basic Starfleet training in security procedures, and command protocol; Jarvi is an excellent litigator. He was even offered a position with the Judge Advocate General's office when the Dominion War ended. Needless to say, he refused.

But, Jarvi knows the law, and how to apply it. In some cases this makes him an excellent, if somewhat officious security officer. It also makes him the man his crewmates call on to defend them, if they find themselves facing the JAG, or even a Court Martial.


Jarvi has also studied the cultures and customs of many civilizations, such as Vulcans, Klingons, and Cardassians. And even some of the lesser known peoples such as Hermats, and The Torzians of Tolore. This was a given when he was working as a travel agent on Troyius; and now it comes in quite handy for his work as a security officer on away missions.

Though quite skilled as a marksman, Jarvi prefers to avoid firearms, and uses his hand-to-hand skills when necessary. This often comes as a surprise to those who do not know him well, or perceive him as a dandy. He is actually very good in a fist fight.

Jarvi has had no broad experience in the romantic department, and has never been involved in a relationship with someone. He was accused by some of his crewmates on the St. Louis of having a crush on the commanding officer. But, Jarvi is simply shy around women, and not overly confident in his romantic skills. And he keeps to himself, uncomfortable in most social situations.

He prefers his job, and his love of art. And his quarters are decorated to reflect this.

His collection of Terran classical music pieces knows no rival.

After his conflict with the ambassador, and his subsequent removal from his post on the Legacy, Jarvi was determined to continue his career in Starfleet. And without he help of John Northcote, his former captain. Even though Northcote offered to help on several occasions. Jarvi was determined to regain his standing on his own. And his did so. He is still well known as a tough investigator, and a very good security officer. But, he has learned to temper his more sardonic side, and his penchant for captiousness with a genuine sense of humor.

And his romantic partner has definitely helped him with that.

In 2380, he was ordered to take counseling for his hypercritical attitude, after his run-in with the ambassador. And he fell in love with his counselor, aboard the Victorious. A young Bajoran man. Jarvi soon realized it was likely that he had been a gay man, all along. And the often archaic Toryian culture prevented him from realizing this long ago.

This easily could have lead to his problems socializing, and knowing how to deal with people. Not the fact that he was gay; but that he, himself, did not know what he was feeling.

When Jarvi was transferred to the Trenchant, his partner was able to transfer with him. They were determined to marry. And Jarvi wanted his close friend, John Nothcote, to conduct the ceremony.

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