Gwendolyn Grace Connor

Rank: Captain
Species: Human
Height: 5' 7" - Weight: 135#
Birthdate: May 28, 2230
Birthplace: Roanoke, Virginia

As one of the engineers responsible for the new FWG-1 warp 12 engine designs, Gwen Connor has already made a name for herself in the ranks of Starfleet. Chief Engineer aboard the USS Tajahri for 7 years, Gwen learned on the fly how to work and rework a starship's warp engines; so when Starfleet Command was looking for people with the know how to actually redesign the warp drive system, Gwen was at the top of their list. She served as one of three engineers in command of the project until just a year ago, when she was promoted to the rank of Captain. For her first command, Gwen was assigned to the USS Expedition; one of the oldest of the Constitution class ships, and one of the first ships to receive an FWG-1 engine upgrade. Fitting, that the officer who helped design the upgrade should command the first ship to use it in active duty.

Gwen's mission aboard the Expedition is a combination of the usual standing assignment for long range starship commander- exploration and scientific discovery- and a heavy shakedown test of the new warp system's function. To achieve her mission, Gwen has chosen as her command staff, officers well known for their experience in their chosen fields as well as each having something of a reputation for working "off the cuff". One for setting precedents instead of following them, Gwen has also changed starfleet policy in respect to the Expedition's command structure, assigning an officer to act as her first officer, or Executive Officer, with no other duty assignment onboard the vessel. In Gwen's thinking, this should create an ease of transition of command during landing party situations.

Born and raised in Virginia, on Earth, Gwen grew up into something of a sophisticate; well read, with interest in acting on the stage before she joined Starfleet. A top of the line engineer before she got her own command, Gwen can sometimes seem to be all business. But she has an approachable side, as most of her senior staff soon find out. She cares for her crewmembers as if they were her family. Calm, and collected on the surface, Gwen is a passionate woman. But, she can usually control her emotions, unless the stress of a situation runs to life threatening proportions. She's not against breaking the rules to protect her crew, or her ship, or to get her job done. But he does hold to her own moral code, and will harm no one unless they have harmed her or someone she cares for first.

An excellent and fair commanding officer, Gwen shies away from disciplining her crew. In her opinion the personal lessons learned from one's mistakes are more important than making sure the transporter pads are cleaned with a toothbrush.

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