CNA Dinah Vaughan

Species: Human
Height: 5' 7" - Weight: 242#
Birthdate: April 4, 2362
Birthplace: Rome, New York (Earth)

Dinah Morgan Vaughan was born the second of two daughters, to Louis and Joanna Vaughan; in the city of Rome in up-state New York.

She is the "little sister" to Lisa Vaughan, but she appears to be the "big sister". She has always been more of the take-charge type. A natural leader. And she shows it in her personality. She carries herself with an air of authority. One look from Dinah can get more done than hours of discussion between and other nurses, or any patient.

Dinah's mother was, and still is a Starfleet nurse. And Dinah knew, by the time that she was six years old, that she would follow in her mother's career path. Her father was a Starfleet Academy instructor who specialized in training Command division cadets. To this end, Louis created several holodeck training exercises for Command cadets. And as a pre-teen, Dinah would often try them out.

As a result, Dinah gained a wealth of knowledge about Starfleet protocols, and Command functions.

Even tough Louis was against his daughters pursuing a career in Starfleet, due to the risks involved; he privately felt that Dinah, by the age of eleven, knew more about how to command a Starship than many flag commanders. When once asked to evaluate Edward Jellico's state of command-fitness Louis Vaughan's answer was "Jellico can't command a Galaxy class starship as well as my daughter.". This was not hyperbole, as far as Vaughan was concerned. He really believed his daughter was a better commander, in her tender tweenaged years.

Louis Vaughan died, of a heart attack three years later. His wife, Joanna, left her position aboard the USS Venture. She took a job at a Starfleet hospital in Chicago. And every night she would transport home to take care of her daughters. Part of this worked out to telling the eager girls about her life in space, aboard a Federation Starship.

Lisa and Dinah where both determined to become nurses at this point.

The girls devoted their studies to that end.

And when their cousin, Sienna Ray, came to live with the Vaughans, after her parents' death; she, also, began studying to be a Starfleet nurse.

Aside from enlisting to Starfleet Medical's Nursing Corp at a different time, due to the differences in their ages; these three went through nursing school together. By the time the youngest, Sienna, graduated; Dinah was on the fast track for a position as a junior nurse aboard the USS Cavalier. Her cousin, Sienna, served there briefly, as well.

While serving aboard the Cavalier, Dinah, and Lisa retreated to New York, on leave. Lisa wanted to finalize her divorce with her husband. And because he was a civilian, not bound by any Starfleet protocols; and they were married on Earth, Lisa wanted the papers filed in New York. Lisa's husband caught up with them at the old Vaughan family home in Rome. He was intending to kill Lisa. He locked Dinah in a closet, and attacked Lisa.

By the time Dinah got the closet door opened, she rushed in to find her sister standing over the badly disfigured form of her husband. Her voice was different. She seemed to speak with a indiscernible accent Dinah had never heard before. The energy form of a female Organian had taken over Lisa's body. The husband was trying to strangle her. The Organian, who had been following the Vaughan women intent upon helping them, to repay the kindness Joanna had shown to a Romulan man aboard the Venture; inhabited Lisa's body after the man had all but killed her. The Organian, called Angelsea, did not kill him, of course. But the burns she inflicted on him to force him back from Lisa's body ruined his handsome face and athletic body.

The man was taken to a civilian hospital by law enforcement authorities. He required extensive therapy. After which he was placed into a Mental Hospital.

Angelsea told Dinah that she would have to remain in Lisa's body, or she would die completely. Lisa's consciousness had survived but barely. Angelsea begged Dinah to let her stay. She wanted to continue Lisa's life as best she could. She wanted to use her considerable abilities to aid others when and where it was needed. Just like human nurses did.

Dinah agreed.

Next, Dinah was transferred to the Castle Extended Care Facility aboard Starbase Magellan. Dinah arranged for both Lisa/Angelsea and Sienna Ray to be transferred with her. And the trio formed The Trio. The term was actually coined by Dr. Franklin Ober after he noticed the three girls worked expertly together. Each one complimenting the others with her skills, and knowledge.

Dinah was the default leader of The Trio due to her command skills, and her ability to use this skill to defuse what could easily become a tense situation in the Facility. The Facility housed a lot of war veterans from the Dominion War, or before. And the nurses were often made to break up fights, or deal with emotional trauma. And Dinah was good at dealing with both.

Dinah was still intent upon attaining a full commission, as well as a full Nursing degree. So, despite her father's early objections, Dinah had become a Starfleet officer, or she would be one soon.

Dinah and the other members of the Trio worked the night-shift at the Facility, reporting directly to Nurse Gwanwyn Pendry.

Even since she was a young girl, Dinah understood how to lead. And she used this ability to full effect aboard the Facility. But, she tempered it with a soothing kindness, and a warm since of humor. She was always a fun person to be around. She was friendly, always talking to the residents, even when she didn't really have the time to spare. Her cousin, Sienna, would take up the slack in such situations.

She will play music stored in an isolinear chip she kept in a PADD she carried with her. Mostly Earth American Country music from the early 21st century. She would show pictures of things she had seen, and places she had been when on leave. She was an easy person to talk to and to get to know.

But when it comes time to get serious, she is deadly serious.

She's physically strong, as well as emotionally. She's a tall young woman, with a beautiful plus-size figure. Dinah has long brunette locks she wears in a luxurious ombre. Her voice is deep, and she speaks with a basic American drawl. Most people think she is either from California, or somewhere on the west coat by the war she speaks. Dinah has a flippant sense of humor. And it is easy to like her, and trust her.

She's a bit over protective of her sister, even though she is a very powerful being. Dinah can still speak to Lisa through Angelsea. And Dinah and Sienna are still getting used to the change in her. They haven't told Joanna what has happened yet. Because the Organians have decided that Angelsea must maintain her presence as a very deep secret.

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