Dr. Ilan Sarkus

NAME: Ilan Josik Sarkus
SPECIES: Betazoid
BIRTHDATE: May 2, 2328
BIRTHPLACE: Betazed (near Lake Cataria)
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
WEIGHT: 181 #
HAIR: Dark, with some patches of gray
EYES: Dark
LANGUAGES: Federation standard (spoken with a British accent), French, Italian, Romulan, Bajoran, Native Betazoid
HOBBIES: Reading classic Earth literature. Studying ancient religious and mythological texts. Ancient languages. Painting. Terran stage and theater. Klingon opera. Fencing.

Daughter - Elizabeth "Beth" Sarkus (Half Betazoid. Ilan's daughter from a brief marriage. Now in her late teens, and living with him aboard the Cavalier. An aspiring scientist.)

2345-2353: University of Betazed (Psychology, Psychotherapy, Social Sciences)

2353-2357: Starfleet Psychiatric Hospital - Betazed - Residency
2357-2373: Montmarte Psychiatric Fascility - Paris, France, Earth - Private practice
2373-2380: Civilian psychology/psychotherapy consultant - Starfleet HQ (New Orleans)
2380-2383: Starfleet Academy - San Francisco, California, Earth - Instructor
2383-pres.: USS Cavalier-C - Chief Counselor - Lieutenant Commander (provisional rank)


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Born into a wealthy and influencial Betazoid family, Ilan Sarkus never had much use for any of that sort of thing and he was quick to let even his parents know his feelings on matters of society and social position when he was no more than 11.

As a result, Ilan was never subjected to the strict upbringing that plagued so many young Betazoids at the time. He was not bonded in his youth, as was the Betazoid custom, as he made it a point to behave in such an obnoxious way toward any young girl his parents would try to bond with him that the girl's parents would reject him as a bonding candidate.


Ilan's telepathic powers began to develop at an early age, and this may account for some of his almost boorish behaviour as a child. When a Betazoid's special mental abilities develop early it is often traumatic for the child, and does often result in emotional problems and psychological difficulties.

In any case, Ilan was somewhat unruly growing up. As a result he had few friends, and was often left to his own devices by his parents. During his teenage years he became fascinated by emotions, and their effects on people. He began to admire Vulcan's for their stoic ability to control their emotions, but after a while he began to find them cold, and unapproachable.

Ilan began to believe controlling one's emotions and being open, and honest about one's feelings while at the sametime trying to maintain a rational personality was more healthy than simply burying all emotion completely.

This fascination lead Ilan to the study of psychology. And when he enrolled at the University of Betazed in 2345, this is what he chose to study.

College life was good, for Ilan. He actually managed to make a few friends- mostly off world students, including a Vulcan who was studying archaeology. And he even had his first romance; with one of his instructors. Something he kept quiet fearing it could lead to the instructor's dismissal from the faculty.

After eight years of study, Ilan emerged with a doctorate in psychology as well as lesser degrees in social psychology and social sciences. He received a liscense to practice psychotherapy in the summer of 2353, from the dean of the university.

He did his residency at the psychiatric hospital on Betazed that functioned as an extension of the reknowned psychotherapy programs taught at the university there. A lot of the university's graduating students who majored in psychiatry or psychology took their residency at the hospital. Ilan was no exception. And he had a good residency, leaving the hospital with the respect of his superiors as well as an impressive list of closed cases.

Ilan had an unusual style as a counselor. Some would call it a "tough" approach, but it was really just Ilan's occasionaly caustic personality at work. But, whatever he did, and however he did it he got results. Several of Ilan's patients went on to not only successful and productive lives but enviably so. At least two of Ilan's patients are now high ranking officers in Starfleet.

After a four year residency, Ilan decided to pursue a private practice. He managed to aquire a practice on Earth, at a small psychiatric clinic in Paris, France. The doctor who had previously held the practice was retiring and when Ilan bid for the practice he was immediately accepted on the strength of his record as a resident on Betazed.

The French clinic was glad to have a Betazoid psychologist working as a therapist there- so many Betazoids were going into Starfleet to serve in the recently innaugurated position of ship's counselor.

Ilan's practice would take up the next sixteen years of his life. And it was a very successful practice. Again, several of his patients went on to lead not only productive lives but they achieved a noticeable level of succes in their careers indicating that Ilan's unusual methods of counseling could have profound results if conducted properly.

It was the Dominion War that ended Ilan's civilian practice. In 2373, he was approached by Starfleet command and asked to take a position as a civilian consultant at Starfleet headquarters in New Orlenas to help deal with officers who were returning from the battlefronts of the War with severe psychologcal damage due to the traumas they suffered as prisoners of either the Dominion or their allies.

Ilan's job was to instruct trained Starfleet personnel in dealing with the extensive depths of emotional damage caused by torture and other wartime horrors. And even though he had no military experience his length of experience in his civilian practice, where he had treated several former Starfleet officers for the traumas associated with an active, long term military career made him an ideal candidate for working with the commissioned officers serving as counselors and getting them to see beyond their military training.

Ilan became known as a strict taskmaster, and some of the people he was asked to train actually dreaded their sessions with him. He seemed to show no mor erespect for military "brass" than he had the social position of his family in his youth.

But, he did the job Starfleet asked him to do, and he was well regarded for it.

During his tenure in New Orleans, Ilan met and became friendly with William Redfearn, a Starfleet officer serving as chief of sciences aboard the USS Yorktown. Redfearn found himself drawn to the cynical psychologist, and by the end of the War they were close enough for Redfearn to invite Ilan to join him and his family on a vacation to Risa.

Ilan worked at Starfleet headquarters until 2380, when he was offered a teaching post at the Academy.

With the Dominion War five years in the Federation's past, Ilan felt no need to continue training counselors in what were basically triage procedures when he could instruct young cadets in all aspects of psychology and psychotherapy on a begining level, instilling his own philosophy for a working therapy practice in a cadet he was training from day-one.

Ilan took the teacher's post. And he settled into the quiet life of an Academy professor for the next three years.


He really had no intention of leaving his post at the Academy, until he was approached by William Redfearn, now a Starfleet captain and commanding officer of the USS Cavalier. Redfearn wanted Ilan to assume the duties of chief counselor aboard the Kelvin class ship despite the Betazoid's lack of military rank or training.

Redfearn's Ship's Counselor had been killed in a battle with Reman ships, and the captain had come to rely on his counselor on an individual level, even entrusting his son to the man when an emergency arose. And Redfearn felt that only his old friend could replace the crewman he had lost.

It took some coaxing on Redfearn's part but he finally managed to convince Ilan to take the position. Then the captain had the chore of convincing Starfleet Command that the position of Chief Counselor aboard a vessel on active duty could be filled by a civilian with no Academy training. By pointing out that Ilan had taught at the Academy, and was the de facto source for several therapy methods being used by cadets who had graduated from his class and that he had had seven years experience in working with Starfleet officers during his time at the New Orleans HQ, Redfearn convinced the head of Starfleet Counselling to allow Ilan to work as the lead counsellor aboard the Cavalier.

Redfearn granted Ilan the provisional rank of Lieutenant Commander, giving him the authority of an officer of that rank while in the course of performing his duty aboard the Cavalier. Off duty, and off the ship (unless he was off ship in the course of his duty), Ilan was still a civilian psychologist who was essentially filling a position on an otherwise military vessel as a favor to a friend.


Ilan Sarkus is not what one thinks of when they hear the term "Ship's Counselor". Most people expect a gentle, soft spoken individual. What they get with Sarkus is a frank, outspoken, somewhat cynical man who is not above saying what is on his mind even if he offends the entire Starfleet admiralty in doing so.

Sarkus' forward style is actually very natural for a Betazoid, as the people of Betazed pride themselves on their upfront honesty and freedom with which they verbalize their thoughts, and express themselves. Ilan just happens to have a more caustic personality than most Betazoids. It would be fair to say he is similar in his outward demeanor to the Changeling known as Odo, who served as security chief of Terok Nor when it was known as Deep Space Nine.

This produces an unusual style of therapy that Sarkus has become somewhat famous for. While Ilan is a good listener, and does offer very solid advice to his patients, he is not above making harsh criticisms of his patients' actions and decisions and some would accuse Ilan of "shaming" some of his patients to a state of mental wellness.

Outside of his professional life Ilan is a genuinely charming, personable individual… most of the time. He speaks elegantly, and with a trace of a British accent and he is fluent in several languages. He is widely read and very intelligent.

His more sarcastic side seems to be most easily provoked by what he refers to as "common lumpen stupidity": people doing things that Sarkus feels the "average idiot" would have the good sense not to do.

A good example of this sort of thing is prejudice. Ilan finds bigoted and prejudiced people reprehensible, and he will not hesitate to issue a harsh judgement against someone he feels has already done the same to someone else unwarrantedly.

To his friends, Ilan is a cheerful companion although he might come off as overly opinionated. But tot hose who do not know him, or are not prepared for his barbs and witicisms, he can seem abrasive, and sometimes overly so.


During his early tenure aboard the Cavalier, Ilan would often wear a Starfleet unifrom, and the rank insignia of a provisional Lieutenant Commander. He stopped wearing the uniform in late 2386, and now only wears a com-badge, with his civilian clothing.


Ilan is of average height, and relatively handsome; with a long nose, large, soulful eyes, and a thick mane of hair that is rapidly turning gray. He wears his hair long, but never usually wears any facial hair, as is the common custom with Betazoid men.

His eyes are the deep dark of Betazoid eyes, and one look into them can reveal a deeply thoughtful, intelligent man.

His voice is deep, but not overly so. It has an almost musical tember when he speaks that is accentuated by his rapid style of speech that often causes him to run words together or chop them out in a clipped monotone with either method deliverd at equally random moments.

Ilan enjoys presenting an air of mystery about himself, and as a result information on his personal life is largely unavailable. But it is known that he was married at some point during his civilian practice in France. The marriage lasted only a year or two, but it did produce a daughter. Elizabeth.

Beth, as she is more commonly known, is now in her late teens and lives with her father aboard the Cavalier. She had originally lived with her mother in Paris after he took his position at the Academy, but upon hearing he was taking a posting on board a Starship, Beth begged to be taken along.

She wanted the oppertunity to finish her studies on board a starship, her goal being to become an astrophysicist majoring in temporal mechanics. Beth has considered attending Starfleet Academy. But she is even more interested in working as a civilian, free to study the applied theories that interest her without the pressure of a military heirarchy hanging over her work..

Ilan allowed her to share his quarters aboard the ship under the condition that she not interfere with his work or do anything to get herself hurt. And Beth holds to her end of the bargain. She is very intelligent, almost on genius level, and always seems to be working on something or studying.

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