Species: Talaxian
Height: 5' 2" - Weight: 124#
Age: 40
Birthplace: Talax

As a Talaxian, Iloxia is a native of the Delta Quadrant, and along with her husband, one of two Talaxians who decided to join Captain Withers on his journey home. And now that the Gold Coast has found her way home, Iloxia and her husband are a long way from their's. But they don't mind; the adventures they've shared with Withers and his crew have made the men and women aboard the Gold Coast more like family to the Talaxian couple and they're more than happy to explore the Alpha Quadrant with the reckless freighter captain and his rag-tag crew.

Although she was young at the time of the war between the Talaxians and the Haakonians, Iloxia became a top starfighter pilot serving in the Talaxian military. She was wounded in action, and decorated on three separate occasions before that bloody conflict came to an end. But, today she is largely forgotten among her people as they are scattered throughout the Delta Quadrant rebuilding the losses to their civilization that can often effect even the vistors in a large scale war.

After the war she was a sad, and often melancholy woman, who had only her loyal and beloved husband, Baalix, as a companion before they were picked up by the crew of the Gold Coast after their small personnel transport had been all but destroyed in a Kazon attack. And while Fidox is not as adventuresome or brave as his wife, he will accompany her into dangers as long as he knows she is there to pull them out. Iloxia is often reckless, some would say careless, when it comes to the risks she is willing to take. But she does not take risks with lives other than her own, and she will lay her own life on the line for those she loves and cares for.

Besides being an excellent starpilot, Iloxia is also a trained military nurse, and she often assists the Gold Coast's medic in the ship's small sickbay during an emergency.

But, her first love is starpiloting; it was Iloxia's skills that helped the Gold Coast find her way out of the Delta Quadrant, and into Klingon space. And now she enjoys plotting her course through the space lanes of the Alpha Quadrant. And her loyalties to Captain Withers remain true. She has even been offered a comission with Starfleet, but refused in order to stay aboard the Gold Coast.

Beautiful, as far as Talaxian women go; Iloxia has a cheerful, playful personality and always seems to have a kind and encouraging word for anyone she meets. No longer suffering from the aftermath of her war experiences, Iloxia has found a home among the crew of the FMS Gold Coast.

And now, since the Gold Coast has been commisioned into the Federation Merchant Marines, Iloxia has added the responsibilities of an officer in the Merchant service to her regular duties as a pilot and flight controller aboard the freighter. Iloxia is one of the few members of the 'Coast's crew with true military experience, and can be called on to take command of the freighter in a military situation if Captain Withers, or one of the other senior officers are not on the bridge.

Always confident, Iloxia looks on her position with a sort of eager anticipation. But, she still retains her outgoing, and friendly personality that has endeared her to the Gold Coast crew since she first came aboard. And now she has even more reason to devote herself to her work, since she is a widow.

In early 2385, her husband Fidox was killed by Jem'hadar mercenaries when the Gold Coast turned on their employer - a Lethean privateer - who was trying to exploit a group of Bajorans trying to establish a colony on an independent world near the borders of Tzenkethi space.

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