Dallas Walker

Name: Dallas Walker
Nickname: Red, Doc
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Birthplace: October 5,
Birth-date: Berkshire England, (UK) Earth)
Height: 5ft 61/2 in
Weight: 130
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Languages: Federation standard
Hobbies: Antiques , Art/collecting, Art Collectibles, Beadwork-Beading (Making Jewlery), Ice skating, Quilting, Sailing, Dancing, and shopping.

Mother: Layla Walker , Shop owner
Father: Allen Walker , Mayor of Berkshire England (UK)
Two sisters – Flora and January

2355-2371, Standard Education
2372-2374, Federation Academy

Service Record:
2377-2378, USS Galaxy, Counselor, (Cadet/Ensign)
2380-2381, USS Enterprise, Assistant Counselor, (Ensign)
2382-2383, USS Sacajawea , Counselor, (Ensign/Lt.)
2383-2384, USS Lee Fox (MIA), Chief Counselor, (Lt.)
2384-2385, LOA
2387- Present Time, USS Cyclone , Chief Counselor, (Lt. JG )
2388-2390, LOA
2390- Present Time , Lt. Commander, Base Counselor, Quadra station


Dallas Walker was born to Allen and Layla Walker. She grew up in the same town as she was born in. It was a very small town and everyone always new what everyone else was doing. Life wasn’t easy while growing up, her mother often sick. And her father busy with being Mayor of their English town.

Don’t get her wrong she loved her father and could understand for her mother was enough to drive anyone mad or drive them away. Eventually her mother went crazy and she had to be locked up. The madness overtook her and nothing could be done to be helped. Eventually Laura passed on not wanting to deal with the madness anymore.

Both Dallas and Bill took Laura’s death very hard both wishing they could have done more but they knew in all honestly they could not. Bill worked harder than every deciding on skipping retirement, besides teaching history at Harvard he also worked on the stage.

With her dad busy with his own things Dallas had time to kill; she honestly didn’t know what she was going to do. With the death of her mother whom she’d always taken care of she was at a loss. Till Cadet Theodore Giddeon stepped into her life.

Dallas could not ignore Laurie’s persuasion so she joined starfleet even with their ongoing relationship they entered into friendly competition. They challenged each other with best grades, and to see who would graduate first, (Laurie did that, but Dallas graduated in the top 3% of her class)

Dallas’s first assignment the USS Galaxy left her wanting to leave starfleet for good. The Galaxy had to transport some high end criminals to their prison destination. During the transportation of these criminals. One escaped and held Dallas hostage to get his freedom. How ever the USS Texas was in the area though they intercepted the shuttle, the prisoner managed to land on a deserted planet. And after a round about chase on foot, Laurie overtook the prisoner killing him and rescuing Dallas. She’d never forget that as long as she lived.

Her second assignment was the famed USS Enterprise. Much to her annoyance a great being who called himself Q, seemed fascinated with her. But they became good friend in the end much to the surprise of everyone on Enterprise. She was also good friends with Deanna Troy and Will Ryker. She was so scared of Captain Picard that once she even spilled her coffee down the front of his jacket, Will of course never let her forget.

During holidays Dallas and Laurie would go everywhere together. Their favorite place to visit was Risa. Laurie often had trouble reigning in his temper after a severe fight with a Ferengi who ends up being dead in their room (after Dallas said she wasn’t interested). Though they staid on Risa for several weeks till the investigation of the Ferengi’s death was solved, later it was found that he’d killed himself.

They both got lucky when they served together on the USS Sacajawea commanded by Captain Shayne Cheddar. They ended up being chased by pirates. A pirate named Captain Dathrio was seriously angry at Shayne Cheddar who swindled him out of his money, Shayne owed a bunch of gambling money to Captain Dathrio. And he was a force not to be reckoned with. After a grand chase around the galaxy both vessels ended up nose to nose in a fierce fire of guns and armory. Dathrio being a smart Captain nearly destroyed the USS Sacajawea and its crew, Shayne gave in and gave the Pirate his money. Shayne seeing he wasn’t fit to serve as Captain, retired. Dathrio also kidnapped Counselor Walker but with the help of Kovik and Commander Giddeon they rescued her.

Life for Counselor Walker certainly wasn’t dull as she seemed to go from one adventure to another. And the Lee Fox was certainly no exception from the rule. After coming back from a conference Elik and Counselor Walker where being chased through the badlands
by Pirates when their vessel disappeared in the storms.

For a year Elik and Dallas where lost (MIA), but a special forces team known as the A-team, helped them. Elik and Dallas managed to survive in a time not their own. T she was still in love with Laurie; She couldn't help but fall in love with a man named John Hannibal Smith. She knew she shouldn’t have fallen in love with John but she couldn’t help it, he was handsome, charming, kind, and often saved people who couldn’t save themselves. They where lovers and good friends.

It was Dallas’s friend Q who came and got them and returned them home. Part of her heart would always remain in that time she’d been in, part of her heart would always belong with John Smith. Just like the other half would always remain with friend Laurie.

Dallas had seriously thought of taking a leave of absence but decided not to. Sitting around doing nothing wasn’t the way to go. So she got Assigned to the USS Cyclone currently under the command of Captain Frank Raine a savvy, handsome man. When Frank Raine had gone MIA, Dallas decided it was high time to take some time off.

Then she got a call asking if she'd take over the counseling position on Quadra station. She supposed she could, after all what could happen on a station that's so desolate ? She was hoping nothing would! So she took it.



Dallas Walker may have had some rough spots in her life but she is defiantly no Damsel in distress she tries to solve her own problems and when she needs help she'll ask. Most of the time she's a kind caring person with a welcoming smile.

She speaks with a lite English accent making her voice have a musical quality to it. She never yells and never speaks higher than she needs too. She doesn't like to yell as it strains her voice.

With her nice disposition and pretty face Dallas makes friends where ever she goes. She forgives others easily. And she'll give anyone the benifet of a doubt. A deeply caring woman she will try to help her patients and friends in anyway possible.

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