Doctor Zabek

NAME: Zabek
AGE: 64 (earth years)
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
WEIGHT: 185#
HAIR: Black (often shaven bald)
EYES: Dark Brown
LANGUAGES: Vulcan, Federation Standard, Terran Greek.

2338 - 2342: Vulcan Science Academy
2342 - 2350: Misilpani Medical School, T'Sauri (Vulcan colony-world)
2374 - 2382: Federation Starfleet Academy, Medical and Command training

2350 - 2380: Vulcan Colony ship T'Pau Marek
2382 - 2383: Ensign, Medical Officer, USS Britannic
2383 - 2386: Lt. JG, Medical Officer, USS Avalon
2386 - 2387: Lt. JG, Medical Officer, Starbase 90
2387 - 2390: Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer, USS Tempest
2993 - pres.: Lieutenant, Medical Officer, Quadra Station

2385: Starcross, Bravery Beyond the Call
2387: Federation Medal of Honor, Courage Under Fire

Three minor citations for insubordination, due to strict adherence to medical doctrines despite orders.

Zabek was born on Vulcan ,the great grandson of Ston and T'Pring, the woman originally betrothed to the now universally known Federation Councilman Spock, son of Sarek. He grew up in a wealthy, cultured Vulcan home, surrounded by the best that the planet had to offer. From as far back as he can remember he was always fascinated by science, especially the medical sciences.


When he was old enough, Zabek entered the Vulcan Science Academy, and began an extensive study of Biology and biochemistry. He became a certified biologist, and enrolled in a course at the Vulcan Medical school on the Colony world of T'Sauri, where he studied viruses and infectious diseases common to the Vulcan people such as Bendii Syndrome, the deadly, hereditary disease that crippled the mind, and body… and had taken the life of Ambassador Sarek.

Excelling in his studies, Zabek graduated with a degree in biology, and a doctorate in virology, with credentials in biochemistry and basic physics under his belt as well. During his last year at the Misilpani Medical school on T'Sauri, Zabek was offered a position as a civilian scientist aboard the Colony ship T'Pau Marek, bound for a cluster of systems near the Cardassian Outland border. The eager scientist jumped at the chance and soon found himself aboard the small, almost over-populated vessel.

About two days' journey at warp 6 past the Cardassian border-zone, the Colony ship was attacked by the Borg. Most of the crew and colonists were assimilated, but Zabek, and several others managed to escape in a tightly-cramped escape pod, to crash land on a nearby planetoid, which had a class-M environment, underground. The refractory metals in the planet's surface-rock prevented even Borg scanners from detecting the survivors, and they managed to set up a small "castaway colony" in the subterranean world the planetoid provided.

The small colony went a year undetected before they were discovered and rescued by a Cardassian patrol under Gul Talor. During this time, Zabek used his scientific knowledge to help treat the survivors, and found he had a knack for hands-on medicine. Once he and the other survivors were rescued, Zabek returned to Vulcan, where a brief look into his family history, and the loose connection to Spock, convinced him to join Starfleet.

Zabek's years at the Academy went well, despite the anger hidden deep inside of him, at the Borg and what had happened to the innocent colonists. It was at the Academy, during his last four years of medical training, that he became familiar with a cadet named Guadalupe Ballesteros. He found they had a lot in common in a way, as the anger he carried for the Borg was quite similar to how she felt towards Andorians and Nausicans - pirates who had held her captive throughout most of her childhood.

Zabek forged a strong bond of friendship with Ballesteros, and they are still close to this day.

After his graduation, Zabek was assigned to the Starship Britannic, a Hope-class Medical Frigate where he served without incident. After his transfer to his next posting, however, aboard the USS Avalon (where he served for a time with Guadalupe Ballesteros), it became evident that he held his medical training higher than the chain of authority in Starfleet, and would often disregard orders based on how they jibed or did not jibe with his hypocratic oath.

This led him into minor conflict with his superiors, but his dedication to his duties, and his unswerving bravery was unsurpassed. Some minor reprimands sit on his record, and this has, perhaps, stopped any rapid rise in the ranks of Starfleet, but Zabek has been decorated twice for his bravery. Once by the Captain of the Avalon for his bravery during a near-fatal shuttle mission he shared with Ballesteros, and in 2387 by Admiral Picard for his continuing service above and beyond the call of duty.

Even this honor did not help his reputation with "the brass", and almost immediately after he received the Medal of Honor, he was transfered to the USS Tempest, a Defiant class ship, stationed at the New Edinburgh colony, as a protector-vessel. In almost Vulcan fashion, Starfleet Command rationalized that the courageous doctor would be well suited for the hazardous environment of the Stagnorian colony, while at the same time he would be far enough away for his occasional insubordinations to be out of their hair, as it were.

After three years of service aboard the Tempest; Zabek left Starfleet. His goal being to seek training from a Vulcan master in the ways of the Kolinahr. After having attained Kolinahr in 2393, Zabek returned to Starfleet. His commission was recativated on 70849.5, and he was soon dispached to the medical department on the isolated planetary base, Quadra Station.

He reported for duty on Quadra, on Stardate 70868.4; serving under Dr. Fernando Almaguer.

Zabek is the typical Vulcan on the surface, though at times he can have a very outgoing sense of humor. He also carries a deeply hidden grudge against the Borg for attacking the T'Pau Marek and assimilating so many of the people he had come to know as friends, and a form of extended family. He keeps this animosity hidden beneath his Vulcan exterior, and very few people know he harbors such open ill will towards the Borg.


Guadalupe Ballesteros is one of these few, and someone Zabek holds in high esteem as a close friend, and someone he feels he can confide in. Despite Guadalupe's rather cavalier attitude towards relationships, the two have never been intimate with one another; their bond of friendship being something more meaningful to them than any physical liaison.

His very human emotions in regard to Guadalupe Ballesteros was the reason that Zabek left Starfleet to take training in the Kolinahr on Vulcan. And to purge a more violent proclivity with his personality.

Indeed, a great deal of Zabek's motivation in joining Starfleet was to find an avenue to pursue his hatred, and quest for vengeance on the Borg. But, during his time as a medical officer, he has come to value any life more than the death of a Borg, and is very devoted to his duties as a doctor. Sometimes, of course, this has gotten him into trouble, as he will buck the system, or break regulations, to uphold his medical oaths and practices even in the face of a courtmartial.

Zabek is quiet, and reserved unless provoked, in which case he can virtually lecture your ear off, on any number of subjects. He is intelligent and well-read. Well-versed in the areas of medicine and philosophy. He holds these things, as well as ethics, and life itself highly, and will brook no challenge to his personal code of right and wrong, even to the highest authority. He believes in justice and in peace, and prefers non-violent solutions when possible.

This is not to say that Zabek is without courage, however, as he has often been considered more courageous than a Klingon. And he is no slouch in combat if the occasion calls for it, especially if faced with the Borg. His occasional disregard for orders and authority have branded him a bit of a renegade, and seems to have stonewalled his further advancement in rank.

Outwardly, he can seem calm, and caring; but also he can appear quite menacing if he wants to, or needs to. He reads a great deal, mostly old Earth "classics" such as Shakespeare, and he has an affinity for the teachings of Plato. He enjoys classical music, especially Bach and Mozart. Zabek also has a good knowledge of fine wines and gourmet cuisine on a pangalactic scale. Couple that with his very un-Vulcan sense of humor, his skills as a physician, and his debonair good looks with deep, expressionful dark eyes: and Doctor Zabek is, indeed, a renaissance man of the Vulcan people.

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