Delmar Terol Ziven

Name: Delmar (Terol) Ziven
Nickname: Spots
Species: Trill (Joined)
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Birthdate: October 8, 2359
Birthplace: Trill
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 160
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Languages: Federation Standard, Trill
Hobbies: (Earth) Poker, (Earth) Baseball,

Father: Tano (Painter)
Mother: Fayola (Professor)
Siblings: (Sister) Jila

2364-2378- Trill standard Education
2379-2381 - Starfleet Academy

2382-2383, USS Sabalo, Tactical Officer, Ensign
2384-2385, USS Daniel , Tactical Officer, Ensign
2385-2386, USS Aeolus , Assistant Chief tactical officer, Lt.
2387-2388 USS Cyclone, Chief Tactical Officer, Lt.
2388-2389, USS Cyclone, Chief Tactical Officer, Lt.
2389 - Present time, USS Erebor, Chief Tactical Officer, Lt. JG

2385 - Starfleet Commendation
2386 - Starfleet award for Valor

2384 - Disobeying a direct order


Delmar was born on trill to Tano and Fayola. Tano a famous Trill painter and Fayola a Professor at the Trill science ministry. Four years later Jila his baby sister would be born and the two where inseparable.

Everyone liked Delmar he was popular were ever he went with his easy going smile and kind attitude towards others. As well as his high grades in school.

This was noticed by a commissioner on the Symbiosis council, which is the Trill organization for all aspects of joining a Trill host to a Symbiont. So Delmar was put to the test as he went through a long process of being joined to a Symbiont.

It was a happy day for his family when the Symbiosis Commission when they approved for Delmar to become joined with a Symbiont.

Delmar would never forget the day he went to the Caves of Mak’ala and saw the Symbiont pools.

Then a shocking thing happened when Delmar entered the pools a Symbiont communicated with him and Delmar and that Symbiont became connected. The
Symbiont was called Ziven, an old Symbiont having 5 other lives before his.
He would be only the 6th, for the Ziven Symbiont was fairly young.

There was no doubt that Delmar would be joined and joined he was.

After he was joined he then went to Starfleet academy.


You can’t help but instantly like Delmar Ziven when you first meet him his energetic, charming personality rubs off on you instantly.

Delmar is a handsome man tall standing around 5ft 10in with blond hair and bright
blue eyes.

He loves his family and his friends and is extremely loyal.

Delmar is obsessed with Earth, he loves the culture and the history and is addicted
to the earth games Poker and baseball.

Being joined to a Symbiont has its special privileges you know things from what others have learned before you. Delmar can only hope he could add to the post and make things interesting.


Earned the nickname Spots during his Academy years.

Likes Earth Poker

Likes 20th century earth movies and music.

Loves his family especially his baby sister, Jila. They both serve together on the USS Cyclone.

Though Delmar is a skilled fighter he sees himself as a lover not a fighter he loves the old earth Slogan, “Make love not war”.

(Previous Trill Hosts)

1. Acton Ziven was the first host of the Ziven Symbiont was an ambitious man. He was Ambassador to Vulcan. He got to know the Vulcan people well. There Acton meet and fell in love with a Vulcan Princess named Zelene. Though there was nothing Acton could do since Zelene was betrothed to another.

Besides being lovers Zelene invites Ambassador Ziven to her wedding Ceremony a Ceremony that’s not seen by many outsiders. There she invokes the Kal-if-fee her right for her betrothed to fight for her a Vulcan named, Rell (who came from a wealthy family). Ziven was then chosen to be the one who’d fight Rell. It was a long battle and one that almost killed, Ziven. But in the end he won and married Zelene though it wasn’t happily ever after, they had four children two boys and two girls.

2. Naria Ziven was an artist she could paint, sculpt, draw, and carve just about anything
That came to her mind. Her works are well established in the Trill world as well as beyond. Naria was happy with her life and married after she’d been joined to the Ziven Symbiont. She had one child a girl she named Shira her little girl however was very sick and lived a short life. When her little girl died Naria stopped caring about everything and eventually she too passed on.

3. Verity Ziven was a teacher at the Federation Academy, there she taught Science. She had a wide field of what she liked in Science. Much like Delmar she was popular with both students and Professors. She meet a human named Berne Andre a French man who owned a winery, in Italy (on earth). They married and had six children.

4. Galen Ziven was an Archeologist colleting many fine artifacts . He was an explorer, He loved to collect ancient artifacts from many different parts of the galaxy. He also taught part time at Starfleet Academy.

5. Astrid Ziven, joined the academy and worked her way through the ranks. She was a skilled warrior and knew her weapons well. She worked in Security detail and eventually made her way up being Captain, then Admiral. She never married but had three children, two boys and one girl.

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