Gia Paganelli

NAME: Gianna Maria Paganelli
NICKNAME: Gia, Gia-Mia
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: July 24, 2346
BIRTHPLACE: Bronx, New york
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
WEIGHT: 134 #
HAIR: Dark brown
EYES: Dark brown
LANGUAGES: Federation standard. Italian. American street slang. Vulcan. Spanish (Cuban dialects)
HOBBIES: Cooking. Singing and dancing. Terran jazz music. Old Earth motion pictures (especially silent movies). Horses. Learning to fly shuttle craft and runabouts.

Parents: Joseph Paganelli (Successful painter still living in New York City) - Father. Rosa Maria Paganelli (Writer. Poet) - Mother.
Siblings: Marco Paganelli (Professor of Mathematics. Teaches a few sessions at Starfleet Academy a year) - Brother. Silvia Paganelli (Holovid actress. Divorced mother of three) - Sister. Melanie Paganelli (Civilian anthropologist with extensive Duckblind Study expertise. Lesbian) - Sister.
ex-Husband: Logalen Ashgaar - former Starfleet security officer; now a professional Bat'leth fighter living on Forcas III.
Daughter: Addison Sofia Ashgaar - teenager who now lives with her mother aboard the USS Cavalier.

2362-2367: Federation Starfleet Academy [San Francisco, Earth] - Tactical, Security, Helm and Flight Control.

2367-2369: USS Foxbat - Security Officer [Ensign]
2369-2371: USS Foxbat - Tactical Officer [Ensign]
2371-2372: USS Farragut - Tactical Officer [Ensign]
2372-2376: USS Farragut - Weapons Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2376-2378: USS Farragut - Assistant Chief Tactical Officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2378-2380: USS Coleman - Chief Weapons Officer [Lieutenant]
2380-2382: USS Cavalier - Assistant Chief Tactical Officer [Lieutenant]
2382-2389: USS Cavalier - Chief Tactical Officer [Lieutenant]
2389-pres.: USS Cavalier - Chief Tactical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]

2374 - Combat Readiness Medal
2377 - 10 year Dedicated Service Medal
2380 - Grankite Order of Honor

2375 - Striking a fellow officer. No rank reduction enforced due to extenuating circumstances
2381 - Insubordination towards a Federation dignitary while on a diplomatic mission. Rank reduction refused by Captain William Redfearn, after a hearing on the incident


Gia Paganelli was born Gianna Maria in The Bronx, in New York; one of the most famous cities on the planet, Earth. Her parents were, and still are successful artists; her father, a painter of landscapes and nudes, and her mother a writer of lyrical romantic prose.

She grew up with one brother and two sisters. Gia was the third of the Paganelli children. And somehow it became her lot in life to be the one that always seemed to get into trouble.

Gia spent most of her childhood on the streets of the Bronx, and even in the 24h century some thing just never change. One of them is the tough side of life in New York City. And Gia became a part of this life. She was even in a gang as a teenager- a gang that had managed to develop something of a respected reputation since it's formation in the 1950s. A reputation it earned not only for it's longevity, but because the gang was immortalized in a 20th century novel and motion picture.

Gia became a well known and respected member of this group of tough kids, and by the time she was a senior in high school, she was the leader of the gang. But, the gang had a rule established after the group nearly dissolved in the 1960s. No gang member could drop out of school. And once one gradated high school, their time in the gang was over, making way for the next generation of members.

And Gia, as leader of the gang respected this rule. When she graduated from high school, she left the gang and tried to find a direction in her life.

Always a smart girl growing up, Gia graduated at the age of sixteen by taking summer courses and studying at home. And by the time she was seventeen, she knew what direction she wanted to take her life in. One of her closest friends in her gang had an older brother who had joined Starfleet. And when Gia got a good look at him in his uniform, that was enough for her.

She wanted to join Starfleet.

Gia submitted her application to the Academy in the summer of 2362. And to her own surprise she was accepted. Her scores showed an aptitude for security and tactical skills, and for the more physical elements of security training such as away mission duties. She also scored high on her leadership aptitude tests. And by the time she reported to the San Francisco campus as a cadet she was enrolled in training courses in these areas as well as minor courses in piloting shuttle and runabout craft.

The next four years of Gia's life was spent devoting herself to her studies during the day and working on her social life during the night. She had at least one boyfriend for each year she was at the Academy, and nearly became engaged in her senior year. But, she decided her career was more important to her. She broke off the relationship and graduated with high marks, earning her an almost immediate appointment aboard a starship.


Her first posting was as a security officer aboard the USS Foxbat, and she served in the position for two years before she found her niche as a shipboard tactician. Gia had a natural knack for military planning and strategy and her skills with a weapons console were excellent. Gia transferred to the tactical division in late 2369, and continued to serve aboard the Foxbat in this position.

Next Gia was transferred to the USS Farragut, an explorer and science vessel with little armament and no military compliment to speak of. Gia took an active interest in the Farragut's tactical department, pushing for upgrades to the ship's weapons systems; and it was a good thing she did too. During the Dominon War the Farragut was one of the few science vessels retrofitted for front line combat.

And her tactical department became one of the most important departments aboard the old ship.

Gia served aboard the Farragut for seven years, including the full duration of the Federation/Dominion conflict. In 2374, she received the Combat Readiness Medal for her actions during a rescue mission. And the year later she received her first official reprimand on her service record, for striking a fellow officer after he made a remark about a homosexual crewmate's fitness for combat. Although a formal disciplinary citation was placed in Gia's record over the incident, there was no other punishment enforced due to the circumstances of the incident.

Prejudice is something Starfleet commanders do not tolerate easily. Especially during war time when all officers and enlisted crew are expected to work together regardless of any personal feelings.

By the time Gia's tour of duty aboard the Farragut was over, she was serving as assitant tactical chief, and she had been prmoted to the rank of Lieutenant, junior grade. Promotions came slowly for Gia, but this didn't stop her from earning the respect of her crewmates, and the trust of her superior officers. Gia was no heroine of the Dominion War, but the crew of the Farragut felt they owed her a lot, for pushing the issue of upgrading the ship's military capabilities prio to the actual begining of the war.

In 2378, three years after the end of the Dominon conflict, Gia was transferred to serve aboard the USS Coleman as chief weapons officer. This put Gia in charge of the tactical systems aboard the ship, and made her the first officer to assume the weapons console on the Colemans bridge, if the chief tactical officer was not on duty, or was off the ship during an alert situation.

Gia enjoyed serving in this position. She actually enjoyed working the weapons console, and had had a few turns at it aboard the Farragut. And she was good at it. She was an excellent shot with the ship's phasers and could target a photon tube with deadly accuracy. Gia spent the next two years enjoying herself at the Coleman's tactical station before receiving another set of transfer orders.

These took her to the Kelvin class USS Cavalier. Essentially a long range explorer, the Cavalier had been retrofitted to accomodate extensive weapons and defensive upgrades. Now a full Lieutenant, Gia was assigned the position of assistant tactical chief aboard the Cavalier; and she served her captain in this capacity for another two years.

In 2382, the Cavalier's tactical chief, Omar El-Kadir, became the strategic operations officer aboard the ship and he personally reccomended Gia as his replacement as chief tactical officer. Although no advancement in rank was forthcoming, Gia was promoted to head of the department. In 2389 Gia was promoted to Lieutenant Commander aboard the Cavalier.

And now she can work the weapons console any time she wants to… or, at least whenever it is necessary.


Gia Paganelli is a very interesting study. Gregarious and friendly, she is also quick tempered and has a bad habit of resolving personal conflicts violently. She knows how to handle herself in a fight, and has since she was a teenager. And she is not afraid to use these skills if someone pushes her to anger.

She is also a very romantic woman, and what one might call "boy crazy" in her approach to relationships. It's easy to get her to go out on a date, and equally easy to get her into bed… but getting her to commit to a relationship is virtually impossible. She loves the romance, but fears the mundanity of a long term relationship.

Off duty she has a playful personality and enjoys her recreation time to the fullest. On duty she is all business, taking on a very business like, and almost stiff or stoic demeanor. But this part of her personality dissapears completely when she leaves her bridge station.

On away missions, Gia is always armed, carrying a Type II Phaser in a holster. She also practices martial arts and hand-to-hand skills to make sure she is fully capable of taking on any challenge a landing party she is a part of might face.

Her crewmates find her fun to work with, and to spend time with. And, more important to Gia, they trust her in a tense situation, knowing she will always put their lives and safety above her own. As a result she makes friends easily, and she usually has a good working relationship with most of the people she serves with.

She is easily offended by prejudice, bigotry, and narrow minded people. She enjoys an uninhibited lifestyle, and tends to turn her nose up at people who look down on this lifstyle. She sees them as petty, and snobbish. And this is something she finds very distasteful, to say the least.

Gia is not afraid to speak her mind. She talks tough, and has a candor that sometimes puts people off, or may make some people afraid to speak up in kind not knowing how she might react, and what she might say in moxed company. She is not judgemental, but she is opinionated. And once she has developed an opinion on something she can be a bit stubborn about changing it.

Her respect for her senior officers is something they have to earn. She usually finds a way around "yes, sir", or "aye-aye, sir" without seeming disrespectful to a command officer. And even an admiral is likely to be shown her middle finger if she feels they are using their rank as an excuse to bully her, or anyone else, just for the love of it.

She is fiercely loyal to her friends, and both of the official reprimands on her service record attest to this. Because both incidents stemmed from Gia, coming to the defense of someone close to her.

While aboard the USS Farragut, in 2373, Gia was married to a Capellan security officer called Logalen Ashgaar. Two years later they had a daughter, Addison. Logalen was disappointed they did not have a son, as a result they broke up after two years. Logalen was transferred, Gia assumed full responsibility for raising her daughter. For the past five years, Addison lived in a boarding school on Earth. The her full name is Addison Sofia Ashgaar, and she now lives aboard the Cavalier with Gia.


And despite the fact that some old-school brass might think she does not belong in a Starfleet uniform, or that she doesn't play by some of the rules unless they suit her; her crewmates, and the people she has served with know better.

Gia Paganelli is a valuable officer. And she proves it, when given the chance.


Of average height, and healthy build; Gia is an attractive woman whose figure is very flattering to the tight fitting uniforms that many women in Starfleet wear. On duty, Gia will often remove her uniform jacket and roll up the sleeves of the red tunic she wears underneath. It gives her more freedom of mobility.

She has long dark hair, and the dark eyes and exotic complexion of her Itlaian heritage.

She speaks with a thick New York brogue, and she can often be caught chewing gum on duty, which gives her an image of a street-smart tough. But she never loses her femininity, and has even been described as "girlish" and "cute" despite her best efforts to seem rugged.

Gia loves listening to music, and is not afraid to be caught singing and dancing to her favorite tunes, either in her quarters or on the holodeck. And she loves watching old Terran films, or "movies" - especially comedies from the 1910s and 20s - the "silent film" era.

Her favorite foods are pasta dishes from her own Italian background, salads, seafood, and for desert chocolate cake.

Her favorite beverages are soft drinks, of the type popular in drug stores and soda fountains in the late 20th century. She especially enjoys a mixture of Cocal Cola and cherry flavoring called, apropriately enough, Cherry Coke.

Since coming aboard the Cavalier, Gia has made several friends. And she does her best to get aquainted with new officers who are transfered aboard the Kelvin class ship.

She has made several friends during her tenure in Starfleet. Especially among the crew of the flagship, the USS Legacy. Both the ship's Tactical officer, Doug Painter, and flight controller Baxala Sodi are very good friends to Gia. And Sodi's daughter, Penelope, is Gia's daughter, Addie's best friend.

Gia still has a very good relationship with her ex-husband. Since Addison went to live with her mother aboard the Cavalier, Logalen has been a stronger presence in her life. He has visited Addie and Gia on several occasions. Addison secretly wishes her parents would get back together again. Then they could be a "real family".

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