Donald "Don" Grayson

NAME Donald Foster Grayson
BIRTHDATE April 16, 2358
BIRTHPLACE Augusta, Georgia
HEIGHT 6' 1"
WEIGHT 166 #
HAIR Blond (bearded)
LANGUAGES Spanish, Klingon, French (only a few phrases), El-Aurian (learning), Federation Standard
HOBBIES American "Cinema" (Movies - 1930s/1980s), Automobiles, Auto-racing, Billiards, White Water Rafting, Ice Hockey

2375 - 2379: Federation Starfleet Academy (Majoring in Flight Control Procedures, Life Sciences, Emergency Medicine)

2379 - 2381: USS Voyager, Flight Control Officer (Enisgn)
2381 - 2382: USS Voyager, Flight Control Officer (Lieutenant, jg)
2382 - 2385: USS Saratoga, Flight Control Officer (Lieutenant, jg)
2385 - 2386: USS Foxbat, Flight Control Officer (Lieutenant, jg)
2386 - pres.: USS Pioneer, Flight Control Officer (Lieutenant, jg)


Three citations in his personal record, while aboard the USS Saratoga. One for gambling, while on duty. One for improper conduct in a diplomatic situation (flirting with an Ambassador's wife). One for insubordination (no rank reduction enforced due to extenuating circumstances).


Born in the heart of the American south, Don Grayson is the son of a renowned Starfleet Admiral; Robert "Bert" Grayson. And it was always Admiral Grayson's ambition for his younger son that he follow in his footsteps and join Starfleet. But, Don originally had other ambitions. He grew up fascinated by the sea, and by aquatic life. He wanted to be an oceanographer. This lead to his early studies of oceanography, and some brief training in the field. But, after Don's older brother graduated Starlfeet Academy, he had a long talk with the younger Grayson, convincing him he could pursue his dream of studying oceanic life and satisfy their father's wishes at the same time. And it might actually be easier for Don to find a position for himself as a science officer with an oceanographic specialty than he would be able to find a similar position in the civilian sector.

Don submitted his application tot he Academy, and with a little help from his father's name found himself accepted on the first try.

It was at the Academy that Don picked up his love of flying. And he found he had an aptitude for it. A natural talent that he never would have realized existed had he not joined Starfleet. So, Don found himself without regret for giving in to his father's wishes and his brother's none-too gentle nudging. He had found something he loved even more than studying the myriad of life under the seas of Earth.

And he excelled in his studies as a pilot, helmsman, and navigator. Receiving high marks in the requisite fields for a flight control officer, Don graduated with a GP Average of 89. Not bad for a guy who never knew he even wanted to fly. He was posted to the USS Voyager under Captain Chakotay, straight out of the Academy; taking on the position on the bridge formerly occupied by Chakotay's first officer, Thomas Paris. Grayson found that he and Paris had a great deal in common, and the two men became close friends as they worked together.

After three years aboard Voyager, Don was transferred to the USS Saratoga. But the next three years did not go as smoothly as they had aboard Voyager. Don repeatedly clashed with the Saratoga's first officer; a rugged ex-marine transferred to the regular Fleet during the Dominion War to fill a lacking of experienced, ranking officers. The man was a strict taskmaster, and even worse, a bit of a redneck. Growing up in the American south, Don developed a distaste for narrow-minded or prejudiced people early in life. And this lead to several incidents between Don and the Saratoga's XO. The fact that Don had picked up a few of Tom Paris' old habits didn't help him very much either.

A trio of reprimands later, and Don was transferred from the Saratoga. He barely missed a demotion, when he was cited for insubordination against the gruff first officer of the Saratoga. But, the Captain, knowing a bit about his second in command, decided to let Don off with a citation in his record. The citation came with an automatic transfer, to get Don Grayson off the deck with the man he seemed unable to stop having a conflict with.

Don was transferred to the USS Foxbat; a ship well known for taking in officers with a misfit reputation. But the Foxbat was equally well known for turning out some of the best officers in Starfleet, including at least two members of the flagship's command staff. Don served a little over a year on the Foxbat, before he was tapped by Captain Ruth Basquiat for a position aboard the Saber class USS Pioneer.

It was a career oppertunity Don simply could not pass up.


Reporting for duty aboard the Pioneer in early 2386, Don met, and immediately hit it off with the ship's El-Aurian science officer, Tisha Avaris. The two became a couple literally over night. And now Don is enjoying his duties more than ever, as he spends his off duty time in the company of the lovely scientist.


Don Grayson is a happy-go-lucky, fun loving young man with a promising Starfleet career. As a native Georgian, he does maintain some of his southern roots, including a passion for a style of music categorized in it's heyday as "Country", but played with a decided rock-n-roll flair. Grayson likes to sing, and he likes to try and write songs. But a lack of talent with any musical instrument leaves him with lots of lyrics and no music to put them to.

It's easy to make friends with Don, because he's a very friendly guy. And he takes people at face value, never judging. He laughs easily, and enjoys his off duty time. Most of this time is spent, these days, with Tisha Avaris. And dating a 400 year old El-Aurian, Don has found is full of surprises. One never knows what she'll do next. And that is part of what makes her so fascinating for the outgoing young Human.

Don does have his flaws. He has had a gambling problem in his past, and was something of a womanizer before he met Tisha. But, aside from his run of bad luck aboard the Saratoga, he has not let this effect his career. A respected officer, well regarded as one of the best young pilots in the fleet; Don has begun to bring his personal life into lne with his career with his relationship with Tisha.

She's a good influence on him.

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