Hiro Sakai

Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Human
Height: 5' 4" - Weight: 148#
Birthdate: October 4, 2237
Birthplace: Tondabayashi, Japan

A native of Japan, with Japanese, Chinese, and Korean ancestry; Hiro Sakai grew up knowing and respecting the bushido culture of the ancient Samurai. It was no wonder, then, when he applied for Starfleet Academy he did so as a security cadet. Hiro was already well-versed in Japanese martial arts, having studied with his grandfather from the time he was 14. And he showed a natural skill at military strategy and tactics during his initial command training courses.

Using the Kirk manoeuver, introduced a few years earlier by James T. Kirk, Hiro even managed to pass the Kobayashi Maru test with a record high score. After his graduation from the Academy he served on a variety of vessels in a number of different positions. But he always found he performed best as a security officer.

Hiro rose quickly in rank, and this lead to his posting as second in command of the security detachment aboard the USS Expedition. And much to his surprise he found himself field promoted to head the department when Captain Connor made his superior officer, Commander Yirol, executive officer and removed from all other duties aboard ship.

Although he doesn't really see himself as ready to step into the shoes of a full commander, Hiro is doing his best to fill Yirol's position, working even harder now that the Troyian officer has died in the line of duty.

He had a great respect for the swashbuckling Troyian, but he is developing a close working relationship with the new first officer, Commander Cotilard. He also has an equal respect for Captain Connor. And he follows her orders to the letter.

A relaxed and yet dutiful officer, Hiro has no trouble making friends as he is jolly and gregarious on duty and off. He steps into command situations well, although he'd deny it if you told him so. Secretly, his ambition is to one day command a starship, as a department chief he is taking an important step towards that goal. Hiro has something of a reckless streak, coupled with an insatiable curiosity that makes him a valued member of any landing party.

He is equally at home on the phaser range, or with a sword in his hand. And his strategic instincts make him a valued bridge officer during ship-to-ship conflict. He is a small man, but more than makes up for it with his agility and quick thinking in a tense situation.

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