Gabriel Thayer

NAME Gabriel Bruce Thayer
NICKNAME Gabe, Monster
SEX Male
BIRTHDATE December 8, 2342
BIRTHPLACE London, England [Earth]
HEIGHT 5' 4"
WEIGHT 178 #
HAIR Brown
LANGUAGES Federation standard (English), German, Klingon, Xindi dialects
HOBBIES Studying military histories, strategy and tactics. Martial arts. Physical fitness regimens. Boxing. Terran Jazz music. Maritime history. Painting

2348-2360: British public education system [basic education]
2362-2364: Starfleet Marine Corp training center, Andor [infantry, command, weapons specialty training]

2364-2367: Combat unit ground leader, Starbase 29 [2nd Lieutenant]
2367-2368: Combat unit commander, Starbase 29 [1st Lieutenant]
2368-2372: Marine Unit XO, USS Roosevelt [1st Lieutenant]
2372-2375: Marine Unit XO, USS Roosevelt [Marine Captain]
2375-2380: Marine Unit CO, USS Dauntless [Marine Captain]
2380-2383: Marine Unit CO, USS Dauntless [Major]
2383-2385: Marine Unit CO, Starbase 240 [Major]
2385-pres.: Marine Unit CO, USS Pioneer [Major]

2366 - Purple Heart
2366 - Service Commendation
2371 - Purple Heart
2374 - Star Cross
2375 - Dominion War Campaign Medal
2376 - Purple Heart
2380 - Semper Fidelis Cross
2384 - Purple Heart

2369 - Insubordination
2381 - Striking a Fellow Officer


Born in one of London's lower class neighborhoods; the son of a tramp freighter captain and his wife: Gabe Thayer grew up tough, rugged, and ill tempered. He was actually something of a trouble maker when he was a teenager. And nither of his parents seemed to care very much about what he did or where he went.

By the time he was 13 years old, Gabe was spending most of his time on the streets or in any of the pubs in south London that would let him in despite his age. He learned about the rough side of life from his own experiences.

But, he did spend some time in a classroom.

Enough to know that an academic life was not for him.

Gabe loved to go looking for toruble, and even get into fights.

And by the time he had graduated from the British public school system, Gabe was well known in his neighborhood as a ruffian. He also developed a fascination with the hobby of "shipspotting" - an update on the 20th century passtime among some London youths known as trainspotting that involved hanging about shipyards, trying to identify the various atmospheric craft that came and went from the port.

Shipspotting was also a good way to pass, or waist time. And with a lot of idle time on his hands, Gabe soon found himself involved in illicit drug use.

This lifestyle lasted abut two years after he got out of school, before he was arrested and charged with murder. Gabe was innocent of the crime- but the actual culprit was a friend of his who was part of a violent street gang. And the judge in the case felt that Gabe needed to be pushed in a different direction than his friends, and his own temperment were leading him.

The judge offered Gabe a choice - prison time in a penal colony for his involvement with the killing, and his use and posession of a controlled substance, or forced enlistment in Starfleet.

Not wanting to see the inside of a jail cell, Gabe chose the latter.

It was the Marine recruiter assigned to deal with Gabe's case at this point that decided it would be the Marine Corps Gbe would be assigned to. However, after interviewing Gabe on three separate occasions, the recruiter felt Gabe was actually officer material, if he could receive the right training. The recruiter assigned Gabe to the training center on Andor, where he trained for Marine infantry duty for two years.

When he completed his training, Gabe was posted to Starbase 29, at the rank of second lieutenant. He was assigned the duties of ground assault leader to the base's second batallion of marines. And he served in this capacity for the next three years.

During his training Gabe had become a devotee of the Corps. Originally forced into service, he actually grew to like the Marine Corps; he enjoyed the rigorous training, and the idea of a career as a professional soldier appealed to him. He even managed to end his drug habit with the help of the Marine medics.

After his first tour of duty aboard Starbase 29, Gabe was promoted to first lieutenant, and to the position ground assault commander. But, he only served in this position for a little over a year before he was transfered.

His next posting was aboard the USS Roosevelt, as second in command of the ship's Marine unit.

If they had stars in the Marine Corps, Gabe Thayer's was on the rise.

He would remain aboard the Roosevelt for the next seven years, reaching the rank of Marine Captain. Gabe served out the Dominion War aboard the Roosevelt; he was decorated three times and received one permanent reprimand on his record early in his tour of duty for arguing with his commanding officer on the Roosevelt bridge, and infront of her Captain.

Gabe became something of a hero during the War, and was well known for a reckless, daredevil style on the battlefield. His ruthless tactics never risked the lives of people under his command, however; he always took the dangerous chances himself.

And he has been wounded several times as a result of the brashness of his actions.

After the War, Captain Thayer was transferred to the USS Dauntless to command the warship's small Marine compliment. The Dauntless was assigned to patrol duties, in an effort to keep down furhter attacks from forces loyal to the Dominion, still operating in the Alpha or Beta quadrants.

The ammount of combat, and action in Gabe's life dropped somewhat. But, he still managed to find a fight whenever he needed one. Eight years aboard the Dauntless served to enhance Gabe's reputation as a rugged, no-nonsense commander who loved to take risks, and seemed to enjoy combat for it's own sake.

In late 2383, Gabe was reassigned again. This time to Starbase 240, in an effort to whip the installations Marine unit into shape. Given command of the unit, Gabe dived into his work with the zeal people had come to expect of him. And in two week's time he had the Marine unit at 240 function like a top of the line Marine unit.

Gabe went on to serve as CO of the 240 unit for two years, holding the rank of Major. The unit was deployed several times under Gabe's command, due to the growing threat of the Romulan/Reman civil war. And each time Thayer's Raiders, as the front line fighting force of the 240 Unit became known would return from their mission with their objective completed, a low casualty rate, and no soldier left behind alive.

It was a record Gabe Thayer was proud of when his next transfer orders came through.

Stardate 62383.21: Major Gabriel Thayer is assigned to the USS Pioneer by order of Commodore Michael Grant. Thayer's position is Comanding Officer of the small Marine Unit assigned aboard the warship. Due to the close position of Starbase Magellan, the Pioneer's home port, to both the Klingon and Romulan borders and the tense military situation in the area, Grant ordered all ships posted to Starbase Magellan to carry a Marine compliment regardless of the vessel's size.

Gabe accepted the assignment, and reported for duty, Stardate 62391.42



Gabriel Thayer is a rough customer. He is known to bend the rules if it suits his objective. But, despite his brash, brusque exterior he is a fair commander. And his loyalty to the people seving under him serves to engender the same loyalty in return from his Marines.

Thayer does not believe any member of his team is expendable, and he will not leave any of his marines behind in hostile territory. He has even defied orders on this point.

But, Thayer does have a rugged style, both as a commander and during active field duty. He is not above taking risks, even if they would seem unnecessary to others in his position. He will not ask anyone under his command to take a risk he would not take himself, however.

A small man, just over 5 and a half feet tall, and light of build. Gabe has sharp facial features, a long nose, and gray eyes, set deep beneath thick eybrows. He keeps his dark hair trimmed short in a traditional marine haircut, but he often wil lgo several days at a stretch without shaving. He keeps himself in excellent physical condition by spending most of his free time working out, or rigorously pacticing martial arts.

He also loves to relax by studying military history and the strategies and tactics of ancient armies such as those of Alexander the Great, Kublai Khan, and the Spartans.

In contrast to his otherwise rough, militaristic personality, Gabe also loves to paint. And he is actually very good at landscapes.

Over the years Gabe has adorned himself with several tatoos including the symbol of the Starfleet Marine Corp on his right bicep. He has at lease three other tatoos, all of a military nature, featuring symbols of weapons and different military groups.

His voice is somewhat soft and boyish; at least moreso than one would expect from his personality. He speaks in a thick British accent often described as cockney or "scousey". His style of speach has been compared to "Pirate lingo", as he tends to drop his H's and say "me" instead of "my".

A steadily reliable officer, Gabe can also be described as Gung Ho. Very agressive. But, he still has his fair share of friends among his collegues. He can be quite jovial, once you get to know him. And he is not one to hold a grudge. Gabe prefers to mend fences rather than burn them; good friends will, after all, watch your back on the battlefield.

A career officer, Gabe has never married. And he has no children, at least that he is aware of. During the early days of his career he was something of a womanizer, as befitted his piratical personality. And it is quite possible that he has a few children out there, somewhere.

Thayer does have one rather dark secret. When he was on Starbase 240, he agreed to participate in a potentially dangerous experiment authorized by Starfleet Intelligence. Scientists and geneticists working with Intel had developed a performance enhancing drug that could increase a human's physical strength and endurance, as well as resistance to disease and artificial toxins by at least a factor of three.

Anyone taking this drug, nicknamed "Ketracel Red", would find themself even stronger than a Vulcan, and more resistant to physical damage than a Klingon warrior. At least as long as their most recent dosage was in effect.

Gabe agreed to be a test subject for the effects of Ketracel Red.

So far the drug has had only minor side effects, making him more irritable and giving him a tendency to act in a violent manner when under it's effects. Since Gabe only takes the drug when he knows he is going into battle or is likely to find himself in a combat situation his actions have not arroused any suspicion, or earned him any negative conduct reports.

The Pioneer's XO, having served with Gabe before, is personally suspicious of his recent behavior. But, as fo now, his use of the Ketracel Red remains undisclosed to either his captain or his crewmates. The project is still classified, and Gabe is under orders from Starfleet Intel not to inform anyone of the drug, or his use of it.

As to the drug's intended effects- enhanced strength, endurance, and general physical combat ability; the test could easily be classified as a success. What the side effects, or detriminal effects of Ketracel Red wil lbe over the long term remain to be seen, as Gabe continues to perform as a test subject for SI.

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