Cleopatra Faal

Name: Cleopatra Isis Faal
Rank: Lt. Commander
Code Name: Black Rose
Species: Betaziod
Age: 34 (Born Nov. 23, 2354)

Most of her records are classified by Starfleet Intelligent. Born in Madrid, Spain, Nov 23, 2354 to Michael and Sarah Faal who both doctors in Starfleet.

Cleopatra got her schooling at the best private schools in Spain and joined Starfleet at the age of 18 as one of the best Intel officers in the fleet.

Any job you give her she does well…..whatever it takes to get the job done and keep Starfleet and it people safe. Her code name is: Black Rose……because she could be sweet but deadly.

Faal is also very outspoken about thing, she loves to be around friends and family during her free time including reading and doing holodeck programs.

She is still in touch and close to her family including one of favorite cousins, Captain Deanna Faal who is the commanding officer of USS Wales.

As for her friends she is very close to the crew of the Japan including Captain MacAllen and Commander Carson who are like sister to her. If anybody hurt her friends or family……she would kill them, no questions asked.

Her former lover is Michael Cooper who is the Intell Officer on the USS Indianpolis..people say they still have some undisclosed desires for each other.

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