Emily Jane Bota

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Human
Height: 5' 4" - Weight: 130#
Birthdate: July 7, 2241
Birthplace: Bangui, African Confederation, Earth

One of the best engineers in Starfleet, Emily Bota holds a degree in astrophysics from the University of Cambridge, on Earth. After Cambridge, Emily enrolled at Starfleet Academy, where she excelled in her engineering and command courses. Her first assignment was aboard the USS Tamerlane, where she served as a systems technician before being transferred to the USS Enterprise. Her she worked with Montgomery Scott; and anything she didn't learn in the classrooms at Cambridge and the Academy she learned quickly from Scotty.

Becoming a top-notch engineer in the field as well as the classroom. Emily became well known for her often risky improvisations, as well as her intricate knowledge of ships' systems. By the time her tenure aboard the Enterprise was over she was serving as Scotty's assistant chief of engineering.

Her transfer to the Expedition came with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. And Emily is earning her rank and pay as Chief Engineer, keeping Gwen Connor's experimental FWG-1 warp engines from flying apart.

Her knack for improvision, and for straying from established engineering practices has saved the Expedition on numerous occasions. And Emily genuinely enjoys her work, seeing a blown warp conduit in the middle of a battle with Klingons as an excuse to try a new technique she recently thought up.

A certifiable workaholic, Emily will not leave her duty shift with a job undone. But, once she is off duty she can be the life of the party. She enjoys music, and dancing; and is also a pretty good athlete, specializing in the more rugged sports of hockey, surfing, water skiing, mountain climbing.

A generally likeable and friendly girl, Emily has been known to have a temper- especially when she feels she is failing at a task. She doesn't let her temper lose very often, but those who have seen her angry say she is more similar to a Klingon warrior than a Starfleet officer.

Emily has studied Klingon culture, and even finds herself admiring their bold warrior's ways. She hopes for the day that the Federation and the Klingon Empire can put aisde their differences so she can experience their culture up close.

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