Fantasia St.John

Name: Fantasia St. John
Species: Human - (genetically enhanced)
Sex: Female
Age: 45
Birthplace: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, (Earth)
Birth date: December 3, 2336
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 135
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Languages: Federation Standard, (Earth Languages) German-French- Italian- Vulcan (some), Klingon ( Some).
Hobbies: Geology, Botany, Linguist, Alien and Earth Cultures, Music, Piano, Cooking, Shopping, Practicing with the Klingon Bat'leth, Horse riding, and reading.

Father: Captain Ryan St. John, Deceased
Mother: Dr. Susan St. John, Deceased
Sister: Commander Mauve St.John, Deceased
Niece: Calleigh St.John, Counselor, USS Britannia

2353-2355, Starfleet Medical

Service Record:
2355-2357- Ensign, Medical Assistant, USS Excalibur
2358-2360 - Lt. , Assistant Medical Officer, USS Excalibur
2361-2363- Lt. JG , Assistant medical officer, USS Enterprise- E
2364-2366- Lt. Commander, Chief Medical Officer, USS Horizon
2367-2368- Lt. Commander, Chief Medical Officer, USS Titanic
2368-2370 - Lt. Commander , The Neg’Va Klingon exchange, Assistant Medical Officer
2370-2370 – Shore-leave
2371-2372- AWOL, joined the Maquis
2373- 2374- New Zeland Penal colony
2375-2376 - Lt. Commander , Chief Medical Officer, USS Pioneer
2377-2379 – Commander, Chief Medical Officer ,USS Pioneer
2380-2381 – LOA
2381 – USS Pioneer, Chief Medical Officer, Commander

2360- Starfleet Commendation
2374- Citation for bravery
2379- Starfleet Commendation

2364-2366, Went AWOL for she joined the Maquis in their fight against the Cardassine’s. (She later turned herself in at DS9, and sent to New Zealand Penal Colony after her time she was released) - she had sent medical supplies to the Maquis



Fantasia St.John was born to Ryan and Susan St. John both were prominent members of starfleet Ryan was Captain of the USS Andromeda and Susan was Chief Medical officer. They had two girls Fantasia was more like her mother Susan and Mauve was more like her father Ryan. Both would have very exciting careers in starfleet.

Before Fantasia had been born she would have been born with a mental illness that you couldn't have gotten ride of when she was born. Ryan and Susan had decided it was best for Fantasia to get her genetically enhanced it would ensure her future and to make sure she would have a good one. Her parents would then have any trace of the genetically enhanced procedure erased from the records at a great cost to them. But they knew it was for the best.

Fantasia grew up in the starfleet life she knew all the rules and regulations.

Fantasia entered the academy at the young age of 17. She passed the exam to enter starfleet at one of the highest ranking scores the academy had seen in awhile. She followed her passion which was in the foot steps of her mother, Susan. She became a doctor.

While at the academy admist her studies she wrote a paper on cell regeneration. In her spare time she enjoys botany, stellar cartography, the history of cultures, and collecting old artifacts.

She became popular with the students as well as the professors. Her academy roommates consisted of several different aliens, A Vulcan named Sokona , An Orion named Kolar. She also participated in several sports but swimming being one of her favorites and she excelled at it she also became the captain of the swim team. She also enjoyed Golf, and tennis.

After graduating her first assignment was the USS Excalibur under the command of Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. She delt with everything from the Thallonian's and Orion space pirates. She served several terms on the Excalibur.

Her next assisgnment would land her on the USS Enterprise -E a coveted spot among the new graduates of the academy. Where she'd work with Dr. Crusher a strict but kind woman. Fantasia was very popular on the Enterprise. She helped Doctor Crusher on several occasions. She wrote another paper on the mythical Iconian race.

After the Enterprise she then was posted to the USS Horizon and then later to the Titanic where she meet a Klingon officer named, Kur he was the security chief. They became good friends and he taught her many things about his culture and the Bat'leth. She became very good with the Bat'leth and he even made her one. (Which she hangs in her office to this day).

One of star fleet's most darkest days happened in the year 2367. They would learn of a race that was very relenting. She would get the dreaded call that her parents had been killed in battle at Wolf 359 and that her sister had also died.

Starfleet then decided to reopen the Klingon/Federation exchange program giving it one more time to see if it would work. Fantasia was picked to serve as CMO on the Neg'Va under the command of Captain Krug.

The death of her parents and sister made her angry very angry as she worked with the Klingons. A Klingon named Meth found out she could fight with a bat'leth and found this interesting that a human would take the time to learn. The two would often “ “ fight with the bat'leth as Fantasia found this a good source to get rid of her anger.

After her time on the Neg'va Fantasia took sometime off heading back to earth to deal with things there. Then she heard of ramblings of another confrontation happening in the Demilitarized zone after the colonies were ceded to the by the Federation by the Federation Cardasine treaties. A rebellious born group called the Maquis. Though they were considered traitors and anyone else who joined them were also considered traitors. She sympathized with them and decided to join them. She didn't want to hurt anyone she wanted to heal them if she could.

There she'd meet Seye Fod a Bajorin war hero who was helping the Maquis. The two formed a bond of deep bond of friendship. Fantasia worked with the Maquis for sometime before she finally turned herself in at Deep Space Nine where she was convicted and served time at the New Zealand Penal colony. Later she would learn that Fod was killed in battle by the Cardasine's.

Then there was a new hope for Fantasia a woman named Captain Ruth Basquit needed a good medical officer and she needed one now. They would be on the new frontier of Federation space even going to the delta quadrant. So she needed someone quick and fast on her feet. Fantasia got released and served with Captain Basquiat on the pioneer.

Fantasia also has a niece Calleigh St.John, her sister Mauve's daughter who'd died at wolf 359. The young woman lived on earth and staid in the town she lived in living with her god-parents till she grew of age to join starfleet herself. Fantasia and Calleigh's god-parents thought it best she remain on earth to finish her education.



Fantasia is a relaxed medical officer she knows when to be serious and when not to be. She's very supportive of those she works with and will often give encouragement to those who need it. Never enforcing her opinion on others.

She's a straight forward doctor who doesn't beat around the bush. She tells it like it is when it needs to be told. Not only is she a doctor but she's also a friend to those who need it. She would have made a good counselor as well if she had chosen to do so.

Off duty sometimes you can find the doctor on the holo-deck horse riding, maybe sailing along the Australian coast, her home. She also likes to read and often writes papers on subjects.

She has acquired several nicknames in her life time red, Fanny, and doc.

Her best friend is a Ferengi named, Tog he owns a shop on the Magellan. He calls it things Rich and strange.

She's half Scottish half Irish but speaks with an Australian accent. Her father was Scottish and her mother Irish. Don't ever get into a drinking game with her you might lose. She does like the occasional game of Tango.


Fantasia is a beautiful curvy woman with long red hair and intense green eyes. She takes great pride in taking care of herself and keeping herself mentally and physically healthy. She does have to make a good appreciation on others since she is a doctor.

On that note she enjoys chocolate in any form but she really loves a good chocolate Sunday with nuts and whipped cream.

She really enjoys Klingon Raktajino, a very strong coffee.

Fantasia does enjoy shopping when its available.

Fantasia has never really wanted children though she doesn't mind being around them since in her profession sometimes she has to deal with them. The closest to a child she has had is her niece Calleigh. They try and go on shore leave together when they can. She doubts she'll ever have children she is after all married to her career.

She has come close to getting married on a few occasions but never went through with it. One time one left her at the alter.

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