Graalo Priss

Species: Trill (joined)
Height: 6' 1" - Weight: 187#
Birthdate: October 7, 2359
Birthplace: Trill

The seventh host for the Priis symbiont; Graalo is a very unique individual, to say the least.

He is a tall, handsome man with gray hair, but a youthful set of features. He has deep-set, round eyes, a long aquiline nose, and a small mouth that seems to be set in a permanent frown. His eyes a bright shade a blue that gives his face an irresistible quality that women and men alike find quite attractive.

Despite his glower countenance, Graalo seems likeable; at least at first.

He has an agreeable manner, and seems to be easy to get along with. Until he loses his temper. Then he can be latently violent if pushed. But, he tries to keep his temper under control unless he feels he needs the extra strength and courage it seems to give him.

But why is this Trill man, who seems to have everything going for him, given to anger ?

You will see as we continue…

The Priis symbiont was hatched in the Caves of Mak'ala, on Trill, sometime in the early 22nd century. It was joined with it's first host shortly after. A male host called Taber. He was a dancer, and was already an accomplished entertainer before he was joined to Priis. Taber Priis had a long, and distinguished career before dying at the very respectable age of 102.

Buni was the next host. A female. She was younger than most Trill are allowed to be before they are joined. But, she was from a powerful and influential family. She was also something of a genius. A math-whiz. An expert at computer science from an early age. She went on the marry, and she had three children, one of whom later became a host herself. To a very respected symbiont.

The third host was Sialol. And she was a bit of a reckless sort. She was an engineer on a freighter before she was joined. And she continued to ply the early space-lanes after the joining. She studied Klingon martial arts, and she was easily at home with a Bat'leth over her arm, just as much as with a tool-kit in her hand. Priis learned to fight, and fight well from Sialol, just as it learned to sing from Taber. Sialol died an adventuresome death, just as she had lived an adventurous life. She died saving the life of the captain of her freighter.

Boram was the fourth host. He became a Starfleet officer, advancing to the rank of lieutenant, before the host's life was cut short mysteriously. Boram, a science officer, was shot in the back with a phaser at point-blank range. Even aboard a starship, the chief of security could not find the murder weapon, or the murderer. The security officer even fell under suspicion, until he was able to prove that he was on the engineering deck at the time.

Nevertheless, the security officer was quietly transferred. And Priis was placed to a new host. Another young man named Cihje. And Cihje Priis swore that he did not know who it was that had killed the previous host. Cihje said the memory was lost due to the trauma of a violent death. And the Trill authorities confirmed that there had been cases of memory loss after such a death.

But, in fact, this was not really the case. Cihje knew exactly who killed his previous host. But, he was biding his time. He was, again, a Starfleet officer. And a medical doctor. He wanted to bring the killer to justice under Trill law. But, it would take time, and it would require evidence.

Time wore on, and Cihje retired from medicine and Starfleet. He became, in his old age, a special envoy working with Starfleet's diplomatic corps. He was in a Vulcan hospital when the killer of his previous host found him. Cihje was shot, in the stomach with a gauss rifle. The goal being to kill the symbiont. And it nearly worked. Again, the attacker was never found.

After emergency surgery to save Priis, it was placed into yet another host. A female named Mumias. And, again, she knew, and remembered her killer, and the look in his eyes when he did his crime. Again, she kept it quiet. But, for a different reason. Mumias was a strict pacifist. She refused to condone an act of violence. To purge herself of the memories of the murder, she moved to a Vulcan monastery on Mount Seleya and continued her career as an artist.

Mumias Priis had a fruitful life, and lived into her 90s. She was an award-winning painter. And many of her paintings still hang in museums on Vulcan, Trill, or Earth. After Mumias' death, the symbiont was, again, joined. This time to a male host. Graalo. And, over a short period; the memories began to resurface. After meeting the man who had murdered two of his previous hosts, Graalo swore to avenge them. The killer seemed very much the same as when Priis had encountered him the two other times, indicating to Graalo that this was no human.

But, he was no Trill, or he would have changed hosts himself by this time. Graalo theorised that the killer was a long-lived humanoid, or a non-humanoid being, such as a Mellitus. Perhaps a Nacene that could assume humanoid form, or even a Changeling. Again, Graalo would bide his time. By profession he was an itinerant gambler, and smuggler. He had wealth of information regarding the underworld goings-on of several cultures. He had connections. And he knew how to take care of himself.

He wanted to know more about the mysterious man, if he was, indeed, a "man"; who had taken the lives of two Trill hosts. Yes, he wanted to kill him. He felt justified. But he wanted to know who, or what he was fighting. And, if more deaths could be laid at this being's door. Nursing his grudge, Graalo mounted an investigation. But, he ran into dead end after dead end. He even lost track of his quarry for nearly a decade.

Graalo did find him, however. This mysterious individual we still serving as (and, Graalo assumed posing as) a Starfleet officer. He tracked the man to a Starbase, then aboard a ship, and then back to planetary installation. Here, Graalo caught up with him, and attacked him. But Graalo was shot with a sonic disruptor. He was left for dead, but he managed to escape to Qo'noS, where he eventually recovered, to resume his search. He did find the man. But by this time he had left Starfleet, striking out on his own.

This made him harder to find. But Graalo found him, aboard Starbase Magellan. Now he was working as a sort of mercenary. The quintessential Soldier of Fortune. Graalo conceived a plan. He would create a situation that would make it easy for him to kill his adversary, and make it look like self-defence. To this end, he managed to gain employment in Quitzal's Casino as a Cook, Bartender, and occasional bouncer. He would wait for his chance.

The trouble was, Graalo did not really know what kind of being he was inviting to attack him. It would be better for all concerned if the vengeance-bent Trill were to tell Commodore Grant, and Station Security of the situation. Maybe a team of security officers could handle it. But, one Trill will be more than a match for the mysterious killer.

But, Graalo did not know this.

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