SPECIES: Caitian
BIRTHDATE: October 13, 2344
BIRTHPLACE: Zz'mbarr, Cait
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
WEIGHT: 264#
HAIR: Silver fur, with white markings around the mane.
EYES: Yellow
LANGUAGES: Caitian. Federation Standard (English). Andorian.
HOBBIES: Studying alien (non-Caitian) cultures & traditions. Mountain Climbing. Tai Chi.

2362-2366: Federation Starfleet Academy [Earth]

2366-2373: USS Galaxy, Science Officer [Ensign]
2373-2377: USS Legacy, Science Officer [Ensign]
2377-2384: USS Swansea, Science Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2384-2390: USS Cavalier, Science Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2390-2392: USS October, Science Officer [Lieutenant, jg.]
2392-2393: USS Defiant, Chief Science Officer [Lieutenant]
2393-pres.: Starbase Magellan, Science Officer [Lieutenant]

2375 - Purple Heart


C'urin was born, like so many Caitians, on their homeworld of Cait. The older of two children born to a civilian scientist who specialized in Warp-core theory and his wife; a prominent Federation diplomat. His father, Mr'au, never was a Starfleet officer. But he knew more about the inner workings of a starship's warp-core than anyone, with the exception of Montgomery Scott or Jacob Kaplan.

M'iarr, C'urin's mother, enjoyed an appticeship unter the venerable Sarek of Vulcan. Later, she served as a special attache for his son, Spock; during his tenure as a Federation Envoy. In her own right, she served as one of the Federation ambassadors stationed on Andoria during the Dominion War. Due to the harsh climate of Andor, as well as the penchant for warlike behaviour that dominated Andorian culture; Andoria were rarely attacked during the war.

And such attacks were greeted with the full force of Andorian military strength; much to the dismay of the Jem'Hadhar.

Even though the Dominion had set their sights on Andoria after the fall of Betazed, an Andorian preemptive strike brought those plans to an abrupt end.

C'uirn, and his sister, S'Ness, grew up on Andoria with their father. M'iarr was often off world due to her commitment to the Federation council. It was no wonder C'urin followed in his father's footsteps, seeking an education that would make him into a well-regarded scientist in his own right.

At the age of 18, C'urin was accepted into Starfleet Academy as a Science Cadet. He attended the Academy with several other, more well-known future officers such as Ro Laren, Greta Vanderweg, Harry Kim, and B'Elanna Torres. Torres was in his quad briefly, before she left Starfleet to join the Maquis. Secretly, C'urin had a brief desire to go with her. He was quite taken with B'Elanna. But, in the end, he chose his career over his feelings for her.

His first assignment, after graduation, was aboard the celebrated USS Galaxy. C'urin served under both the Vulcan captain, Shoak, and Captain Lee Price, who commanded the Galaxy class-ship throughout the Dominion War. During the war, C'urin was transferred to the USS Legacy as an Astrometrics Officer. He served aboard the Legacy for a total of four years.

During the next seven-year hitch of his career, C'urin was transferred to the USS Swansea, where he served with the half-Vulcan officer, T'Prala Marquez. They developed a close friendship that continues to this day.

He achieved his first promotion aboard the Swansea, after Marquez's recommendation. And this lead to a transfer to serve aboard the USS Cavalier as a Science officer and Astrometrics navigator. Next he served in the same position aboard the USS October. He acquired a reputation as an excellent astrometrics tech, and starchart navigator who could be counted on to pull even the most reckless pilot out of a sticky situation.

In 2392, C'urin earned a promotion to full lieutenant.

He was soon transferred to the USS Defiant, attached to Deep Space Nine. C'urin was assigned the post of Chief Science Officer. However, the Defiant was and still is a warship, first and foremost. A Defiant-class ship will have a notoriously undersupplied science lab, and, often, underprepared personnel.

After seven months, C'urin accepted a transfer to serve aboard Starbase Magellan as a standard duty science officer. He felt that the opportunity presented on Magellan was better suited for a science officer who actually got to visit the lab once in awhile. Most of his career had been spent in an astrometrics lab. C'urin was anxious to work in the full-sized lab on Magellan, and to work with the medical personnel.

Of all the various Caitian races, the Zz'mbarrians are the most ferocious and warlike. Their culture is often compared to that of Imperial Klingons. And they are the Caitians least likely to associate with Starfleet personnel or make good officers. Nevertheless, there are several Zz'mbarrian Caitians serving in Starfleet and making their homes within the Federation. And C'urin is one of these.

He is a very studious scientist, and a good officer. As a science officer, coming up in the ranks during wartime, C'urin did not receive many promotions nor did he rise as rapidly in the ranks as a security or command officer. Science officers tend to work in their lab or a designated area, and only officers who are often attached to away teams, or serve on the bridge of a starship advance to lieutenant commander or higher very easily.

C'urin took after both of his parents. He hasn't been a very aggressive man, despite the reputation for aggressive behaviour of most Zz'mbarrians. He is calm, and thoughtful. He is given to reading widely, studying, and learning. He is very diplomatic in his demeanor, and as such he makes a good leader of an away team or an extended scientific mission. He has never studied starship command beyond what is required as a cadet. And he is satisfied with the fact that, as a result, he is likely to never command his own vessel.

That is not his goal. His goal is to explore. To go where his scientific curiosity may take him.

Now in his middle-years as Caitian life-spans go; C'urin has had fairly full life. He has made his fair share of friends in Starfleet, including several officers on both the Cavalier and the USS Galatea. C'urin served with the commanding officer of the Galatea when she was operations officer on the Cavalier.

Although he never pursued a relationship with B'Elanna Torres, he has always been a romantic man. He had a brief tryst with a reckless cat-burglar known as Krasmira Dathi. A Betazoid woman with very bright blue eyes. Unheard of in a Betazoid. And before that, he married a woman of his own species. Although the marriage ended, they did have a child together. A Caitian boy called R'Norri, who lives with his mother on Starbase 1.

And he has aspiration to follow his father into Starfleet.

Due to his relationship with Dathi, C'urin is friendly with Baxala Sodi, flight-controller of the USS Legacy; as well as her daughter Penelope Teeger.

C'urin does not drink socially, and he eats a very healthy diet. He works out often, and practices Tai Chi. He is no slouch on the phaser range, but he prefers to settle most disputes without violence. Without even pulling out a weapon. He is something of a philosopher in his own way. He is often quoting Buddha, Gandhi, Surak, or some obscure Caitian philosopher.

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