Charles Rando Whitewolf

Name: Charles Rando WhiteWolf
Nickname: Mutt, Washoe
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthdate: April 1, 2354
Birthplace: Massillon, Ohio
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 160
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Languages: Federation Standard
Hobbies: Baseball, football, Golf, Wrestling, Kick-boxing, hanging out with friends, practicing Klingon – Martial art and Kung-Fu
cooking, Indian culture, and Horse riding.

Aunt Mae Rando (D)
Adopted Father: Captain Johnny Whitewolf (D)

2374-2377 , Federation Starfleet Academy, San Francisco (Earth)

2377, Ensign, Security Officer, USS Legacy
2378- 2378, Ensign, Security Officer, USS Pendragon
2379-2380, Lt., Assistant Chief of Security, USS Pendragon
2380- 2381, Lt., Assistant Chief Security, USS Pendragon
2381-2382, Lt. JG Assistant Chief Of Security, USS Pendragon
2382-2383, Lt. JG, Assistant Chief Of Security, USS Pendragon
2383-2384, Lt. Commander, Chief of Supercity, USS Pendragon
2384 – Present Lt. Commander, Executive Protection Officer, Starbase Magellan

2380 – Combat readiness medal
2385 – Citation of valor


Charles Mutt Rando parent's died killed by a known terrorist named, William "Willie" Katana. Leaving him an orphan. He went to live with his aunt Mae in a little town called, Massillon Ohio. It wasn't easy losing his parents though his aunt tried to make everything as livable as possible. He did well in school playing lots of sports and loved Baseball, football, and Golf. He also picked up the practice of Kung-fu. Having a teacher at his high school who'd been from China.

He graduated with honors from high-school. One day recruiters from starfleet academy came by checking out the graduates. They saw his record and offered him a chance to enter starfleet; he'd have to study more and hard to pass the test to enter. He took the challenge and passed with amazing results.

While at the academy Charles also picked up Klingon martial arts. He made friends with a half Klingon half human who'd been his roommate and best friend while going to the academy. As a going away present, Kor had made him a Bat'leth.

2377- 2378 , Most people could only dream of getting on a ship like the Legacy (Being fresh out of the academy) . But with his perfect academy record, Mutt did just that. He was popular among his peers. He ended up staying two assignments.

2378- 2381, He was given two promotions on the USS Pendragon . He was promoted to Lt. And assistant Chief of security. They had been sent to patrol the Federation/Cardasine border. There was turmoil on the John Paul and a plot to kill Captain Maavd, a trill joined Captain. At First Mutt thought it was personal between officers and Captain but it turned out that; the two officers that had been put there had been undercover Cardasines.

2381–2384, After two years on the Pendragon Mutt staid on the Pendragon under the command of Captain Johnny WhiteWolf. Johnny taught Mutt allot of things how to be patient and listen to those around him. Which would pave the way for Mutt to be even better than he was. The Captain and Mutt became so close; Johnny adopted him as his son. Together they fought Renegade pirates from Andorian's to Klingon's. Here Mutt would become friends with Captain Tobiah Bay of the Acheron. Who helped rescue the Pendragon from an attack from Andorran pirates. Mutt would serve on the USS Pendragon as he served with Captain Johnny WhiteWolf and crew; making it his home. Together they just about every enemy that hated starfleet and would give them cause to fight. Sometimes joined in by the crew of the Acheron. Sometimes chased by a reneged named William “Willie” Katana.

Captain White wolf during one of these many skirmishes was Killed by Katana, who'd been the same man who killed his parents.



Charles Rando Whitewolf is a handsome man with a devil may care smile. His eyes as blue as the earth sky on a summers day, dimples when he smiles. His hair is wild and tossed looking he can comb it till he's blue in the face but it never stays. He's defiantly the boy next store with his easy going attitude and handsome looks. He was popular in highschool, and captain of the swim team and football all star.

Off duty Mutt likes to hang out at the warbird's roost on the Magellan sometimes hanging out in the holosuites enjoying a baseball game or perhaps hanging out with the old Romulan himself, Vor. He doesn't mind Vor's beautiful help either even more so trill women named, Tiza Retis. He has a thing for redheads. He's also good friends with the Base CMO, Catherine Mclintock; It doesn't hurt she knows Klingon martial arts too and is an orphan herself.

On Duty Charles is very much the professional though people still call him Mutt; which he doesn't mind. He treats every case that comes his way with speed and efficiency. With the Magellan being close to the wormhole one can't slack. There is trouble around every corner. With all the shops that have now opened on the Magellan it's not an easy task to do. But a challenge Mutt takes with ease nothing bothers him.

Whenever there are visiting Dignitaries or visiting Ambassadors they always ask for Mutt. So Mutt is an escort as well as part of Security detail when they arrive.

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