Hero Ryker

Name: Hero Ryker
Nickname: Sputnik
Rank: Lt.
Position: Flight control / Tactical
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 35
Birthplace: Sunnydale, California
Birth Date: December 25, 2359
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 110
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue
Languages: Federation Standard
Shopping, Extreme Holodeck programs, collects rare books (she really likes first edition novels, ), Arts and crafts, and

Father: Cmdr. Jacob Ryker (D)
Mother: Lt. Braden Ryker (D)

2363-2375, Sunnydale High, Public schooling system
2375-2377, Star-fleet Academy, Graduated with honors
2388-2388, Star-fleet flight Academy, Graduated with honors

Service Record:
2378-2380, USS Pontiac, Ensign, Flight Control Officer
2380-2382, MIA
2383-2383, USS Miranda, Ensign/Lt. , Flight Control Officer
2384-2384, USS Enterprise, Lt., Flight Control Officer / ops
2386-2386, USS Legacy, Lt. / Lt. JG, Helms Officer
2387-2390, USS Pioneer, Lt JG / Lt. Commander , Flight control/tactical
2389-2391, Star-base Magellan , Lt. Commander , Flight control/ tactical

2377- Medal for graduation in the top 15% of her class
2383 – Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
2387- Career Service Citation
2390 - Federation Star of Diplomacy




Hero Ryker was born in Sunnydale to Braden and Jacob Ryker. Both whom had distinguished careers in starfleet. Her parents murdered she continued her education in Sunnydale, living with their good friend, Professor Medina. She lived with him till he recommended she head to starfleet.

She had excelled as a starfleet officer graduating at the top 15% in her class and with honors.

Hero has made several career changes from ops, to flight to tactical

For three years Hero went missing then suddenly she reappeared again on Alpha Centauri IV. Where she did finally meet some her mothers relatives. She came back how ever not remembering who she was at first and with gills, she can breath easily at any depth under water.

On one of her assignments the USS Pontiac she became good friends with an Andorian named Niro'shras ch'Th'een. They've been friends since that assignment and often get together to listen to rock and roll music, and practice martial arts. They also have the same love of books.


Hero Ryker is a combination of Centauren, El_Aurian , and human mix. She calls herself a Mutt. Her mother was a beautiful Centauren princess. Her father was ½ human ½ El_Aurian. She's never been in contact with her Centauren relatives after her parents death instead remaining on earth till she graduated the Academy. Her father didn't have any surviving relatives or family.

Jacob Ryker
Braden Ryker

She's kind of embarrassed she's royalty she's fare from it really and glad she doesn't have to attend court. Though she is listed as royalty in her records. Her mother had made sure of that.

Being ½ Centauren Hero is known for her strong, independent ways. She doesn't like people helping her she likes to do things on her own. She's very strong for one so small but don't let deceive you. She has golden hair and pretty expressive blue eyes.

She's an expert in Tae Kwon Do and as she says, she'll kick your ass anytime. Commander Jin Kat had been her trainer when she'd been on the Pioneer, teaching her all he knew. Tae Kwon Do was one of those fighting skills he taught her. He's also one of her best friends.

Hero is also very artistic she loves to draw, paint, and some carvings.

Special Notes:

Chinese Symbol for Integrity on her lower back, a heart with a dagger hanging over it tattooed on the inside of her right ankle. Also a Chinese Dragon in the middle of her back.


Hero will date who ever tickles her fancy she's had a few boyfriends, Charles Northcote, Ethan Davis (Who actually finds her on Alpha Centauri IV, Arthur Hagan, a trill named Delmar Terol . Her current boyfriend is an Archaeology teacher on the Magellan named , Rosco Byron.

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