Holly Wagner

NAME: Holland Janine Wagner
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: April 9, 2356
BIRTHPLACE: Crown Point, Indiana; Earth
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
WEIGHT: 128 #
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Light green
LANGUAGES: Federation standard (English spoken with an American drawl). Klingon. French. Some Spanish, and a few phrases in one or two Bajoran dialects
HOBBIES: Anything to do with animals; and anything to do with computers, or holography. Terran rock and country music. Water sports (esp. swimming & canoeing).

Joseph Earl Wagner - Farmer and owner of his own farm in Indiana - Father
Emily Wagner - Farmer and Horticulturalist - Mother
Six brothers and sisters including a younger brother, Mark; a Starfleet flight controll officer (Lieutenant jg) serving aboard the USS Connor.

2362 - 2374: Basic public education, Indiana school system; Earth
2374 - 2378: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco; Earth

2378-2380: USS Challenger - Science Officer [Ensign]
2380-2381: USS Challenger - Science Officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2381-2382: USS Cavalier - Engineer [Lieutenant, jg]
2382-2383: USS Cavalier - Engineer [Lieutenant]
2383-pres.: USS Cavalier - Chief of Operations [Lieutenant]




Holland Wagner was named for the place where her parents honeymooned, and where she was most likely conceived: Holland, also known as The Netherlands. Holland was the more old fashioned name for the region, on Earth, but her parents felt it suited a girl for a name. And so, when their first child was born, Joe and Emily Wagner named her Holland.

And she has gone by Holly ever since.

Holly grew up on the family farm in Indiana along with her six brothers and sisters. And she was something of a second mother to her younger siblings while her parents went about the business of operating a thriving vegetable and dairy farm in the mid 24th century.

During her teenage years, Holly entertained the idea of becoming an entertainer. More specifically, an actress. And she set her sights on working in holovids, or maybe even on the stage in New York City.

But, all that changed when a cousin visited the farm… in his Starfleet uniform.

Holly was immediately taken with the uniform, and her cousin's stories of adventure aboard a Federation starship. And Holland Wagner switched her ambition from holovid star to Starfleet officer.

As a student, she excelled in her studies. Her grades in her science classes were her storngest. And when she sent in her application for Starfleet Academy, it was on the strength of her science aptitudes that she was accepted.

It was during her tenure at the Academy that Holly really began to experience life first hand. She had her share of ups and downs as a cadet, made a few friends and even a few enemies. And she had her first love; a young Bajoran cadet a year behind Holly.

She did good in her studies, and she graduated with high marks; earning her first posting aboard the Akira class USS Challenger as a junior science officer and laboratory technician. It was a job she relished despite it's lack of status. It was an assignment… aboard a Starfleet vessel !


Holly's career aboard the Challenger lasted for three years. She earned a promotion to Lieutenant, jg; and she also developed a reputation as a valuable officer who knew how to handle herself on away missions and who also had a very intellectual mind. She was quick to come up with solutions to problems and her solutions usually worked, even though when she would come up with them they would seem to just jump into her head as if she were taking a wild guess.

After the Challenger, Holly was transfered to the USS Cavalier; and she was moved from the science lab to the engine room as an engineering officer. Her she really seemed to find her niche, as she enjoyed not only the technical aspects of engineering but also the mechanical ones. She especially enjoyed being assigned to away teams as an engineer. It always meant she would find something challenging if the Cavalier was visiting a new or relatively unexplored planet.

Holly served another two years, aboard the Cavalier, as an engineering officer. By the end of her tour of duty in engineering she was serving as duty officer of the Gamma shift, and she had been promoted to the rank of full lieutenant. A rapid rise among the ranks of Starfleet officers.

In late 2383, the officer serving as chief of operations was severely wounded during a rescue mission into hostile territory where the away team encountered a squad of Tholian soldiers. Three members of the team died, and the Cavalier's operations manager, Lieutenant Commander Vostik, was forced to take an extended leave of absence due to the nature of his wounds.

After careful consideration, Captain Redfearn offered the position to Holly; and Commander Garcia, the Cavalier's XO seconded the Captain's reccomendation. Holly accepted the position with some trepidation, considering she had only served as an officer for five years. But, Commander Garcia assured her he had every confidence in her.

It didn't take long for Holly to warm to her new position. It afforded her a bridge officer's position for most of her duty shift and also allowed for a grater share of away team assignments. She did miss the engineroom. But, she soon found that an operations manager's duties could be just as challenging, and also that she would often interact with people from both the science and engineering departments.

It was a job Holly came to love, and that she now does proudly.


Holly Wagner is a vigorous, and energetic girl with all the outgoing vivaciousness one would expect from a loud, reckless farm girl from Indiana. And she still maintains that simple, easygoing style despite having lived away from the farm, and her family for several years.

She speaks in a loud, clear voice that carries easily- even across a busy engineroom or crowded crew lounge.

And she always seems to have a smile on her face.

She is what some would call an eternal optimist, and one quadmate at the Academy referred to her as disgustingly cheerful. Holly is playful, and friendly, and just a bit "boy crazy". She dates frequently, but never seems to manage to settle in to a solid relationship. And in her own mind she doesn't consider herself ready for marriage or that kind of personal commitment.

Even though her parents have been happily married for years, and one of her sisters is already married, Holly doesn't see the concept for the idealized, romantic tradition most people do. She sees it more as a way of gently forcing a woman to abandon a career. And that is not something Holly wants to do.

Among her crewmates on the Cavalier she has several friends, as woulf fit her gregarious nature. Her closest are the flight control officer, Jamion DeBarge, and the chief engineer, Lesha Aldrian.

Jamie shares Holly's views on marriage and they both have a somewhat cynical way of looking at religious practices.

Holly especially dislikes attending funerals, and has even managed to offend a few of her fellow officers by refusing to attend the funeral services for crewmates who died in the line of duty. But, she remembers those people in her own way. And always honorably. She learned to respect the concept of military honor and loyalty during her time at the Academy- one of her closest friends there was a Klingon cadet, studying to become a tactical officer.

An active and funloving girl, off duty; Holly enjoys all manner of water sports and can often be found on the holodeck running a surfing or snorkle-diving program of her own design. She also loves holonovles- especially novels of adventure and romance.

On the job she seems more studious, and her mind seems to run at warp speed. She can often come up with a solution to a problem within a few seconds of the problem being presented to her. She will stop, put her hand son her hips, or run her fingers through her hair, and dive into thought. And it doesn't take her long to come up with some kind of idea.


Her solutions don't always work, but even her failed ideas are impressive in their origins.


Holly is tall, and trim. She has long legs and a shapely figure. Her hair is a medium brown in color, and usualy worn straight, below her shoulders. She often pulls it back off her face with a barrette or a hair ribbon.

Her eyes are an unusually bright shade of green, with a hint of brown. And they stand out in her freckled face surrounded by a mane of long, dark hair.

She has a tatoo of a leaping Dolphin at the base of her spine, and a small scar on her right shoulder from a knife would she received practicing hand-to-hand combat with her Klingon classmate at the Academy.

Her quarters are small, but comfortable. She still has not moved into any larger quarters since her promotion to the position of department head.

Holly is very close with her family. Especially her father, and her brother, Mark, who is also a Starfleet officer.

She likes to sing, and has a reasonably good voice, but she doesn't like to perform in public or for an audience. And she seems to really be in a "zone" when she's working. She enjoys her off duty time, but often she'll spend it tinkering with some project on the holodeck.

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