Catherine Mclintock

Name: Doctor Catherine Mclintock
Species: Human
Age: 40
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 132
Hair: red
Eyes: Violet
Birthplace: New Orleans, Mississippi (Earth)
Birthdate: September 17, 2349
Hobbies: Klingon Martial Arts, Fencing, Horse riding, reading, Rock and Roll Music (Earth) , Cooking, Shopping, Orbital diving, Has an obsession with old earth board games.

Languages: Federation Standard, Earth Language: French, Spanish, Italian., Klingon , and (Some) Vulcan.

Father: Doctor John Mclintock (D)
Mother: Ambassador Maureen Mclintock (D)
Siblings: None
Adopted Father: Doctor Greystone (USS Falcon)
Mother: Sha’ow
Adopted siblings: Brothers - Kha’rrtak, Mmr’ash, Grr’iq
Sisters: Mmrr’liass, Ans’liq, and Crr’vlyss
Husband: Ambassador Dynokrra (D)
Adopted brother: (Klingon) K’mtar from the house of Restagh

2354-2359, Caitian Standard Education
2375-2377, Starfleet Medical

Service Record:
2377 -2378, USS Pegasus- A, Ensign, Medical Officer
2379-2380, USS Pegasus- B, Lt. , Assistant Medical Officer
2380-2381, USS Texas , Commander , Chief Medical Officer
2381- Present time, Star base Magellan , Chief Medical Officer

2383 - Starfleet Medal of Commendation
2381- Pulaski Star medical Achievement

2382 - Disobeying a direct order



Catherine was born to John and Maureen Mclintock two legendary Starfleet officers. Maureen had helped with many Starfleet conflicts with the Andorian’s , Klingon’s, and Romulan’s. Having worked closely with Ambassador Riva.

Her father had been stationed on a station called Galen IV near the Cardasine border at the time the Cardasine’s and the Federation where at war with each other. The Cardasine’s had planned a surprise attack killing all personal except two officers and Catherine. Her mother had told her to hid like the game they would play all of the time; she hid, till the two surviving officers had found her, taking care of her till the rescue came to get them.

A kind Caitian doctor serving on the USS Falcon took a liking to the beautiful little girl named Catherine; she had no family so he adopted her his own. She went and lived on Catia with Greystone and his wife Sha’ow They had six children of their own. It wasn't easy for Catherine being the only human on Catia and being the subject of many conversations for which she didn't understand most of the time cause of the language.

Catherine became friends with an elite body guard who was a body guard of the high royal court named Sotarr he began to train the young girl in the ways of Catia and Caitian society. She learned well and learned the martial arts of the cat like people as well as the weapons.

This seemed to prove to help Catherine merge into Caitian society.

Though she loved her life on Catia she thought it high time that she learned about her human culture and where she came from on earth. When her parents hadn’t been busy with Starfleet they had a house in New Orleans, in the French Quarter. They had a small mansion that had dated back to the early 1900’s which they had preserved. Catherine loved the place and how it seemed to remind her of her parents and how they had lived and loved life.

She lived happily there for five years learning the culture, learning to cook and learning to speak French, Italian, and Spanish languages. She worked for a man named Joseph Sisko who owned Sisko’s a very popular restaurant in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Where she became good friends with the Sisko’s. Joseph new Catherine’s parents very well.

There at Sisko’s place she meet ironically enough her husband who happened to be Caitian Ambassador named Dynokrra Tallmaie. Dynokrra and Catherine fell in love they lived together for a few years before finale getting married. The doctors had told Catherine that she wasn’t able to have children; they tried adoption but it was such a long process that they decided against it because of Dynokrra’s busy schedule.

They had lived a good many years together when Dynokrra came down with a disease that only Caitian’s get later on in life and to this day it is incurable. Though Catherine has tried to come up with a cure.

Catherine thought her life would end when Dynokrra died he was her life, her soul-mate, her best friend. Joseph tried to help her he knew what she was going through but it was Benjamin Sisko his son who told Catherine to join star fleet because it had helped him allot when Sarah had died. Catherine wasn’t sure she was cut out for military but she tried for it anyhow.

She passed with flying colors when she took the examination it was a big long test of many different situations and she did really well. Her room mate was Rowena Pike they became good friends.

Catherine also meet a man named Frank Raine. He was handsome, full of life, the ultimate bad boy. He was always getting into trouble with his classmates, his professors and what not. He loved to play jokes/pranks. Frank and Catherine started a turbulent romance that was on again and off again.

She graduated at the top of her class in the top five percent; she was posted to USS Pegasus-A under the command of Captain Mike Bremer an interesting man himself for he was half Klingon but he looked more human than Klingon. They became good friends. She served with him for five years. Catherine dated an Andorian named Atchek they dated for along time before he mysteriously disappeared.

Till she was requested to serve on the USS Pasadena she had been requested by none other than Commander Frank Raine the Xo. The man that drove her insanely crazy wanted her as the Chief Medical Officer on the Pasadena.

Having allot of vacation time, Catherine went to Qo’nos to spend some time with her adopted brother K’mtar.

When she returned Now newly promoted Captain Frank Raine asked her to come to join the USS Cyclone. Where they started their romantic relationship again. While on an away mission, Frank went MIA. Catherine is now CMO of the Star base Magellan under the command of Michael Grant.



Professional is the word you describe Catherine Mclintock when you first see her but once you get to know her she’s warm, kind, passionate. However with that said she’s always encouraging to those around her to those that may be in her profession or not.

She always tries to make her patients comfortable though they know she’s strict and tells them to abide by her rules in sickbay, her rule is law in sickbay.

She highly believe in advancing ones self a higher education is a good for the mind and for the soul.

When she’s off duty that’s a different story she loves to cook and keeps a small kitchen in her quarters (Something she begged Commodore Grant for!) with the promise that she will often cook. In fact she holds weekly dinners normally on a Thursday or Friday night. They also play various old earth board games.

She also is a work out fanatic she’s often on the holodeck working out or even working out to the latest Klingon Martial arts program. She’s often talking with Meth (owner of the angry targ). She loves the Klingon culture. Meth is one of her good friends (Who’s often invited for dinners) it makes for lively conversations.


Catherine is a tall slender woman standing at 5 ft 10 in. Her hair is extremely long and very red. Her eyes are unusual violet which makes for a stunning combination.

She enjoys doing new things, she’s even attending one of the classes that Professor Medina teaches on the Magellan.

Catherine never thought she’d join Starfleet ever she never was military type but she was afraid of falling into a useless trap. She passed the academy test with high scores which impressed the professors.

Klingon is a second language for the doctor

She’s best friends with Prudence Buchanan who’s chief counselor on the Magellan.

Catherine has a secret that only one other person on the station knows that her and Frank Rains had gotten married in a very secret, very privet ceremony. Its not the person you think who knows.

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