CMC Charles Cross

NAME: Charles Cross
NICKNAME: Chief, Charlie
BIRTHDATE: February 11, 2322
BIRTHPLACE: Houston, Texas [Earth]
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 200 #
HAIR: Brown-grey
EYES: Dark blue
LANGUAGES: English, Klingon, Orion, Vulcan, Russian, and some Spanish.
HOBBIES: Hiking, camping, and mountain climbing. Horseback riding. Terran Jazz music (esp. c. 1950-1970). Collecting antique firearms

Two sons; Maxwell Nathaniel Cross (b.2357. Starfleet Medical Cadet), Matthew Mark Cross (b. 2359. Starfleet Engineering Cadet).

2338-2339 Starfleet Basic Training Recruit
2339-2341 Titan Station Tactical "A" School

2341-2341 USS Ragsdale Boatswain's Mate
2342-2344 USS Ragsdale Boatswain's Mate
2344-2345 USS San Martin Boatswain's Mate
2345-2353 USS San Martin Boatswain's Mate
2353-2355 USS Guantanamo Bay Boatswain
2355-2359 USS Pachelli Boatswain
2359-2364 USS Pachelli Boatswain
2364-2369 USS Pachelli Chief Boatswain
2369-2372 USS Eos Senior Boatswain
2372-2375 USS Eos Master Boatswain
2375-2379 USS Arizona Master Boatswain
2379-2389 USS Arizona Command Master Chief
2379-2380 USS Legacy Command Master Chief
2380-PRES USS Legacy-A Command Master Chief

2343 - Federation Star cross
2351 - Nebula Star
2354 - Cross of Distinction
2361 - 20yr Dedicated Service Medal
2362 - Exploration Ribbon
2364 - Starfleet Ribbon
2365 - Starfleet Serviceman's Award
2370 - Combat Readiness Medal
2372 - Bronze Cluster
2373 - Purple Heart
2373 - POW Ribbon
2373 - Act of Kindness Medal
2374 - Act of Distinction Medal
2376 - Legion of Honor
2378 - Star of Starfleet

Several secondary citations for minor incidents of insubordination, and use of foul language in front of a senior officer. A formal complaint was placed in his service record in 2374, after he called a Federation ambassador a series of colorful expletives in response to an insult directed at the late Admiral Mark Grey.

Charles Cross was born in Houston, Texas; an Earth city that at one time was considered the to be a mecca of sorts for the pioneers of early Terran space exploration. And so it was natural that he grew up, surrounded by aspirations of actually getting out there, and seeing the stars for himself.

Charles' father was a contractor, for a constriction company that specialized in surface construction and kept most of their business on Earth. And so it was no surprise that young Charles, or Charlie as he came to be called from an early age, did not have much chance to gain knowledge or experience in any field that would guarantee him a place on a Starship.


But that didn't stop him from trying. And Charles was something of an impatient man, even as a youth. Rather than go the usual route for someone with ambitions such as his, Charles decided to enlist, and work his way up in the ranks the hard way. Greater men than he felt he'd ever be had done the same thing, in the history of many worlds including Earth. So, why not Charles Cross.

Despite his father's efforts to encourage him to finish his basic schooling, and then follow after him in the construction business; Charles signed on with Starfleet at the tender age of 16. He falsified his age to get in, but get in he did. And after a year of basic training on Mars, he was shipped out for further training at the Marine Facilities on Titan, Jupiter's Moon. There he received advanced tactical training, and after ward he was posted to serve aboard the USS Ragsdale as a Boatswain's Mate in the ship's armory.

So, Charles Cross was in Starfleet, but he did not realize at this juncture the climb up the ladder from Crewman, 2nd Class was a long, hard climb.

Charles served as a Boatswain's Mate for the next 12 years, slowly advancing within the enlisted ranks to the position of 3rd Class Petty Officer. By this time he was aboard the USS San Martin, and he had been decorated twice, for his devotion to his duty. Charles was beginning to feel at home in Starfleet, and slowly but surely his ambition to become an officer was replaced by a devotion to the duties assigned him; an emotional dynamic that tended to be part of the makeup of an enlisted man.

It was shortly after his transfer to the USS Guantanamo Bay that Charles met Admiral Mark Grey, and his wife, Morgan. Charles and the Admiral became good friends, and Charles grew to admire Grey as an officer and something of a role-model. The Admiral's wife was commanding the USS Osirus at the time, and Mark tried to manage Charles a transfer aboard; but he was snatched up by the Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Pachelli to serve as a Boatswain in the tactical department before the final transfer could go through. Charles would have to wait another fourteen years to serve with Morgan Grey.

During that time many things happened, and Charles Cross found himself facing one emotional hurdle after another, even as his career was moving forward at a healthy pace. In 2356, Charles married a civilian, an actress named Cerise. The marriage lasted four years, and produced two sons; Max and Matt. In 2364, Charles was deeply saddened to learn Admiral Grey had passed away, after suffering through a long illness. He took a leave of absence, to attend the Admiral's funeral. And returned to the Pachelli, and a promotion to Chief Petty Officer, and Chief Boatswain of the Armory.

Five years later Charles remarried, to a Bajoran woman seven years his junior, called Aiel. And at the end of 2369, he was transferred to serve as Chief Boatswain aboard the USS Eos, under the command of Captain Morgan Grey.

Cross has served with her ever since.

Hostilities with the Dominion were just around the proverbial corner, and the conflict with the Maquis was on top of the Federation when Charles transferred to the Eos. His second marriage ended, also in divorce, in 2372; his wife left him and subsequently joined the Maquis terrorists. She was later killed in the Cardassian massacre that wiped out most of the Maquis in 2374.

Charles served with distinction during the war with the Dominion, and in 2373, he was even taken prisoner, along with some others of the Eos crew, after their runabout was shot down over a Dominion-held planetoid. Charles and his four crewmates were held at the Dominion outpost on the planetoid, deep beneath the planets surface, and they were interrogated unceasingly for a period of some six months. In early 2374 the prisoners were liberated by the USS Eos and the USS Challenger.

During the ordeal Charles had taken charge, somewhat, as a leader for the prisoners. He was the ranking crewman there, and the oldest, and his confederates seemed to look up to him. And as a result of his leadership in that situation Charles received several citations. The one he is the most proud of is the Prisoner of War Ribbon, because he shares that with his crewmates who went through being in that Dominion outpost with him.

After a brief medical leave, Charles returned to duty aboard the Eos. When the Eos was destroyed near the end of the War, Charles was transferred aboard the USS Arizona, along with several others of the Eos' officers and crew, to continue serving under Captain Grey.

For the next four years, he went about his duties as Master Boatswain aboard the Concorde class carrier, watched his two sons grow into young men, and follow him into Starfleet (both of them being accepted into the Academy, unlike their father); and then he found himself promoted, to the highest rank an enlisted crewman could achieve. Master Chief Petty Officer.

On October 1, 2379; tragedy struck the Federation in the form of a series of violent terrorist attacks from Earth to Vulcan, and Alpha Centauri. Starbase 01, the oldest and largest of the Federation's starbases, positioned over Earth, was all but destroyed in these attacks. And with it went the peaceful days of the Federation that had been.

In this attack, Starfleet Officer Nathaniel Armstrong Grey, son of Captain Morgan Grey, and his family were killed. And Cross felt the pain of it as if he had lost his own sons on the Starbase.

Many of the Arizona's crew were transferred out as a result of the attacks; people needed, elsewhere, suddenly, for emergency assignments. But Charles Cross managed to stay where he had been for the past ten years. Working for Morgan Grey.

He was promoted to serve as Command Master Chief, aboard the USS Arizona. He transfered off the ship after her first assignment and was subsequently assigned to fill the position of Command Master Chief aboard the Avalon class USS Legacy, under Captain John T. Northcote.

When the Legacy was decomissioned, after a violent encounter with the renegade Captain Rasco and his stolen Steamrunner class starship; Charles was assigned to resume his duties as Command Master Chief aboard the USS Legacy-A, and Expedition class ship once again under the command of John Northcote.

Charles Cross is a gruff man. But he speaks quietly, softly. He also speaks his mind, and he doesn't seem to care who hears him do it. After nearly 40 years in Starfleet, he has earned a respect, offered begrudgingly by some; as a reliable, steadfast crewman who knows his way around an armory, can run a bridge weapons station like an Academy trained security officer, and can fly a shuttle craft with equal skill. Though, when he is at the controls of a shuttle, even in his middle-years he is still a bit of a daredevil.

Charles takes the time to get to know the people under his command, especially now that he is speaking for the enlisted crew, in any dealings he has with the Arizona's staff of officers. He also likes to get to know the officers he is serving under.

Although he has had a long, and loyal friendship with Captain Grey, and her family; she does not play favorites with him, and this is exactly the way he likes it. He respects her, first as an officer, and his commanding officer; and then he cares for her as a friend.

But sometimes this line will become blurred, for anyone Charles is close to.

He is a proud father, and after a few drinks, he is likely to brag on his sons, and their acceptance to Starfleet Academy.

He still misses both of his wives, and will blame himself, and his devotion to Starfleet for the reason his marriages both fell apart. One because he was simply never there, the other because she simply could not stand being married to a Starfleet crewman.


Charles enjoys his position as Command Master Chief. But he does not abuse it. And he tries to work, fairly, as the senior enlisted crewman on a large starship, boasting a crew compliment of over 3,000. He likes to work closely with the fighter pilots, and will request assignment to the flight deck whenever possible.

As Command Master Chief, Cross has his own quarters, on the same deck with the enlisted crew quarters. They are small, and not too pretty, but Charles has done what he can with them, to decorate them a bit. Mostly with a couple of paintings, a plant that he has trouble keeping alive, and a small picture of his sons that sits on an equally small desk.

He is a tall man, muscularly built and in good shape, for his age. His dark hair is slowly turning grey, but his blue eyes still have a youthful sparkle in them.

His voice is soft, and deep when he speaks. But it can become rough, and coarse when he raises it. He has rugged and yet passably handsome features. His age does tend to show. But after 40 years in Starfleet, that is almost a given.

Chief Cross does like to drink, and he prefers real alcohol to synthohol. So far he has never been known to be drunk on duty.

He is something of a workhorse, and always seems to pop up at the right time to end up with a dangerous assignment.

As distinguishing marks, Cross has a small scar, on his chin, just below his bottom lip that would appear to be from some kind of knife wound. He also has several long, thin scars on his back that would appear to come from a whipping.

He has never fully divulged exactly what he endured at the hands of the Dominion. And the fact that he wont talk about it is, to some, proof it may have been too horrible to discuss.

It is rumored that Cross requested his transfer from the USS Arizona because of personal feelings for the ship's Commanding officer, Morgan Grey. His long association with her lead to several instances of scuttlebut rumoring Cross was in love with her. And it may be that Cross requested a transfer to avoid putting his friend in a difficult position.

It is also possible that he is, indeed, in love with Morgan; who has since been promoted to Admiral and stepped down from command of the Arizona.

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