Catrin Telra

Species: Orion
Height: 5' 2" - Weight: 132#
Birthdate: August 24, 2366
Birthplace: Orion (Rigel VII)

Catrin Telra was born on the Orion homeworld, known as Rigel VII or Kolar.

Her father was a well-known member of the Orion Syndicate. Virtually a powerful gangster. And in most systems he would have been no more than that. But, in the Rigel system, a powerful gangster was a very powerful thing, indeed.

Catrin's father was a slave-trader. And her mother was a slave. One of many owned by Catrin's father at the time of her birth. Even tough, in most situations in Orion culture, the females were the truly dominate members of society; this was not so in Catrin's household. Her father was a bully, and got what he demanded through his forceful nature.

She was trained from a very early age in the art of seductive dance. Her father was intending to sell her in to slavery as soon as she was old enough, thereby increasing his standing within the Orion syndicate. As a result, Catrin was treated with the Orion drugs that were used to enhance the females' pheromones when she was very young.

Unlike other Orion females, Catrin did not suffer as many side-effects of this treatment. Perhaps because she was treated at such an early age.

Her intellect and perception remained intact as she began to reach maturity. And she wanted to get away from the life her father made for her.

At fourteen, she hid aboard an Yridian smuggler-vessel and left the system, leaving her family behind. She found her way to Federation space, and soon found work as a waitress in a bar run by a Ferengi woman. She started working as a Dabo girl, and finally as a dancer. At this point, she began working for Starfleet Intelligence. Her mission was to find incriminating evidence Starfleet could used against Captain Richard "Dick" Lashmore.

Catrin was ordered to stick close to Lashmore, and his factotum, Bo Lance. And she was on her assignment when Lance abducted her and had her sent to Zuri by members of Section 31 in league with Lashmore. Here, Catrin became a slave again. This time serving a rich Zuri warlord called 'verimat Samono Tythook. He treated her roughly. The Zuri Prime had no love for Orions, and Tythook took great pleasure in abusing her physically and emotionally.

But, she, again escaped. This time with the help of a Bajoran freighter captain.

After her return to Federation space, Catrin returned to her work as a spy with Starfleet Intel. This time she was determined to nail Lashmore and Lance for the crimes she was aware they had committed. She began working out of Quitzal's Casino on Starbase Magellan.

On Stardate 65910.5, Catrin was asked to fly a mission for Commander Peter Carson, who often worked with Intel. Catrin was a fair pilot, and Carson wanted a pilot that could not be directly connected to Starfleet if the mission was found out by Section 31. In the ensuing conflict that played itself out on the Klingon colony world of chu' pa'QIS, Catrin was severely wounded.

As a rescue team from the Legacy arrived, Captain Lashmore turned his phaser rifle, thankfully set to stun, on her and fired at point-blank range. This gave Lashmore a chance to get away. Aboard the Legacy, Dr. desChanel was in surgery for two hours. But, Catrin's nervous system was permanently damaged by the discharge.

While motor assist band would provide some mobility, she would never be able to dance again. And walking would be slow and painful. Dr. desChanel worked with her for several months to try to get her mobility back. desChanel tried to implant neural transducers. But they didn't take. In the end Catrin was transferred to a long-term care facility in the Beta Cassius system.

On Stardate 70123.7, Catrin was moved to The Castle Extended Care Facility, where she would undergo more specialized therapy. Dr. desChanel has discussed with Catrin, the option of using a genetronic replicator. But it would be a risky procedure.

Catrin is a beautiful Orion girl. And she has a very upbeat attitude despite all that has happened to her. She is very friendly. She loves music, and hopes to be able to dance again someday. To that end, she does her therapy religiously. And she does seem to be making progress. Her goal is to walk, even without the motor assist band, in a year's time. And she is a very tenacious lady.

She also still works as a spy; she is now what is known as an "information broker". And she seems to have a lot of information to share, for the right price. She still trusts Starfleet, and often throws her lot in with Starfleet Intel. This is one reason Starfleet continues to provide for her. Captain Lashmore is still on active duty, due to the fact that most evidence against to him is either circumstantial, or somehow continues to be swept under the rug.

Most likely, due to his connections with Section 31.

Keeping her at the Castle Facility is one way for Starfleet Intel, and Starfleet Command to be sure she is safe.

Catrin has many close friends in Starfleet. Especially aboard the USS Legacy. Both Captain Northcote and Baxala Sodi a very good friends with her. And Catrin has confessed to romantic feeling for the Android officer, Omega. Catrin has two small, half-human children; who are cared for by their father on Earth.

Catrin is a still quite capable of taking care of herself, despite her injuries. Sodi taught her a few self-defense moves that can be very effective. Even from a wheelchair. And this is her normal mode of going from place to place, due to the pains she experiences with assisted walking over longer periods.

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