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To avoid a repeat of the Stalking Incident of 2013-2015 (which actually began subtly in 2010), membership in this SIM is by invitation, only. We're very sorry to have to take this step, but the Stalking Incident, at one point, involved a child (9 years old, at the time). The stalking continued while the adult victim was recovering from a stroke. The stalker often demanded contact. He contacted her at home, using hand-written letters. And he contacted her after she got home from a Nursing Home.

The e-mails suddenly stopped. Coincidentally, right after the daughter talked to a police officer, who came to her school to talk to her class about cyber-stalking, and pedophilia.

As the Narrators of this SIM, we feel it's necessary to restrict access to the SIM, and our players, to people we feel we can trust unequivocally. People we know, and know well. Close friends, family, and people we've come to know from several years of SIMing, writing, and Roleplaying.

But, why go to such lengths to explain what happened here: we really could have just said "this is a invitation-only site", and leave it at that.

In this case, the stalker met his victim on a Yahoo-group dedicated to the old Star Trek roleplaying game by the FASA company. It wouldn't be appropriate to go into greater detail on a public website, but the victim, and later her child, were hurt by the stalking for a total of 5 years. It just goes to prove, you'll never know where the bad guys are.

The internet… what would we do with out it ? Social Media is great. Informative. And a lot of fun.

It is better to be safe than sorry, though.


Well, for starters, several of our Narrators have Social Media. Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. If you know them, then you can talk to them that way. But, we wont be posting links here.

If you already know one of our Narrators, and communicate with them by e-mail, that's quite alright. But we wont be posting any clickable links to individual e-mail addresses here.

Your best bet for contacting one of our Narrators would be to use the following form:

Your name

Your message will be read, and responded to by Bess; one of our Narrators, who has agreed to deal with the day-to-day of reading and responding to e-mails regarding the SIM, and the website, as a whole.

I know that may seem to be a lot of trouble to go there to contact someone in this day and age. But, we feel it's necessary for the safety of our members, and their families.

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