Anezska Faison

NICKNAME: Nez, Nezzie
SPECIES: Betazoid
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDATE: April 19, 2341
BIRTHPLACE: near Lake Elnara, Betazed
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
WEIGHT: 139#
HAIR: Dark brown
EYES: Dark grey/brown
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard. Betazoid. Klingon. Irish Gaelic. Andorian.
HOBBIES: Practicing the arts of physical pleasure. Studying Terran history (esp. Irish and Scottish). Klingon culture, and history. Playing piano. Singing. Surfing.

The Faison family is, considered a royal family of Betazed. Anezska has several relatives in an extended family. Her father, Starfleet Captain Aaris Faison, died in the line of duty. Her Great Aunt, Ilrixian Faison, died during the Cardassian occupation of Betazed. Her closest relatives are an uncle and his wife. She does not know who her biological mother was.

2358 - 2360 Federation Starfleet Academy
2360 - 2364 Federation Starfleet Academy, University of Betazed Campus

2364 - Ensign, Counselor, USS Galaxy
2364 - 2368 Lieutenant jg., Counselor, USS Galaxy
2368 - 2369 Lieutenant, Counselor, USS Galaxy
2369 - 2370 Lieutenant, Counselor, USS Enterprise-D
2370 - 2372 Lieutenant, Counselor, USS Sovereign
2372 - 2374 Lieutenant, Chief Counselor, USS Sovereign
2374 - 2377 Lieutenant Commander, Chief Counselor, USS Sovereign
2377 - 2378 Leave of Absence, personal reasons.
2378 Commander, Instructor, Starfleet Academy
2378 - 2380 Commander, Chief Counselor, USS Legacy
2380 - pres. Commander, Chief Counselor, USS Legacy-A

2373 - Federation Star
2376 - Betazed Liberation Campaign
2376 - Federation Legion of Merit
2377 - Starfleet Red Crest

None [2377- Requested a citation for deraliction of duty be placed in her own record, after the suicide of patient Tim Garvin. Her request was denied.]

Anezska Faison was born in April, of 2341, on Betazed. Her father was a Starfleet officer, whose family had a large estate near the Lake Elnara region. The identity of her mother remains unknown, at least to Anezska. But, it is pretty clear that she was one of her father's numerous lovers. And, whoever she was, she was a Betazoid.

Despite her father's position within Betazed society, which was essentially that of Betazoid royalty; he rebelled against tradition, from the very begining, refusing to marry the woman to whom he had been promised. He left Betazed and joined Starfleet instead.

Something of an adventurer, and a bit reckless, Aaris Faison soon aquired a reputation as a ladies man and a flamboyant swashbuckler. He never married, but he was the type who had a girl in every port. And one of these girls was Anezska's mother.

When Anezska was born her father took her to live with him aboard the USS William Clinton. The Clinton was a long range survey vessel, and senior officers were allowed families aboard for that reason. When Anezska was 4 years old, however, her father was killed in the line of duty. By now Aaris was a Starfleet captain, and Commanding Officer of the Clinton. And, rather than have Anezska repatriated to Betazed and put in the custody of his family, where he feard she would be geneticaly bonded as per tradition; Aaris put her in the custody of his closest friend in Starfleet, the Clinton's Chief Engineer. Captain Aaris Faison died, in the Clinton sickbay, two days later.

This Engineer sent Anezska to live with his family on Earth, and she grew up on a small farm in Ireland, where she picked up her love of Gaelic language and cultrue, not to mention the thick brogue she speaks with to this day.

When Anezska was old enough she submitted her application to the Academy, and joined Starfleet. After attending the Academy for two years, she decided she wanted to pursue a career as a Starfleet counselor, and she returned to the planet of her birth to study psychology at the Starfleet facilities at the University of Betazed. There she met, for the first time, her great aunt Ilirixan; the matriarch of the Faison family.

Though her aunt did not take to her immediately, Anezska worked to develope a friendship wth her, and by the time she graduated from the Academy, not only had Ilirixan accepted her into her family, but Aneszka had found she had a family, even among the aristocratic Faisons of Lake Elnara, who had taken her to heart.


And, though no one could tell her anyhing of her mother, she felt much less like an orphan; less alone. And she entered into her career in Starfleet bright-eyed, and full of promise and ambition.

Her first tour of duty was a five-year stint aboard the USS Galaxy, the class-ship for the Galaxy class. She achieved the rank of full Lieutenant, and aquired a reputation for being an excellent trauma-counselor, treating people who had suffered as prisoners, or victims of violence.

After serving a year aboard the USS Enterprise, under Deanna Troi, Anezska was offered a senior officer's position aboard the USS Sovereign, another class-ship. This assignment would last for seven years, during which time Anezska reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander. She occupied the position of Chief Counselor, or Ship's Counselor, for five of those years.

During her tenure on the Sovereign, she saw several of the horrors of the Dominion War up close, including the devastation of her own homeplanet. Her Great Aunt died, during the Cardassian occupation, as did several other members of her family. And this served to darken Anezska's outlook towards Cardassians, despite her attempts to remain neutral and compassionate during the War.

After the Cardassian underground initiated a coup on Cardassia, and set in motion the end of the War, Anezska began counseling Starfleet veterans who had suffered in the Cardassian and Breen prison camps. One of her patients was a young helmsman named Tim Garvin, who had been a prisoner in a Breen camp, and lost his Klingon wife to the Cardassians. Garvin was suicidal when Anezska took on the case, but, after a couple of months of counseling he began showing what appeared to be marked improvement.

Then, in 2377, while Anezska was on temporary assignment at Starfleet Intelligence Headquarters, dealing with SI agents who had undergone Cardassian brainwashing techniques; Garvin committed suicide while on shore leave on Qo'noS.

Anezska was devastated, and she held herself to blame. For a time, she lost confidence in her abilities, and was even tempted to resign her comission; until a close friend, a man of both Klingon and Vulcan ancestory called K'ehT'elok , convinced her she just needed a break. From her job, and from the horrors of the aftermath of war that her duties forced her to endure on a daily basis.

Following the advice of this man who had been one of her teachers in her taining as a counselor, Anezska took a six-month leave of absence, during which time she was offered a position teaching basic counseling technique to medical cadets at the Academy. The position came with a promotion to full Commander, and Anezska accepted it, reluctantly at first.

Teaching renewed her confidence in her skills, and in herself, and when she was offered the position of Chief Counselor aboard the Federation flagship by the new commanding officer, Captain Northcote, she readily accepted; anxious to return to space and put into practice again what she had been teaching, and had briefly lost touch with herself.

She reported aboard the USS Legacy during a layover at Starbase 9, and has settled into her duties with the proverbial vengence. Her primary goal- to never let another patient slip through her hands again, no matter what.

In 2380 the Avalon class USS Legacy was all but destroyed by a Starfleet renegade in a stolen warship. Anezska was among several of her senior officers transfered to continue their tour of duty under Captain Northcote aboard the USS Legacy-A; a new Expedition class starship.

Anezska is a bright and cheerful woman. Her quiet demeanor and soft, lilting voice make it easy for people to talk with her; and her gentle style makes it easy for people to open up to her. Her thick old-style Irish brogue gives her voice a sort of etheral, musical quality. And she does, actually, have a fair singing voice.

She is a deeply caring person, and often becomes involved on a personal level with her patients; seeing them as friends, and not just some impersonal element of her job. And when something deeply effects someone she cares for, it will often effect her as well.

She is a powerful empath.

Having devoted her adult life to her career, and Starfleet, Anezska has never married. Something that probably would have pleased her father. Though her reasons are less self-indulgent than his were. He would be happy she was never bonded by Betazoid tradition to someone she did not love.

Ironicaly, the woman her father had been pledged to marry, according to the Betazoid custom, went on to marry Anezska's uncle, and Anezska has become close to them, and their family. Especially after the War.

Anezska lives modestly, with her quarters decorated in hanging tapestries of Gaelic art, from Ireland, and furnished in simple old-fashioned wooden furniture. Most of it is replicated, but some pieces are actual woodcraft, and may be valuable antiques.


She is respected, both in and out of Starfleet, and has a reputation as an excellent personal counselor, as well as a first-rate diplomatic Liaison and first contact agent. Anezska even had several friends among the Maquis. She is still close to Deanna Troi, now married to Captain William Riker. Anezska served as a maid of honor at Troi's wedding and they continue to keep in touch.

Anezska is not, normally, one to hold a grudge. She is easily forgiving, makes friends easily, and makes every effort not to make enemies. Her only failing in this area, at least openly, is her dislike of Cardassians, or at least the Cardassian military structure; due to their involvement in the Dominion War, and what happened to her home and family during their occupation of Betazed. But, she tries not to display these feelings openly, and will make a clear effort to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, avoiding prejudgements.

During her brief tenure aboard the Enterprise-D, as well as her early months on the Sovereign, Anezska was involved in several First Contact and diplomatic missions. This gave her a broad appreciation of the many and diverse cultures of the Federation. She has become especially fond of Klingon culture, and even had a Klingon lover, briefly.

Known as Nez, or Nezzie; Anezska Faison is a voice of comfort, a skilled diplomat, and a good friend, not necessarily in that order, to the officers and crew of the USS Legacy.

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