Cambren Z. Jones

Species: Human
Height: 6' 0" - Weight: 168#
Birthdate: October 1, 2373
Birthplace: Cestus III colony

Cambren Zachary Jones was born on Cestus III, when his parents were still together. His parents had known each other very literally, all their lives. They were both born in Onchan, on the Isle of Man. Flaxney Jones and Ysbal Moresson grew up as neighbors, went to school together, and finally married right out of High School.

After College, they relocated to the Cestus III colony, where Cambren was born three years later.

From all indications, a happy family. Ysbal worked as a teacher at the Elementary School level. And Flaxney Jones was a pilot aboard an Oberth-class starship hired out to supply transport both within the Cestus system, and the immediately surrounding systems. The senior Jones was also rated as an engineer with experience with both warp and impulse drives.

When Cambren was seven years old, his father disappeared. He simply vanished. Even the Starfleet security personnel stationed on the planet could not discover what had happened to the man. But, there was no evidence that Flaxney Jones was dead, either. Several of Jones' crewmates blamed the shady Section 31 for Jones' disappearance.

Within two months, Ysbal and Cambren relocated to Mantilles. But, they did not stay long. Ysbal was unwilling to stay in any one place very long. And she made various excuses to her son. But, even at a young age, Cambren was a very astute individual. And he assumed that his mother's sudden nomadic lifestyle had something to do with Section 31.

Over the next six years, Cambren and his mother lived on the Nehru colony, New France, Gault, Tendara, Norpin V, and finally Ajilon Prime.

And that was where Cambren's life took another sudden turn. Ysbal Jones was killed. And a Klingon man called Chanmok was taken into custody almost immediately. All through the trial the Klingon maintained his innocence. And, to his own surprise, Cambren believed him. Chanmok claimed the he witnessed the murder. That he saw a tall, muscular human man use his fists to kill Ysbal Jones. And that the Klingon mek'leth named as the murder weapon was, in fact, the weapon with which Chanmok tried to defend Ysbal and himself, against the human.

Chanmok was found guilty, despite the fact that there was no evidence of knife-wounds on Ysbal's body in the coroner's report.

Cambren was moved to Earth, aboard the Enterprise-E, after the trial. He was going to live with relatives on the Isle of Man. Cambren managed to convince the Enterprise's first officer, Commander Worf, to arrange for him to speak with Chanmok on Rura Penthe. The boy was now 14 years old, and Worf thought this might give Cambren some closure, after what happened to his mother.

Commander Worf and Counselor Hegol Den accompanied Cambren to the planet. Here, Chanmok gave the same story that he had given in the Klingon court. Again, Cambren believed him. And Worf allowed Cambren to view the report of his mother's death. Things didn't add up. There was evidence of contusions on the woman's face and body consistent with blows from a very large fist. A hand much larger than the Klingon's.

Cambren told the Klingon that, some day, he would get to the bottom of what happened to his mother and clear Chanmok's name in the process.

The Enterprise took Cambren to Earth, where he tried to concentrate on his studies. But he was restless, and soon he struck out on his own. He made it to California, and later New Orleans. And each time, he made sure that he enrolled himself in a school. He wanted to live on his own, but he knew he needed a good education at the same time. By the time he became a senior in High School, he had also garnered an internship as a journalist with the Federation News Service.


On Stardate 71322.3, Captain John Northcote, commanding officer of the USS Legacy; made Cambren an offer. Northcote wanted a journalist to record and report the actions of agents of the Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service who had undermined his command of the flagship on at least two occasions. Due to their mandate, agents of the SCIS can not be held accountable within the regular chain of command. But, a journalist is allowed to print the truth.

Calling in a few favors, Northcote arranged for Cambren to have quarters aboard the Legacy, finish his education on the ship, and work for the FNS at the same time. The Captain hoped that the young columnist might, also, be able to find his son; missing since Stardate 65995.4.

Cambren, often called Cam, is an unconventional young man. He usually wears dark clothes, dark jackets, and heavy boots. And he often wears a knit beanie with a very unique design. He keeps his dark hair at medium length, with a sweeping bang on one side. He has a soft voice, and pale eyes. Cam has a wide vocabulary, and uses it for maximum effect.

He is widely read, and often uses obscure quotes to make his points. He has eclectic tastes. Cam enjoys grunge-rock music, and motion pictures from the late 20th century. One exception to this is the Western film. He finds films in this genre "painfully inaccurate" with respect to history; with "cookie-cutter" scripts and sub-par acting. He enjoys reading poetry, and he can play a few notes on the guitar.

Still in High School, Cambren is something of a leader among his peers who attend the ship-board school on the USS Legacy.

He can be cynical at times, be he is easy-going. And something of a romantic.

Shortly before Stardate 71589.2, Cam began a romantic relationship with Penelope Teeger, the daughter of the Legacy's flight controller and second officer, Baxala Sodi. The couple seem to genuinely enjoy their time together, and they spend as much of their time together as the day allows. So much so, that some of their friends have started calling them "Pencam", as if they are one inseparable entity.

Cam has also developed a good friendship with Penelope's mother, Lt. Commander Sodi. And she has helped him with his ongoing investigation into his mother's death. As an expert in martial arts, Sodi has looked over the medical reports on Ysbal Jones' murder, and she is fairly certain that the blows were delivered in some loose, vulgar brawling style; rather than with any type of training.

Sodi has also known the Klingon, Chanmok, in the past. They were in the same Klingon street-gang together, when Sodi was a teenager.

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