Dr. Carole McKay

NAME: Carole Joanne McKay
NICKNAME: Carrie, Mac
SEX: Female
AGE: 48
BIRTHDATE: November 12, 2337
BIRTHPLACE: Dallas, Texas [Earth]
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
WEIGHT: 137 #
EYES: Blue
LANGUAGES: Federation Standard/ Contemporary English (spoken w/Texas accent), Spanish, German, Vulcan.
HOBBIES: Singing and playing guitar (prefers Country/Western music). Horseback riding. Hiking. Camping. Sailboating. Playing poker. Cooking (Southwestern American and Mexican dishes). Mystery novels.

Father - Dr. Elroy McKay (Admiral - Director of Starfleet Medical Services)
Mother - Katherine Reeves McKay (History & Language teacher. Died, Stardate 57153.8)
Brother - Dr. Lawrence "Larry" McKay (Civilian cardiovascular surgeon at Chicago Memorial Hospital on Earth)
Brother - Peter Elroy McKay (Lieutenant - Tactical Officer, USS Rutledge)
Daughter - Tina Lovett (Teenager. High school student living with her mother. Born, Stardate 43696.9)
ex-Husband - James Brock Lovett (Lieutenant - Security Officer, USS Remora)

2355-2359: University of Texas Medical School, Houston, Texas [Earth]
2359-2365: Starfleet Academy Medical School, San Francisco, California [Earth]

2365-2366: Starbase Pacificus; Triage Medic [Ensign]
2366-2367: Starbase Pacificus; Duty officer, Hospital ward [Lieutenant, jg]
2367-2370: USS William Clinton; Surgery specialist [Lieutenant, jg]
2370-2373: USS William Clinton; Surgeon [Lieutenant]
2373-2376: USS Hope; Chief of Surgery [Lieutenant]
2376-2378: USS Hope; Assistant Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant]
2378-2381: USS Hope; Assistant Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]
2381-2383: USS Hope; Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]
2383-2383: USS Legacy-A; Special surgical consultant [Lieutenant Commander]
2383-2386 USS Legacy-A; Assistant Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]
2386-2388: Starbase Magellan; Assistant Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]
2388-pres.: Starbase Lionheart; Assistant Chief Medical Officer [Lieutenant Commander]

2368 - Distinguished Service Cross
2371 - Citation of Valour
2371 - Purple Heart
2374 - McCoy Award for Distinguished Service as a Medical Officer
2375 - Betazoid Liberation Campaign Medal
2375 - Dedicated Service Medal (10 years)
2378 - Distinguished Service Cross with Clusters
2381 - Pulaski Award for Excellence in Diagnostics


The youngest child of one of the most respected medical officers in Starfleet history, Carole McKay was born in Dallas, Texas, in the summer of 2337. And for as long as she can remember she has followed in her father's footsteps, becoming an accomplished surgeon in her own right.

Carole's father, Dr. Elroy McKay, has served Starfleet all his adult life. After graduating from Starfleet Medical Academy, McKay was posted aboard the USS Stargazer; but when he married Katherine Reeves he wasted no time setting up a family home in Dallas to assure his wife, and children a civilian home life despite the fact that his career often took him far from Earth.

And it was here Carole grew up, while her mother taught linguistics to off world imigrants.

With two brothers, Carole's childhood was spent playing sports and enjoying the outdoors. She developed a special love for hiking and fishing in the lake country of east Texas, and by the time she was 15 Carole had become an expert equestrian. But her first love was music. She taught herself to play a guitar by studying the styles of such legendary musicians as Jimi Hendryx, Peter Townshend, and Terry Kath. But, Carole's favorite style to sing, and play was Country; a style long considered culturally "dead".

In her late teens, Carole was thinking about a carrer in music, none the less. But, a summer with her father aboard the USS Excaliber changed her mind. She saw, first hand, what her father's work was all about. And medicine replaced music as her ambition.

When Carole finished high school, she enrolled in premedical studies at the University of Texas, in Houston, where her mother taught history and linguistics. After completing a four year course in advanced medical studies, Carole submitted her application to Starfleet Academy to continue her studies.

A six year stint at the Academy, and Carole graduated as a physician, as well as a commisioned officer in Starfleet. At the rank of ensign, she was posted aboard the Starbase Pacificus near Nausicaan space as a triage medic.

Carole learned a lot during her two years on Pacificus; things that they didn't teach you at the Academy. And she earned a reputation as a good emergency medic that lead to her first posting aboard a starship- the USS William Clinton. Carole began practicing surgery on a regular basis as a surgery specialist aboard the Clinton, and was promoted to a staff surgeon there in 2370.

By now, Carole had reached the rank of full lieutenant, and she had been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for her work during the rescue of the passengers and crew of a starliner that had come into contact with an anomalous ion field.

By now her father was a full commander, and serving as Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Overture.

Carole spent six years on the Clinton, and was decorated twice more; both times for her actions during combat triage at the outset of what would become the Dominion War. Carole was even wounded during a skirmish with a boarding party of Jem Had'har near the Cardassian border.

In the aftermath of the battle, she also managed to save the life of the Clinton's captain by doing an emergency heart valve replacement operation on the ship's bridge after the captain took a disruptor hit to the chest at close range.

At the height of the Dominion conflict, Carole was transfered from the Clinton, to serve as Chief of Surgery aboard the USS Hope; a medical frigate class-ship. She served out the remainder of the war there, and participated in the liberation of Betazed when the Hope came in to effect medical adie after the majority of the fighting had calmed down.

As a result, Carole saw close up what life in a Cardassian internment camp could do to someone, and it is a site she has never forgotten.


Her tenure on the Hope would last eight years. During that time she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and she served as Assistant Chief Medical Officer for two years followed by another two as Chief Medical Officer.

In early 2383, Carole took a temporary assignment aboard the USS Legacy-A. She was assigned to serve as a special surgical consultant after the Legacy was chosen to transport the ailing Andorian ambassador from Earth to a hospital on his home planet. Carole went aboard to advise the medical team caring for the ambassador en route as to the procedure for heart surgery on an Andorian, as she had performed the procedure eleven times.

Unexpectedly, the ambassador's condition worsened, and Carole was forced to perform emergency surgery aboard the Legacy. And although the ambassador was in serious condition, her procedure saved his life and the Legacy was able to get him to Andor.

Before Carole had a chance to return to the USS Hope, the Legacy assistant CMO requested to be removed from the position so she could concentrate on her own surgical work, and out-patient followups. Dr. Cole allowed the transfer, and he also asked Carole to take over as his the assistant CMO on the flagship.

It was an offer Carole had to take some time to consider. But, in the end she decided to acept the position- serving on the flagship was an honor one did not turn down easily. And, given the Legacy's size and luxurious family accomodations, Carole felt it would be a better place for her children to grow up than aboard the Hope, which was essentially a flying hospital.

So, on Stardate 60146.3, Carole McKay became the assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Legacy; a position that might keep her out of the operating room more than she was accustomed to… but serving aboard the Federation's flagship had other advantages.

Nevertheless, after three years serving under Doctor Cole, and working with the crew of the Legacy, Carole was offered a transfer, and a new challenge. Dr. David Meguro, one of the most respected medical officers in Starfleet, personally requested Carole work with him, as assistant chief of the medical department aboard Starbase Magellan.

It was a hard choice to make - leave her friends aboard the Legacy, and accept a position on the Federation frontier ? It was a challenge. And it was the decision Carole finally made, accepting the transfer and reporting for duty, Stardate 63672.7. Her tour of duty aboad the Starbase was brief, by the standards of her prior assignments. She served with Commodore Grant for two years before Grant requested she take the position of Assitant CMO aboard Starbase Lionheart - a newly commissioned medical outpost located in Klingon space.

Carole McKay is a jolly, easygoing woman comfortably into her forties, and settled into her career for the long haul. She has an outgoing demeanor, and friendly personality that easily endears her to those she works with. Her bedside manner is excellent, and her old fashioned sence of humor gives her an instant rapport with her patients that allows them to relax in stressful situations; and that makes it easier for Carole to get her job done, and take care of her patients.

It's her sence of humor that has gotten her through some of the rough moments of her career, especially during the Dominion war, when life aboard the Hope could easily have been compared to life in an old army MASH unit on Earth.

Carole has seen the horrors of war up close, and it has given her a strong respect for life, and for peace. She is a very pacifistic woman and has little use for war mongering or posturing. Some people see her attitude as sexist, as she usualy ends up at odds with male officers she considers to have more ego than they do intelligence when it comes to a military situation.

But, in general Carole is a friendly woman, and makes friends easily. She still likes to sing, and play her guitar and will take almost any opertunity to do so, so that she quickly becomes a fixture at parties aboard ship.

Carole is all business when it comes to her work, however. She has been known to work 24 hours straight without resting, and her patient survival rate is higher than that of most surgeons half her age. She is also very scientific in her approach to medical techniques, and willing to try new and sometimes experimental procedures to pull a patient through.

Besides being an excellent physician and a skilled surgeon, Carole is also a devoted mother to her three children, who live with her aboard the Legacy. She spends what free time she has with them, and takes an active interest in their education and any ambitions they have for the future. She is determined to be as good a mother to her own kids as her mother was to her; and it is something of a challenge for Carole, as she is a single mom.

Carole McKay is an attractive woman in her mid forties, with shoulder length red hair that she never keeps in any particular style and bright, piercing blue eyes. She has a loud, happy sounding voice with a thick Texas accent; and she often peppers her conversations with phrases like "I'll tell you what", or "I'm fixin' to".


She has a good figure and keeps herself in shape by indulging her favorite hobbies of hiking and camping. She still enjoys riding horses although most of the time she only gets to do it on the holodeck now.

She tries to get back to Texas for a vacation at least once a year.

And she is slowly teaching her daughter the art of Mexican and suthwestern style cooking.

While she was at the Academy, Carole began dating a security and operations cadet named James Lovett. The two fell in love almost instantly, and they were married on Stardate 42473.1, while they were both serving aboard Starbase Pacificus.

Their only child, a daughter they named Kristina, or Tina for short, was born a year later.

After seven years of marriage, the stress of wartime life as well as that of diverging careers caused Carole and James to grow apart. James filed for divorce a year before the war ended, giving Carole custody of Tina so he could better pursue his career as a security officer.

Carole went back to using her maiden name at this time.

Carole's mother died while she was serving aboard the USS Hope. But her father is still alive and well. Having reached the rank of Admiral a few years after leaving his position aboard the Overture, Elroy McKay was asked to become head of Starfleet Medical on Stardate 59697.3. Carole is very proud of him, but he is more proud of her for her position aboard the flagship as well as her service record aboard the Hope.

Her oldest brother, Larry, still lives on Earth as a respected surgeon at one of Chicago's oldest established civilian hospitals. Her other brother, Peter, is also a Starfleet officer and serves as a tactical officer aboard the USS Rutledge.

Carole still sees her ex-husband on a regular basis, and he is as active in their daughter's life as can be expected given his posting as a security officer aboard the USS Remora. Carole has a civil relationship with him, and they often seem very friendly when together.

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