Ellen Trask

Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Human
Height: 5'6" Weight: 127#
Birthdate: April 17, 2252
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio

Ellen Trask grew up in the American mid-west. She was born in the city of Cleveland; where her father worked as a civilian metallurgist who often had dealings with Starfleet personnel - especially from the Corps of Engineers. When Ellen was a teenager her family moved frequently, and she and her three brothers found themselves bounced from school to school, often having to make new friends only to lose them again in a few months.

All in all, Ellen spent portions of her childhood in several different parts of the United States - Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, and finally California. Ellen's last years of high school were spent living within walking distance of Starfleet Academy. And Ellen would often make the trip down to see the Academy on her way home from school.

In her senior year, Ellen was fortunate enough to be selected as one of a group of students who were given a tour of Starfleet Academy by one of the instructors. The students were chosen from several different civilian schools in the San Francisco area. Each student was chosen because they had scored highly on an aptitude test, showing a natural knack for one or more areas of expertise valued among Starfleet officers. Ellen had scored highly on both engineering aptitude tests, as well as tests designed to gauge a cadet candidate's ability to work in a group and to organize projects, and lead them.

The tour was what did it. Ellen was determined to join Starfleet, even over her father's objections. Gene Trask did not want his daughter to join the military. But, after she graduated from high school, Ellen submitted her application to the Academy despite her father's disapproval. She knew she found a place she could fit in. And she passed the entrance exam with flying colors.

Ellen proved to be a quick study, and devoted herself to her studies. She graduated in the top 25% of her class, with ratings in Engineering, Helm, and Navigation. Her first posting was as a navigator on a Starfleet tug. And this assignment lead to a career as a Navigator.

Distinguished among the best in the fleet, Ellen was assigned to serve aboard the USS Brisbane, under Captain McGregor, at the rank of Lieutenant, junior grade. And after two years of serving on the bridge of the Miranda-class ship, Ellen transferred with several other officers to take key positions aboard the newly commissioned Excelsior class USS Armidale - also commanded by Charles McGregor.

Ellen Trask is a friendly, fun-loving girl. On or off duty. She does her job, and sticks to business during her duty shift, but as soon as she goes off the clock Ellen is ready to unwind. She never misses a chance at shore leave, and enjoys being a part of landing party. Especially if there's a challenge involved, or even a reasonable risk.

Ellen's not afraid of taking chances. As good a pilot as she is a navigator, she also has some skill in engineering. Ellen is also an excellent organizer and keeps her station running smoothly. She keeps her eye on what is going on on the bridge, and is usually the one to take the initiative to reroute power from one system to another to keep on top of things in an emergency.

She makes friends easily, and has the confidence of her commanding officers. Even if she does have a bit of a brash attitude sometimes. She's not overly confident; quite the opposite. Especially when it comes to her looks. Despite being an attractive girl, with a good figure, Ellen has often referred to herself as "six miles of bad road". A phrase she picked up in Oklahoma.

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