Catherine Benson

Name: Catherine Elizabeth Benson (Nickname: "Cat")
Rank: Lt. Commander
Species: Human (English/Irish)
Age: 39
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 IBS
Eyes: Green
Hair (Long) Black
Birthplace: Cambridge, England, Earth
Date of Birth: Feb 14th 2349
Academy Class: Class of 2371
Specialties: Psychology, Diplomatic, Command,
Hobbies: Swimming, acting, singing, horseback riding,
studying history, ancient arts (from Egypt, Rome, and

Mother: Elsa O'Hara-Benson, actress
Father: David Edward Benson, Admiral, Flag Officer of
the Sixteen Fleet
Brother: Lt. Commander Charles Benson, Chief Science Officer, USS Japan


Academy Bar
Starfleet Achievement (for Diplomatic)
Battle for Betazed (I, II, III)
Command School Achievement Award
Dominion War Service Cluster
10 Year Service Medal
Betazed Relief Mission



Service Record
2367-2368, 1st year Cadet
2368-2369, 2nd year Cadet
2369-2370, 3rd year Cadet
2370-2371, 4th year Cadet
2371-2373, Ensign, Counselor/Diplomatic Officer, USS
2373-2375, Lt (jg) Asst. Counselor/ Diplomatic Officer,
USS Egypt
2375-2376, Lt (jg) Asst. Counselor/Diplomatic Officer,
2376-2376, Student, Command School
2376-2379, Lt., Asst Chief Counselor/Asst. Chief
Diplomatic Officer, USS Nuremberg
2379-2383, Lt. Commander, Chief Diplomatic Officer,
USS New Mexico
2383-2383, Lt. Commander, Asst. Chief Counselor, USS Resolution
2383-2386, Lt. Commander, Chief Counselor, USS Black Widow
2386-present, Lt. Commander, Chief Counselor, USS Japan


Catherine Elizabeth Benson was born in Cambridge, England on Feb
14th, 2349 to Elsa O'Hara-Benson one of
the most famous actress of her age. Her father is
David Edward Benson who is now an Admiral of the
Sixteen Fleet, her brother David Jr who is five years
older than Catherine, or Cat which is his special
nickname for his baby sister is very protected of her
and writes to her everyday from the USS Germany which
his is First Officer of.

The young girl when to be English private schools
until she join Starfleet in 2367 where she met her
friend /roommate, Deanna Faal. During her years at the
Academy she acted where she earn three acting awards
for her role in the soap opera, “All My Children”.

Catherine also took up swimming which she and Deanna
was part of the swimming team from 2367-2371 which
holds the most Academy records to date.

After graduating she when though the war on different
ships but most important the young human woman was at
all three of the Battle of Betazed which she quickly
rose through the ranks.

Cat stayed on Betazed for a year to help the people
the best she could and after that in 2376 she when
though Command school.

Her parents were so proud of her and her record.

Cat when back doing her duties as a counselor and a
Diplomatic officer until she got a message from her
old friend Deanna Faal. The young human known what was
happen, it was no secret around Starfleet about what
David Carey did to Deanna who used to be the love of
his life and most of them was in angry towards the

With the permission of Lissette Faal, who is Cat's
commanding officer and Deanna's mother the young woman
was honor to take Deanna's spot on the Res who the
young Betaziod/one of her best friends can review her
life and take control of her future along with her
Having enough of the people on the USS Resolution, Deanna only stay a few months before transfering to the USS Black Widow until
another old family friend called telling her to come to her ship to be her Chief Counselor…the person name was Captain Rose MacAllen.
Without a word the young woman packed up her things moving to the USS Japan where her brother, Charles, is Chief Science Officer.


Catherine is not very shy, not in the least. She have
a temper and outspoken manner which is very well
played for her commanding officers whom she loyal to
including her friends. She very outspoken and will say
what's on her mind and won't say sorry about it. But
the young human woman is also very friendly and likes
to be around new people, Cat loves children and
animals, she likes to relax by reading, swimming,
acting, or horseback riding.

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