Dr. Roger Cole

FULL NAME: Roger Steven Cole
BIRTHDATE: October 24, 2340
BIRTHPLACE: Chelmsford, Essex, England [Earth]
HEIGHT: 6' 4"
WEIGHT: 212 #
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Dark green
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard (English)
HOBBIES: American popular culture, c. 1955-1980. Especially the music of Elvis Presley & the Beatles; and movies of the 1970s and '80s. Football (Soccer). Cajun cooking. Parisi Squares. Earth automobiles. Horses. Hiking.

Dennis Cole - Father - Retired cardiovascular surgeon
Melinda Cole - Mother - Retired history and language teacher
Alex Cole - Brother - Criminal, wanted by Federation authorities for trafficing in illegal weapons
Rita Esparza - Wife - Mathematics teacher. Lives aboard the Legacy with her husband
Colin Esparza Cole - Son - Junior security officer in Starfleet
Marla Anne Esparza Cole - Daughter - Aspiring journalist. Lives aboard the Legacy with her parents

2358-2362: Oxford Medical School (Majoring in internal medicine and cardiovascular care)
2362-2366: Federation Starfleet Academy (Continued medical instruction. Command procedure courses)

2366-2371: USS Enterprise-D, Medical Officer [Ensign]
2371-2371: USS Bradbury, Medical Officer [Ensign]
2371-2374: USS Bradbury, Medical Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2374-2375: USS Tirpitz, Assistant Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2375-2376: USS Tirpitz, Assistant Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant]
2376-2379: USS Tirpitz, Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant]
2379-2380: USS Tirpitz, Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]
2380-2381: USS Legacy-A, Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]
2381-pres.: USS Legacy-A, Chief Medical Officer [Commander]

2369: Distinguished Service Award
2373: Award of Conspicuous Gallantry
2374: Combat Readiness Medal
2374: Starcross
2376: Pulaski Star of Medical Achievement


Roger Cole was born in Chelmsford, England; the oldest of two children. His younger brother, Alex, came along some seven years later. Roger always looked up to his father, a heart surgeon who was well known and respected within the community, even working for a time in the respected Charing Cross Hospital.

But, Roger didn't fully realize he wanted to follow in those footsteps until he was already on his way to college. In the meantime, he lived the kind of life one would expect of a boy growing up in the American south of the 24th century. He enjoyed the outdoors, and as he grew into a tall, strong young man, he became involved in competitive sports.


His favorite was football; and old Earth sport that, was known in some countries outside of Europe and the United Kingdom as "soccer". Roger became a star player for his school, and even entertained aspirations of a career as a professional footballer. Then, as so often happens to players of the rough-and-tumble sport, Roger was injured. He tore the ligaments in his right knee in the course of scoring a goal for his school, in their final game, his senior year.

It was during his recovery from this injury that Roger found a new respect for his father's career, as a doctor. After recovering from the knee replacement surgery that sidelined his football career, Roger returned to school, determined, now, to become a doctor.

After his graduation, he enrolled in Oxford Medical School, at the famous University in Oxford. During his collegiate years, Roger was a member of several academic clubs on campus; including a club for medical students. He also played on the school's Parisi Squares team, despite his knee injury.

Roger graduated from Medical School in 2362, and applied to Starfleet Academy. He was one of three members of his medical club planning to attend Starfleet Academy after their graduation. They were all accepted, and have all gone on to have good careers as officers aboard Federation starships. Roger was inspired to join Starfleet after hearing former Medical Officer Leonard H. McCoy speak at a student meeting off campus.

With his degree from Oxford Med, Roger had no trouble gaining acceptance to the Academy, and he had a fairly easy time of it in his studies. He excelled in his self-defense classes, due to his rugged athletic background- something that was unusual for a doctor. And he was the command cadet of his quad during his final year.

His first assignment was as a junior medical officer under Dr. Beverly Crusher aboard the USS Enterprise-D. He served as an emergency medic, and assistant pediatrician until the Galaxy class ship was destroyed in battle with renegade Klingons over Veridian III. After the Enterprise-D was destroyed, Roger was assigned aboard the USS Bradbury as a pediatrics aide, and emergency surgeon. He was promoted to lieutenant, junior grade, in late 2371; and subsequently to the position of a general medical officer assigned to the delta shift in the Bradbury's sickbay.

Roger served out the majority of the Dominion War as a medical officer aboard the Bradbury, often being forced to assume new responsibilities at the proverbial drop of a hat, as the Bradbury suffered several casualties, and loss of crewmembers during the War. Roger also became refamiliarized with triage medicine, and proved himself to be good at organizing emergency response units, and dealing with the requirements of a War-era surgery units, and the strains it put on it's officers and crew.

He was awarded both the Combat Readiness Medal, and the Award of Conspicuous Gallantry for his service during the War. Both for actions in dealing with emergency situations during away missions.

In 2374, Roger was transfered to the USS Tirpitz, a starfighter carrier. Although still a junior grade lieutenant, he assumed the duties of assistant chief medical officer. The Tirpitz's chief medical officer had recently been killed in battle with the Cardassians, and the assistant chief had been field promoted. As the Dominion War came to it's sudden, and unexpected, but much welcome end, Roger was promoted to full lieutenant.

In the aftermath of the War, the Tirpitz was assigned to patrol the Cardassian border, and deal with Breen, and other minor factions loyal to the Dominion in the Alpha quadrant. Roger continued to serve aboard the carrier through 2380. He was promoted to lieutenant commander in 2379. After being moved up to the position of chief medical officer in 2376, Roger began effecting several changes in the ship's emergency response procedures that greatly improved the medical team's abilities to treat wounded pilots, including establishing triage units placed as close as possible to the fighter hangars and flight decks.

His changes were in place aboard the Tirpitz within eight months, and in late 2376, Roger received the Pulaski Award for his innovations to standard emergency and triage procedure.


It was on the strength of his record as an emergency medic, combat surgeon, and triage commander that Roger was chosen by Captain John Northcote to become the chief medical officer on board the new Expedition class USS Legacy-A. Northcote offered Roger the position on Stardate 57340, and Roger accepted the posting on Stardate 57362. Though he was in a good position aboard the Tirpitz, and he was a respected officer there, the position of a carrier in Starfleet's post-war priorities was that of little more than a glorified patrol frigate.

Roger wanted more out of his career as a senior officer. He wanted a chance at deep space exploration, and a chance to further his medical skills, and knowledge. He wanted new challenges to face. So, it was not a hard decision for him to make. He left the Tirpitz and reported aboard the Legacy-A for her shakedown cruise, Stardate 57417.

In early 2381, Roger took, and passed the bridge officer's exam; earning a promotion to full Commander for his fifteen years of service to Starfleet.

Roger Cole is an all around nice bloke. He always seems to have a smile for the people he works with, for his crewmates, and for his patients. This gives him a very good bedside manner. He is always encouraging, not only to his patients in his efforts to make sure that the psychological aspects of recovering from sickness or injury are attended to as well as the physical; but to the doctors and nurses serving with him.

He is especially careful to treat young, inexperienced doctors with the respect he feels anyone in the medical vocation deserves. Roger is not one of those physicians who believes a young doctor must be bullied and "molded" to become a good physician. He believes, rather, in instilling a sence of personal dignity and self respect in these officers, and residents in the medical field. In Roger's thinking, self respect gives confidence, and confidence in one's self is essential to a good doctor who wont crack under the pressure of an emergency, or the challenge of an untried procedure.

Roger has little respect for doctors who do bully their residents, and is not above telling them so, despite whatever position they may hold.

Married, since 2360, to a teacher named Margarita "Rita" Guadalupe Esparza; Roger is a deovted family man. He is a proud and doting father to his two children: son, Colin, who is currently a recently promoted Starfleet security officer; and daughter Marla, who lives with her parents aboard the USS Legacy-A. Fascinated by journalism, and the documentation of history from an early age, Marla is now working towards a career as a professional writer. And she finds a great deal of material in observing her father's work.

Roger is very professional when in his element in sickbay, or on an away mission. He is a good leader, and a good commander. He runs a relaxed, and yet efficient sickbay; and always goes the extra mile to make his patients feel comfortable. He knows the horrors of war, up close, and always takes extra steps to ensure the emotional health of his patients, working in close tandem with the ship's counseling department.


Off duty, Roger is friendly, and outgoing. He is still quite athletic, despite age and injury, and enjoys the occasional game of Bajoran springball or Terran handball on the holodeck. He also likes hiking, and horseback riding. The latter is a hobby he shares with his daughter. The Coles also love to entertain, and Roger and Rita often give dinner parties for the senior staff; Roger does the cooking. He specializes in southern American Cajun dishes, and has learned to prepare them quite well.

Roger Cole is a big man; standing six feet and four inches in height, and built more like an American football player than a British rugbyist. He has gentle dark green eyes, and a full head of naturaly curly brown hair he keeps cut to regulation length. His voice is deep, and soft and has been described as "handsome", or "charming". His British accent often comes to the surface, and if he is angry or anxious, he can even sound a bit cockney.

Roger's wife, Rita, is a teacher of mathematics. She teaches aboard the Legacy, as a civilian instructor at the 7th and 8th grade levels, according to the Terran public education system.

Roger loves old Earth rock-n-roll music. Especially the music of the 50s and 60s, and Elvis Presley and The Beatles in particular. He loves old Earth movies as well, and has been known to give screenings of some of his favorites on the holodeck.

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