Isaac Foley

FULL NAME: Isaac George Foley
BIRTHDATE: February 24, 2338
BIRTHPLACE: Boston, Massachusetts [Earth]
HEIGHT: 6' 3"
WEIGHT: 197#
HAIR: Black
EYES: Dark brown
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard [English], Bajoran, Vulcan, Terran French
HOBBIES: Reading classic Earth novels and Klingon poetry. Terran Jazz music (esp. c. 1955-1965). Gourmet cooking. Tennis. Swimming. Jogging. Painting.

Father: Dr. Phillip Foley (Civilian cardiovascular surgeon practicing in Boston).
Mother: Janelle Foley (Homemaker. Died- December 28, 2375)
Brother: Luther Foley (Holovid actor and Holonovelist)

2355-2359: Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)- Majoring in physics and astrophysics
2359-2363: Starfleet Academy (San Francisco, CA)- Majoring in science, engineering, and command procedures.

2363-2366: USS Enterprise-D, Science Officer [Ensign]
2366-2368: USS Enterprise-D, Science Officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2368-2371: USS Al Batani, Science Officer [Lieutenant]
2371-2373: USS Al Batani, Assistant Chief Science Officer [Lieutenant]
2373-2375: USS Lexington, Chief Science Officer [Lieutenant]
2375-2378: USS Lexington, Chief Science Officer [Lieutenant Commander]
2378-2379: USS Lexington, Chief Science Officer [Commander]
2379-2381: USS Swansea, Chief Science Officer [Commander]
2381-pres.: USS Legacy-A, Chief Science Officer [Commander]

2366 Federation Nebula Star
2369 Distinguished Service Award
2370 Starfleet Cross
2376 Federation Legion of Merit
2376 Purple Heart
2379 Award of Conspicuous Gallantry
2379 Starcross


Isaac Foley was born into one of the wealthiest, and most "upper class" families in Boston in early 2338. His father, Phillip Foley, was and still is a successful heart surgeon with a thriving civilian practice.

In his childhood, Isaac was not what one would expect, however, coming from such a family. He was something of a daredevil, and ended up in his father's hospital on more than once occasion for playing just a little too rough. He especially enjoyed hoverboard; and often injured himself trying to perform dangerous stunts that were above his skill levels.

By the time Isaac entered high school, he had channeled these energies into a devotion to disciplined athletics. He became captain of his school's tennis team, and was an all-state track and field runner. He also played basketball; and was a valued center in his senior year.

Despite his reckless childhood, from an early age Isaac had been intrigued at his father's profession. One day he asked his father to explain how medicine worked; and Phil Foley's answer was "Become a doctor, and find out."

Isaac went the route of studying the scientific applications that medical procedure was derived from, and by the time he was a junior in high school he had put in over three years on the studies of anatomy, biology and basic physics in and out of the classroom.

Isaac was moving at an exausting pace, and to keep up he began experimenting with non-prescription narcotics designed to increase energy and metabolism.

After graduating from high school, Isaac managed to get accepted to Harvard University in Massachusettes on the strength of an athletic scholarship. He was still using the drugs, but soon his dependence on them began taking it's toll on him physically. His grades and his sports performances started to suffer. And when the dean discovered Isaac's problem, he came very close to expelling the young man.

Isaac determined himself to get off of the drugs, and with the help of his girlfriend at the time- a Vulcan exchange student living on Earth, he managed to do it through meditation and a strenuous physical discipline. He was drug free by the final quarter of his second year at Harvard. His grades began to improve, as did his tennis game.

By this time, Isaac's studies had moved from the medical and biological fields of science to the basic physics and astrophysics courses. He was more interested in the nature of the universe than in following in his father's footsteps.


Isaac graduated from Harvard with a bachelor's degree in applied astrophysics. For most of his senior year at the university he had been involved in a program run by the school, in cooperation with Starfleet to find promising candidates for the Academy through rudimentary Starfleet training conducted by Academy instructors. Isaac had made the grade, and his instructor had suggested he apply to the Academy.

Isaac didn't have to think about it. He submitted his application the night he graduated from Harvard.

Most of Isaac's studies at the Academy were taken up with command procedure training. His degree from Harvard qualified him to work a science station on a Starship after only a few orientation courses. Isaac found the command courses very challenging; he failed the infamous Kobyashi Maru test twice.

After his graduation from Starfleet Academy, Isaac was assigned to serve aboard the newly comissioned Galaxy class USS Enterprise-D, under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Isaac had met Picard at Harvard, and was anxious to serve with the famous Captain.

His five years aboard the Enterprise did not, often, bring him into contact with Picard, however. Most of his duties were made up of laboratory analysis. But, he did have a chance to participate in away team missions with both Data and Geordi La Forge. Isaac built up something of a friendship with La Forge, and the two remain in touch.

His tour aboard the Enterprise-D did lead to a promotion to Lieutenant, junior grade; and Isaac was awarded the Federation Nebula Star for his away team performance. This lead to a posting aboard the USS Al Batani, under Captain Kathryn Janeway.

Janeway, a scientist herself, and Isaac bonded immediately and they became friends as well as crewmates. Even after Captain Janeway left the Al Batani for another command they stayed in touch, until she and the crew of the USS Voyager dissapeared in the Badlands in 2371. Isaac continued to serve aboard the Al Batani after Janeway's departure, becoming a valued member of the science staff, and serving as Assistant Chief of the department for two years.

This lead to another transfer- this time to the USS Lexington, as Chief Science Officer. A promotion to full Lieutenant came with the transfer. Isaac served aboard the Lexington for four years, seeing his fair share of front line action during the Dominion War from her bridge. He was decorated three times during his tenure aboard the Lexington, for his actions, once again on away missions. But, this time he was facing the military dangers of the War, and one of his decorations was a Purple Heart.

Isaac remained on the Lexington until 2379. In late 2378, he passed the Bridge Officer's Exam on his second attempt and received a promotion to full Commander. In the summer of 2379, Isaac was asked to assume the post of Chief Science Officer, and second officer aboard the USS Swansea. He accepted, anxious to move up in the ranks, and try his hand at command.

Isaac's tour of duty aboard the Swansea lasted two years, and he was awarded the Starcross in his first month aboard her, for saving the life of a fellow officer on an away mission. That officer was Tactical Chief Douglas Painter. And he and Isaac have remained close friends ever since.

It was Painter who reccomended Isaac for his next posting- that of Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Legacy-A. When the previous Science Chief, a Trill officer called Jolan Drex, was given his own command Painter suggest to Captain Northcote that Isaac Foley was the best man for the job of Chief of Sciences on the flagship. After reviewing his record, Northcote agreed.

Isaac reported aboard, Stardate 58265.4. He assumed the position of third officer two weeks later.

Isaac Foley is a charming, debonair individual. But he's not snobbish. He is very open and friendly with his crewmates and makes friends easily. He has several among the crew of the Legacy-A including Lt. Commander Painter, and Flight Control officer Báirbre Carruth, whom he met during his tenure aboard the Lexington. And even though Carruth has since transferred off of the Legacy, she and Isaac remain close friends.

He has also earned the respect of Captain Northcote and their relationship has developed into one of first name basis.

Issac is a natural for his profession, as he is curious and thoughful; always willing to experiment and anxious to explore. He has an uncanny knack for theory and hypothesis, and can figure out a scientific mystery as quickly as any Vulcan. There is, at times, an almost Vulcan quality to Commander Foley; easily explained by the fact that he still practices the Vulcan meditation techniques he used to wean himself from stimulant drugs in college.

But, this side of Isaac only manifests itself when he is working on a tough project. The rest of the time he is an easily approachable individual who has no qualms about showing his emotions.

Isaac is well educated, and widely read and he enjoys quoting from the poetry and literature of several different cultures including that of Earth and Qo'noS. He enjoys Klingon and Vulcan music but is even more fond of Terran Jazz from the so-called "cocktail era" of the 1950s and 60s.


Isaac is a tireless worker who also manages to budget his time well, and he puts in plenty of time for recreation. He still enjoys playing tennis, and swimming. And if he gets the chance, he likes to run to keep in shape. But, he prefers running outdoors to a holodeck.

Isaac is still close with his father, and his brother; a holovid actor. His mother passed away in 2378, a few days after Christmas. In 2391, Isaac learned that he had twin daughters that he had never known existed. Their mother was an agent of Starfleet Intelligence, who was killed in 2389, by agents of Section 31. Both of the girls are now attending Starfleet Academy.

Isaac has sworn to do his best to make it up to his daughters for leaving them without a father for so long.

Both girls have adopted the Foley name. Their names are Aya and Malia.

A handsome, gentle looking man with a kind smile and a dashing air about him, Isaac Foley seems a few years shy of his actual age. He has the dark skin of his African American heritage. His eyes are black, and readily show his emotions. He keeps his hair short, and sometimes will wear a goatee beard, although he is more often clean shaven.

Isaac's voice is soft, yet firm; and although he does not speak with a Boston accent, his upper class roots are plain in his speech and diction. He also has a good singing voice but is very shy about showing it. He does enjoy playing the trumpet, although he is nowhere near performance level yet.

Isaac's quarters are homey enough. Decorated in a conservative New England style. The only thing missing is the fireplace.

His prized posession is his collection of old Earth books. He has amassed over 200, which he keeps in two bookcases in his quarters. In his off hours, when not enjoying a tennis game on the holodeck he can usualy be found lost within the pages of one of these antiques.

He also enjoys painting for a hobby, and he has two or three unfinished paintings in his quarters at all times.

One of a growing minority of Starfleet officers who have given up marriage and family for a career, Isaac divides his free time between his hobbies, and his athletic holodeck programs. There have been several women in Foley's life, since his Vulcan girlfriend at Harvard. But, the idea of married life simply cannot compare to the thrill of exploration and discovery for Commander Issac George Foley.

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