Jonathan "Jack" Withers

Species: Human
Height: 5' 11" - Weight: 176#
Age: 49
Birthplace: Colechester, Essex, England [Earth]

Jack Withers went through Starfleet Academy with the likes of Lee Price, Ben Sisko, William Riker, and John Northcote. But somehow, all along, he never figured himself for officer material. He did graduate, and with excellent marks in operations training as well as a good rating as a flight controller. He also had several hours of command study under his belt. But none of that training could stifle Jack's insatiable taste for adventure.

Born Jonathan Wilson Withers, in Colechester, a substantial British city with a civilian starport; Jack grew up as a rugged, athletic, and adventuresome lad. He was always getting into trouble. But, his vibrant, outgoing demeanor gave him an endearing personality that helped him get out of what ever trouble he got himself in. And for the most part this has been how Jack Withers has made his way in the galaxy ever since.

After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Jack was posted aboard the USS Remora- a small explorational vessel with a reputation similar to that of the Stargazer, under Picard's command. Jack served a couple of years aboard her, before his adventuresome spirit got the better of him. During a leave period on Risa, Jack "borrowed" one of the Remora's shuttles and took it out to do a little exploring of his own. The trouble was, he didn't have permission to borrow it, and the JAG office said he stole it. He returned the shuttle, but that didn't impress the military court, and Jack was discharged from Starfleet.

Rather than appeal the decision, Jack decided to try a go at civilian life. But, his idea of civilian life differed somewhat from what most people would have chosen to do.

Jack became what is known as a soldier of fortune, using his skills and Starfleet training to get him into one kind of work after another- often illegal, never profitable and sometimes dangerous.

And this is how Jack spent the next 20 years of his life, and then some. He even managed to pick up a small freighter called the Gold Coast, and even though the little ship is in bad repair and usually in need of parts, Jack keeps it running and does with it what he can. He always manages to find adventure a-plenty as a free trader captain. And somehow Jack has managed to keep in touch with old friends like Captain John Northcote. On several occasions he has turned up, with the Gold Coast, to ask John Northcote for favors. Favors he often granted, although reluctantly.

Although he considers Jack a friend, Northcote has come to dread the sight of his bearded, bespectacled face on the viewscreen; knowing it will ead him, and often his crew, into one misadventure after another. Jack Withers does have a talent for getting into trouble. And an even better talent for getting himself out of it. But he is not the most honest individual one could meet- he has a reputation for being able to procure things that are not exactly legal. And several of the people he has done business with are not the law abiding citizens one would expect a former Starfleet officer to associate with. But, while this can make Jack something of a liability to his friends, it has also served to make him a valuable ally for anyone needing arms, or information "under the table".

In his younger days as a Starfleet officer, Jack Withers wore his hair at regulation length, and remained clean shaven. Having adopted the lifestlye of a pirate, Jack now sports more the appearance of a Buccaneer. His hair is long, thinnig rapidly, but still a deep natural red. His face shows his age, but his gap-toothed smile is just as charming as ever. And it is always framed in a scraggly beard.

But Jack's most notable feature is his glasses. Allergic to retinox since he was a child, Jack has always worn glasses with round, wire frames to improve his vision. And for a bit of added pizzazz, he likes to wear tinted lenses.

Jack is always openly cheerful, jolly, and friendly. Most anyone who meets him likes him. And, they usually continue to like him even after he has managed to get them arrested by Starfleet security, or thrown into a Ligonian dungeon.

Such was the life Jack Withers had carved for himself- reckless and adventurous to a fault. But a good, and reliable friend. Maybe Jack Withers isn't such a bad bloke after all.

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