CMC Guadalupe Ballesteros

NAME: Guadalupe Yuridia Guzman Ballesteros
NICKNAME: Lupe, Lupita, Fugazi
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: September 19, 2355
BIRTHPLACE: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico [Earth]
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
WEIGHT: 128#
HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Dark Brown
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard (English), Andorian, Klingon, some Nausican, Spanish
HOBBIES: Cooking, Painting, Martial Arts & "Street- Fighting", Rock'n'Roll Music, Playing Guitar, Dancing.

2361 - 2369: Federation / Starfleet Schooling System
2369 - 2376: "What you learn on the Streets of Qualor II"
2378 - 2382: Starfleet Academy, Engineering, and Security training

2382 - 2383: Ensign, Security Officer - USS Challenger
2383 - 2384: Lieutenant jg, Engineer - USS Challenger
2384 - 2385: Lieutenant, Engineer - USS Challenger
2385 - 2386: Lieutenant, Engineer - USS Avalon
2386 - 2390: Lieutenant, Chief Engineer - USS Tempest
2393 - pres.: Command Master Chief of Engineering, Starbase Magellan

2385: Federation Starcross, with clusters, for Bravery

2385: Guadalupe was charged with striking a superior officer. Due to extenuating circumstances, no reduction in rank was enforced, however, a request for promotion to Lieutenant Commander put in prior to the incident was denied and she was mandatorily transferred.

2390: Guadalupe was charged with striking a superior officer for the second time. Due to the identity of the officer named in the complant, Guadalupe resigned her commission rather that face a Court Martial. People who found themselves on the wrong side of this man often found themselves seriously injured, or worse. Lupita had people she cared about, and she did not see them hurt.

Guadalupe Ballesteros was born on September 19, 2355, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Her parents, Miguel Guzman and Lucero Ballesteros, both Starfleet officers, were on extended shore leave to facilitate Lucero's pregnancy at the time. Both of her parents were native-born Mexicans with strong Spanish backgrounds, and could trace their roots back to some of the more pre-eminent families of Spain on Old Earth.


One of Guadalupe's ancestors was a famous Spanish explorer, in the 16th century… maybe that's where she got her restless streak.

When Guadalupe was three years old, her parents decided to return to active duty, and Guadalupe began what would be a life among the stars. Her father was a Science Officer, and her mother was assigned to Starfleet Tactical Command. Before Guadalupe was born they had been assigned to the USS Stargazer, under the famous Captain Jean-Luc Picard. During their three-year leave of absence, however, the Stargazer was lost in a battle with a Ferengi Marauder. The couple, though disappointed they would no longer be serving under Captain Picard, were soon reassigned, along with their young daughter, to an important position.

Miguel was made Chief Science Officer onboard Starbase Epsilon 9, and Guadalupe's mother was promoted and made head of Station Strategic Operations. Guadalupe's parents served aboard the station until she was 7, and it was here that she began her schooling, learning Federation standard language and basic courses, while her parents taught her to speak Spanish and appreciate the Latino culture from an early age.

In 2363 Guadalupe's parents were reassigned to the USS Yamato, a Galaxy class Starship, where Miguel would once again serve as Chief Science Officer. The couple served only a year onboard the vessel, however, much to Guadalupe's disappointment, before they were transferred again. This time, it was to a smaller ship, and exploratory Oberth class ship, the USS Biko.

After her first few months on the smaller, more crowded vessel, little Guadalupe became adjusted, and began to feel at home. Her father served as her teacher for the first year she was onboard as the Biko had no school facilities upon it's commissioning. But, by the time Guadalupe was ready for Middle School level education, there was a small curriculum set up, staffed by two teachers, an aide, and some part-time help from Guadalupe's mother.

Guadalupe became very fond on one of her teachers. She was a Betazoid woman named Iliana Juryach, and tutored Guadalupe in everything from mathematics to poetry. Guadalupe, at the same time, soon became Iliana's favourite pupil.

But, when Guadalupe was 14, her idyllic Starfleet childhood came to a screeching halt, as did the distinguished service history of the USS Biko. On Guadalupe's 14th birthday, the ship was attacked, by Andorian pirates. The battle was prolonged and the Biko suffered severe damages, including a warp-core breach. Guadalupe's mother, Lieutenant Commander Lucero Ballesteros, died at her post on the bridge, working the ship's drastically outmatched weapons arrays.

When the core was breached there was no hope but to evacuate the ship, and the only place to evacuate too was the Andorian pirate vessel. Commander Miguel Guzman, now the Biko's First Officer, gave the evacuation order, and surrendered to save the life of his crew….. and his child. The Biko's Captain had died early on in the conflict when the bridge was first hit.

The Biko survivors were taken aboard the pirate ship, and eventually to the heavily fortified headquarters of the brigands, located in an abandoned Klingon outpost on the remote world of Qualor II. Here, for the most part, the prisoners were put to work in the abandoned mines, loading the pirates ill-gotten goods for distribution within the local underground. But, there was a small city of sorts on Qualor II, and naturally there were dance halls and brothels. Almost immediately, Guadalupe was put to work as a serving girl in one of these "cathouses".

She worked as a waitress for three years, until her figure filled out. Of course, at that point the owner of the brothel decided to "promote" her, and she was forced into prostitution. To keep the high-strung youngster in line, she was constantly threatened with the death of her father, and to prevent this she went along with the Andorian's demands, and became a prostitute, providing sexual favours to visiting criminal dignitaries who preferred Human companionship to the usual offerings of Andorian or captured Klingon women.

This life continued, unabated, for Guadalupe for another 4 years. Her father was killed by a Nausican guard in the workhouses when she was 19, but, having no other way to assure her own existence she continued to provide "favours" for the pirates, in exchange to what amounted to an almost luxurious room and board.

In 2376, however, shortly before Guadalupe's 21st birthday, something happened to change the course of the hapless young woman's life forever. Apparently the Qualor Pirates had been connected with an assassination attempt within the Klingon High Council, and the Warden of the prison on Rure Penthe was even implicated as an accomplice.

The Klingon Honour Guard was mobilized to avenge the assassination, and a detachment of Honour Guard were sent to the Pirate base on Qualor II, after the location was discovered from the Warden of Rure Penthe. When the Klingons attacked the security of the Pirate base was sabotaged, and Guadalupe decided to make a break for it. With her old friend and teacher Iliana Juryach, she escaped into the network of sewers under the Pirate city, and finally made her way into the main smuggler's compound… the workhouses…. where her father had died.

As the Honour Guard pressed future into the compound Guadalupe and Iliana tried to sneak aboard an outbound freighter. Iliana was killed by a Nausican grenade, and Guadalupe was thrown into a rage. She picked up a dropped assault rifle and fought her way onto the cargo barge, killing several of the guards that had been surrounding it. Before the freighter's crew could get after her to put her off, or kill her, however, the Klingon's burst into the bay, and the vessel took off.

Guadalupe hid in the hold as the cargo ship made it's way to a secluded space station, headquarters of Thress, the pirate leader. Now frightened and knowing the pirates would kill her if they found her, she decided to try and fight her way off the station as soon as the ship docked. She picked up some extra ammunition in the cargo hold, and found a Nausican short sword. Using these she managed to fight her way to the heart of the station….

Only to be met by another troop of Klingon Honour Guard, in the process of securing the base. The troop-leader, and albino Klingon named Kuniris, took Guadalupe under his wing, so impressed was he at the way she had fought against the Andorians and Nausicans in the cargo area. Kuniris saw to it that Guadalupe got off the station safely, but he had a mission to finish. So… Guadalupe volunteered to accompany him, in exchange for passage back to Earth once they reached Q'onoS.

Accompanying the Honour Guard on their mission became a turning point in Guadalupe's life like she had never expected. She fought with the Klingons and even stood side by side with Kuniris as he struck down the leader of what turned out to be an internal conspiracy to overthrow Gowron, headquartered in the old training centres on Praxis.

True to his word, Kuniris took Guadalupe back to Q'onoS with him, where she watched as he was made the new Harmaster and Leader of the Honour Guard. Afterward, Lord Kuniris arranged transport for her, to Earth; where she was reunited with relatives in Mexico, a very different person than the child that had left there over 15 years before.

For the next year, Guadalupe was aimless, and without a direction. Her time with the pirates had hardened her, and made her cynical and quick-tempered. Her weeks with Kuniris, oddly the happiest of her life, had taught her honour and skill in battle. But she didn't seem to fit in in the relaxed Mexican countryside. After she was arrested for breaking a man's jaw, when he "hit on her" in a bar, she decided she had to find something to do with herself.

Drawing on her memories of life before the pirate attack, on the Biko, she decided she would try and enlist in Starfleet. Though her first application was denied, she did manage to make the necessary marks on her second attempt and she was soon walking the hallowed halls in San Francisco. Her years at the Academy were uneventful, aside from a quickly hushed affair with an instructor. She graduated in roughly the middle of her class, and, having majored in Engineering and Starship Operations; she was assigned quickly to the Engineering staff of the Pasquinel class USS Challenger.


She served the Challenger, and Captain St. John for three years more or less uneventfully. In 2385, however, a series of events went for good then bad for Guadalupe. First, during an away team she became instrumental in saving the life of Captain St. John, who was seriously wounded, as well as the Chief Engineer. As the Engineer rushed to jury-rig an emergency power source from their phaser rifles to gain a limited lift-off, Guadalupe, using only her hand-to-hand skills, first honed with the Honour Guard; fought off a group of stranded Jem Had'ar who were also on the planet.

The shuttle escaped the planet and was picked up by Challenger. As soon as she recovered St. John awarded Guadalupe with the Federation Starcross, for Bravery Above and Beyond the call.

Guadalupe thoroughly enjoyed the next two months. She had just broken up with a boyfriend, and was ready to move on. She put in for a promotion, and a transfer. Maybe even a Chief Engineer's position was in her future.

Then came trouble. Her ex-boyfriend, a Lieutenant Commander with the ship's Navigation department, caught her in bed with another man. Furious, he attacked the man, and broke his neck, killing him. Immediately Guadalupe launched into the same rage that had driven her when Iliana Juryach was murdered, and she attacked the man, beating him mercilessly, until security officers pulled her off.

The Court Martial that proceeded, charging her with assaulting a superior officer, found her guilty, but sighted extenuating circumstances. Her request for promotion was denied, and she was forced transferred, despite Captain St. John's objections, to the USS Avalon.

Here she served for slightly over a year, before she was requested for the Chief Engineer's position on the USS Tempest. Apparently Captain Baruse had read her record, and requested her, personally, for the position. Knowing the ship was a Defiant Class warship, more or less assigned to a colony off the main spacelanes, Guadalupe contemplated declining the offer. But… Captain Baruse was a hard man to refuse, and Guadalupe soon found herself packing her bags for duty on the Federations newest little battle ship.

She served aboard the little warship for a total of four years. And then her temper got the better of her again. And this time it was one she wasn't able to walk away from. The colony the Tempest had been assinged to was dangerously close to The Tzenkethi Coalition. A Starfleet captain, Richard Lashmore, made arrangements to construct a stationary military base on the planet, and he ordered Lupita to oversee the operation. Within a week, she became aware of what the armament on the station was really intended for. A supprise attack on the Ferengi Alliance that was to be desinged to appear to have carried out by delepted Cardassian war machine.

Lupita confronted Lashmore, he admitted his plan to her; and when she rufused to follow his orders any longer, he phyically attacked her. She defended herself. And Lashmore used that to bring Guadalupe up on charges of striking an officer. He also ordered her held for a psychiatric assessment. Rather than risk further reprisal by Lashmore, Lupita resigned her post aboard the Tempest as well as her commission in Starfleet.

She had friends and family in the Federation, and in Starfleet. She knew Lashmore's reputation. And she did not want to risk any harm to those she cared about, even to face off against the rogue Captain in a court of law. In a Klingon cort, mabey. Or a boxing arena. But not in a court where Lashmore held a great deal of influence.

After resinging her commision, Guadalupe moved to Boreth. Until Commodore Michael Grant asked her to come back to the fleet. Grant wanted her to take a position aboard the starbase he commanded. Starbase Magellan. But, Guadalupe refused to commission. Knowing her prior conflict with Lashmore, Grant all but insisted. And Guadalupe agreed, under one condition. She would serve in an enlisted capacity.

She assumed the position of Command Master Chief, of Starbase Magellan's engeneering unit; effective Stardate 70865.4.

Guadalupe Yuridia Guzman Ballesteros is a woman of complicated mind and emotion. Her singular experiences have made at once both hard-shelled and easygoing. Her memories of the Pirates, and the imprisonment on Qualor II are still with her. To some extent they give her strength, but they also tend to make her quiet, and even taciturn at times.


She barely can remember her mother, even though she was 14 when she died. All she remembers is a kind face, green eyes, and a shock of dark hair, tinged with red, that would fall playfully over one eye when they would play together.

Of her father she remembered more, though she never even saw him during the last days of his life. She will always remember Miguel Guzman for his strength, and his courage, and his ability to inspire these qualities in others. In many ways she is much more like her father than her mother.

Her strongest memories of her past are of her teacher, Iliana Juryach. The poor, lonely Betazoid woman who died at the hands of a Nausican rascal. Sometimes Guadalupe will have nightmares of the raid, and of Iliana's death and she'll wake up, cold, and sweaty, breathing heavily, for a moment desperately fighting for her life again.

Guadalupe has a profound respect, and a deep love for Klingon customs and culture. She credits the Klingons for her liberation, and for giving her strengths and skills that she has carried on for the ten years since she was expatriated from the pirate camp. She still continues to train and practice the Klingon combat arts, and often will visit Lord Kuniris at the Honour Guard Headquarters on Q'onoS.

As an Engineer and an officer she is devoted to her duties, sometimes too much so. She doesn't have much of a social life, at least not anymore. Her last relationship ended in a fit of jealousy that put her before the Court Martial and her former boyfriend in the stockade for murdering a fellow officer. She doesn't trust romance, and it will take an awful lot for a man to make her open her heart again.

Her body is a different matter. Her years with the pirates have all but desensitized any aspects of inhbitance or morality from her. She doesn't look on sex as an act of love, as much as a way of having fun…. like swimming, hiking, or horseback riding. All of which she equally enjoys. A man who tries to win her heart with physical love will most likely be met with a laugh. But if he tries to appeal to her feelings, even though they're deeply hidden, it is possible to meet with success. A man who tries to "postpone" or put off the physical aspects of a relationship, however, is likely to bore Guadalupe quickly, and she will turn to a transporter grid, or a grav-unit for company, pushing the gentleman into the category of "good friend" and moving on, almost mechanically.

As far as her work goes, she does a good job, even sometimes going against orders to succeed at a task. She has a lot of experience with Transporter technology and with Shuttle pods, and Runabout engines and is a good officer to have on hand in any type of seat-of-the- pants situation.

During her leisure time she is often found alone in her quarters, usually practising with her acoustic guitar, or listening to 400 year old Terran Rock music, especially from British artists of the 1980s and 1990s… and the Anglo-Scottish progressive group, Marillion, in particular. It is from her devotion to this band that she received her nickname of "Fugazi" while aboard the Avalon. That, and her occasional erratic mood swings. Fugazi, after all, does mean crazy !

Guadalupe Ballesteros is a beautiful and well-built woman in her early thirties. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown, and are large and very expressionful. Indeed, what she doesn't let on or say aloud is almost easy to discover from looking into her eyes.

She has a small, red scar on her back, right above her left buttock, and several tattoos. One, of an oval-shaped version of the Mexican flag is on her right ankle; another, the traditional Klingon symbol of Honour, is on her back below her left shoulder. She also has a Celtic "barbed wire" looking tattoo encircling her right bicep. Her naval is pierced, and she often wears a red or blue stone, mounted on a silver band in it. She will also wear ankle and wrist bracelets, but never wears rings on her fingers.

During her time with the pirates she developed a taste for strong alcohol, and can drink heavily without showing any outward effect. She can also drink many a man under the table and has frequently won her share of latinum in drinking games. She is also a fairly proficient Billiards player, and good at throwing darts.

Another holdover from her time with the pirates is the fact that Guadalupe is unable to have children. Before she was forced into prostitution, an Andorian doctor performed surgery on her, making it impossible for her to become pregnant. As far as she has been able to determine, the surgery is irreversible. Another reason she doesn't put as much stock in the ties between sex and love as most people do.


Not too good at making friends, she still has managed to make a few, most notably Lord Kuniris of the Klingon Honour Guard. Kuniris will often send her gifts, usually of Klingon weapons. She has managed to aquire a Bat'leth, a dk'tagh, and a ding'pakh in this fashion.

Guadalupe is highly skilled in martial arts, especially Wu-Shu, having studied under the late 20th century Master, Ray Park, via the Holodeck. She also likes to arm-wrestle, and will incorporate this into her other pastimes when in public.

In the quiet of her quarters, however, her guitar, and her music are her passion. That and oil-painting, which is something she has only recently taken up. Just learning the "feel" of a canvas, she is always looking for subjects willing to model for her, and, so far, most of her "victims" haven't been too fond of the results. But… Guadalupe is never one to give something up, so, she plods on ahead.

Along with her various collections, and offbeat paintings, Guadalupe shares her quarters with a pet. Namely, her Terran German Shepherd Dog, Jester. Jester is a jolly, playful, overgrown puppy of six years. Guadalupe found him as a pup on the burned out and deserted hulk of the Merchant Ship Hamunaptra; when the Challenger found the vessel adrift during a routine mapping mission.

She immediately took the dog for her own and he has become her family, without which, she might just live up to her nickname and go Totally Fugazi !

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