Ethan Davis

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Terran Age: 36
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Date Of Birth: August 2, 2353
Place Of Birth: Surrey,England (Earth)
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 150

Languages: Federation Standard
Interests: Karate, Driving 21 century muscle cars on the holodeck, Collecting Ancient artifacts (from different cultures), Diamond/ Precious stones mining, Orbital Skydiving, Spelunking, Surfing, old earth game shows, Jewelry Designing, and action packed holodeck programs.

Father: John Davis (D)
Mother: Leah Buchanan Davis (D)
Siblings: Sister, Merida Davis(Younger)
Nephew: Jaggar Davis (Naria's son)
Step-Mother (Aunt): Naria Davis, (Captain of the USS Amelia Earhart)
Step-Father: Doctor Robert Davis (CMO, USS Amelia Earhart)
Cousin: Cmdr. Prudence Buchanan, Starbase Magellan (Favorite Cousin)
Uncle: Admiral Ralph Buchanan, (Still in Office)
Aunt: Julia Buchanan, (Professor at Starfleet, Engineering)
Cousin: Lewiston Davis, (Adopted son of Julia and Ralph)

2360-2372, Dartmouth School For boys.
2373-2375, Starfleet Academy

2376-2377, USS Titan, Cadet/Ensign, Security Officer
2378-2380, USS Titan, Ensign, Security Officer
2381-2382, USS North Carolina, Assistant Security Officer, Lt. JG
2383-2384, LOA (surgery)
2385: Extended LOA. (Recovery)
2386- 2387, Starbase Magellan , Lt. Commander , Assistant Chief Of Security
2387-2388, Lt. Commander, Time Agent specialist/Magellan,
2389- Present Time, Lt. Commander, Assistant chief of Security, USS Avenger


2380 – Star fleet Award for valor
2381- Star fleet award for Conspicuous Gallantry
2382- Starfleet Medal of Honor



Ethan Davis was born to Sarah and John Davis (John Davis being Naria Davis’s Brother. He never knew his real parents for his real parents had been extreme adventurous. They had died in a freak snow storm on Mount Kilimanjaro (located on earth, East Africa). Their bodies never found.

Ethan had inherited his parent’s love for extreme adventure! Though his Aunt, Naria Davis tried to keep him grounded by making him go to a school in London, England. Though that didn’t do much good.

Just like his parents he loves all kinds of extreme sports such as snow boarding, skiing, hiking to the top of the highest mountain on any planet, Surfing, as well as other adventurous stuff; but his favorite in the world is diamond mining. With Diamond mining you have to use extreme caution Ethan had gone to fare and to deep when the mine/volcano rumbled rocks fell trapping him thankfully he was smart enough to have a transmitter so someone could find him. A few days later rescuers did find him but not in very good shape.

Ethan was in very bad shape as rocks had fallen on both of his legs crushing them; needless to say there was little hope of him getting the use of his legs back. But a close friend of his and sometimes on again off again girlfriend, Dr. Fantasia St.John had a brilliant but crazy idea that’d she had gotten from an old earth TV show, the idea had been around since 1950’s earth but till now really had no proper material to create such

An advance procedure.

He didn’t want to be a cripple and stop doing the things he loved to do. He loved how crazy the idea was so that is why he went with her idea. It took a few months for Fantasia and a group of engineers to create the legs. The surgery would last for almost two days. Though Fantasia wasn’t alone she had Dr. Rowena Pike, Dr. Kate Pulaski, and Dr. Beverly Crusher helping her, (though it took some convincing of Dr. Crusher to be apart of the procedure).

Though much to everyone’s amazement the procedure was a success! There where very little complications and his legs worked the moment he woke up. He’s stronger in the legs than your average human being, he can run faster, kick harder.

Before returning to Starfleet Ethan took a year off so he could adjust to his legs he found he could do everything but ten times better than he used to before. His karate was better than ever as well as his surfing.

Starfleet thought it would be best to make sure Ethan was looked after for awhile so he was transferred to Starbase Magellan.

He's now aboard the USS Avenger as Assistant chief of security and also working as a time agent with commander Perfecta Ross and several others who are assembled as a team.


Ethan is a laid back kind of guy with a pleasant smile; he’s easy to work with and gets along with just about anyone. Even despite what happened to him (He wasn’t that careful anyhow) he’s a pretty cool guy.

Ethan really enjoys active programs for instance he'll pick a movie that was done in the mid 2000, when movies were really popular. (or any movie for that matter). Then he'll act out that movie, he loves especially sword fighting scenes and scenes where you have to really kick-ass.

He stands about 5ft 10in with a medium frame though not to stocky, you can tell how ever he keeps in excellent shape. He keeps his hair short like a buzz cut, his skin is tan from his years of the outdoors. His eyes are a light blue. His wears a light scruffy beard.

For the most part Ethan has lived on his own traveling and seeing and doing all he can. He loves just about anything extreme and has probable done so.



Speaks with a deep husky voice.

He keeps the car’s at his Step-father’s Robert Davis who also has a love of old earthEthan also loves old earth cars and enjoys working on them as well as driving them he owns Four old earth cars: a 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans am (red), 1960’s Ford Mustang Convertible top with white strips, 1972 Ford Grand Torino Sports car black with white leather seats, 1970’s Plymouth Duster Yellow with black strips and black bucket seats.

Cars. Ethan has created a number of holodeck car programs to either work on the cars or drive them. Ethan likes to sing when he's working on a project, he doesn't care when people are around.

His good friends are Counselor Prudence Buchanan (Magellan, Cousin) , Captain Fantasia St. John (lion heart), Dr. Catherine Mclintock (Pioneer), Lt. JG Hero Ryker (Pioneer).


Ethan has a perfect record with no tarnishes and no reprimands.

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