Jamie DeBarge

NAME: Jamion Calvin DeBarge
NICKNAME: Jamie, Jame
BIRTHDATE: October 28, 2353
BIRTHPLACE: New Martim Vaz
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
WEIGHT: 164 #
HAIR: Black (shaven close)
EYES: Very light blue
LANGUAGES: Federation standard. Spanish. Vulcan. Bajoran. Some Chinese and Asian dialects.
HOBBIES: Holonovels and holoprogramming. Kayaking. Windsurfing. Fishing. Fencing. Alien languages and translating ancient alien texts.

Father - George DeBarge (Starfleet officer - Captain - Commanding Officer, USS Krik)
Mother - Sandra DeBarge (Civilian ocenaographer and marine biologist)
Older brother - Mikah DeBarge (Civilian engineer serving aboard the freighter, SS Venture)
Younger Sister - Carolina DeBarge (Actress/Singer. Also well known for her paintings)
Younger Brother - Darius DeBarge (Professional Parisi Squares player)

2371 - 2375: Starfleet Academy (Command procedure and engineering training)

2375 - 2378: USS Al Batani; Operations officer [Ensign]
2378: USS Al Batani; Flight Control Officer [Lieutenant, jg]
2378 - 2381: USS Bristol; Chief Shuttle Pilot [Lieutenant, jg]
2381 - 2382: USS Cavalier; Flight Control Officer [Lieutenant]
2382 - 2383: USS Cavalier; Assistant Chief Flight Controller [Lieutenant]
2383 - 2384: USS Cavalier; Chief Flight Controller [Lieutenant]
2384 - pres.: USS Cavalier; Chief Flight Controller [Lieutenant Commander]

2376 - Combat Readiness Medal
2380 - Grankite Order of Merit for Courage Under Fire



Jamion DeBarge was not born blind. He was born to a Starfleet officer, who was serving as a science officer aboard the USS Brittain when Jamion was born. Jamion was born on the New Martim Vaz ocean city, on Earth, where his mother was working as a marine biologist studying the effects of space travel on aquatic mammals.

From an early age, Jamion expressed a desire to travel in space himself. And he had a natural talent for taking things apart and putting them back together again. Something his father was sure would lead to a brilliant career as an engineer in Starfleet if Jamion decided to join.

When Jamion was fifteen, his father managed to arrange for the boy to travel with him aboard the Brittain, where George DeBarge was now serving as Chief Science Officer. After only two weeks on board, Jamion decided he wanted to stay on the ship as long as he could. And with his mother's permission Jamion requested a school deferment to allow him to continue his basic education aboard the Brittain, travelling with his father at the same time.

During his stint aboard the Brittain, Jamion spent a lot of time in the engine room. And he got to know the inner workings of a starship better than most fifteen year olds.

In the summer of 2369, the Brittain came under attack by a mysterious organism similar to the giant amoeba encountered by the USS Enterprise, under Captain Kirk, that destroyed a Vulcan science vessel. While Jamion's father was working to find a way to stop the creture from draining the ships power and ultimately destroying her, Jamion was severely injured in an accident in engineering that occured when the chief engineer tried to fuel the warp drive's intake manifolds with warp plasma drawn directly from the weapons array.

In the resulting explosion, Jamion's eyes were severely damaged and his optic nerves were ruined by an intense dose of radiation.

Suddenly, Jamion was blind; and there was no way that even the medical officers at Starbase 12 could restore even a portion of his sight. Jamion was fitted for a VISOR to give him an artificial form of sight. And once he became accostomed to the VISOR, Jamion was capable of leading a very normal life.


His spirit for adventure and his love of space travel was not squelched by the loss of his sight. And he still aspired to join Starfleet. After graduating from his basic education, he submitted an application tot he Academy and in the summer of his eighteenth year, he was admitted to Starfleet Academy as an engineering and command cadet.

He also studied the basic procedures for shuttle pilots and starship flight control; and he found that he was a natural as a helm officer, making higher marks in his flight courses than he did in any other area of his training.

Never the less, when he was given his first assignment as a Starfleet officer, Jamion was posted aboard the USS Al Batani, as an operations manager. Jamion served three years in the position and did an excellent job. He also served three duty shifts as a bridge officer in the flight control position as well as flying a shuttle on several away missions. When Jamion received a promotion to Lieutenant, junior grade, in 2378 he requested a transfer to the flight control position aboard the Al Batani. And to his own surprise, his request was granted.

Jamion slid into his duties as a flight controller with ease.

He served out the rest of the year aboard the Al Batani before being offered a position aboard the USS Bristol as Chief Shuttle Pilot. Jamion served three years aboard the Bristol, and flew over 100 missions as a shuttle pilot, while working the occasional duty shift on the bridge. He earned a reputation as one of the best pilots in Starfleet, and he found that his VISOR sight made it easier for him to read his controls and react to the information on his readouts.

His maneuvering skills became almost legendary due to several rescue missions he flew during the Bristol's posting as a patrol ship in the former Romulan neutral zone after the outbreak of conflict with the Remans.

After three years service aboard the Bristol, Jamion received transfer orders again. This time, he was sent to the USS Cavalier- the Kelvin class explorer designated the Cavalier-C under the command of Captain Bill Redfearn. Now promoted to full lieutenant, Jamion served a year as a flight control officer. Then, in 2382, he was given the assistant flight controller's post, as well as serving as duty officer of the Delta shift.

Another year passed, and Jamion was promoted to chief flight controller after the Cavalier's senior helm officer accepted a transfer to serve aboard the USS Voyager, serving in active duty five years after her return from the Delta Quadrant. Jamion relished his new position. His starfleet career was everything he had hoped it would be.

In early 2384, after serving as the Cavalier's chief flight controller for just under a year, Jamion was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander by Captain Redfearn.


Jamion is a quiet, calm, easygoing young man. His rise to the senior ranks has not changed him on a personal level and he is still the same curious, friendly individual he has been all his adult life. He has a good sense of humor, and makes friends easily. He is also a good leader and when his duties call for him to perform the function of a command officer he is able to step up and take charge, although he does so in a style that serves to endear him to those serving under him rather than force them to obey his orders for fear of reprisal.

Jamion has many friends in Starfleet, and several aboard the Cavalier. His closest friendship, as well as his best working relationship among the Cavalier's senior officers is the one he has with the Operations Manager, Holly Wagner.

Jamion and Wagner spend a great deal of their off duty time together, but their relationship is purely platonic. They are the best of friends.

Not at all conscious about his sight, or his need for the VISOR; Jamion has actually become more accustomed to it than he was his own eyes and he claims his vision is radically improved by the VISOR device.

He loves a good joke, and he loves spending time with his friends. He takes his shore leave on Risa, or on Earth, where he visits his family. His father still serves in Starfleet, as the commanding officer of the USS James T. Kirk; and he and Jamion have had a chance to work together when the Kirk was involved in an evacuation mission with the Cavalier near Galorndon Core.

On the job, Jamion is all business. And he can handle the controls of just about any space vessel you put infront of him. He still keeps up with the latest technical updates and engineering manuals regarding shuttles, runabouts, and shipbaord navigational arrays. And his skills as a mechanic and engineer are still sharp, even though he hasn't worked as an engineer since he transfered to the flight control department after his first few years in Starfleet.

Jamion keeps his romantic life to himself; but he has never been too succesful in that area. His closest friends seem to always be women. But he has only had one or two serious romances. And both of tem were with career officers and ended when Jamion was transferred.


For this reason, Jamion is reluctant to start up a new romance; fearing a transfer will end it again.


Jamion DeBarge is a handsome, dark skinned human man of African background. His father can trace his heritage back to the region of North America known as New England, and his mother's family came, originally, from the Virgin Islands. His mother has always been fascinated by water and the oceans.

An interest that Jamion shares, passionately.

Jamion has a youthful sound to his voice, and no trace of any defineable accent. He speaks like one who is very intelligent and well educated, but he also speaks quickly; and the more intense a situation is the more rapidly Jamion will speak, belying his exciement.

Jamion can think quickly, and ideas often seem to pop into his head at the very nick of time.

He stands a few inches under six feet tall, and has a trim, healthy build. He wears his hair short, almost to the point of shaving his head bald. And he often wears a trim mustache and goatee.

Of course, Jamion's most distinctive feature is his VISOR, which he wears almost constantly. Beneath it, his eyes have the appearance of being a very light blue- almost white -with only the barest hint of a pupil in the center.

The VISOR functions as Jamion's eyes.

The VISOR detects electromagnetic signals across the entire EM spectrum, and transmits those signals to the brain through neural implants Jamion's temples via delta-compressed wavelengths. The result is a vastly different visual acuity, making Jamion able to see in the infra-red and ultra-violet ranges, and beyond. To normal Human eyes, the images relayed through the VISOR can seem disorienting and unfamiliar.

Although at least three different medical officers have offered to replace Jamion's VISOR with a set of occular implants, Jamion has refused.

Jamion has been known to go by the nicknames Jamie, and Jame; but he prefers to be called by his full first name. And he would rather be called by name than addressed by rank, or referred to as "sir".

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